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  1. Ya I went gamespot.com and looked at the pictures from each version, they are all in the right sections, unlike ebgames.com. But I looked at the xbox pictures and they do have camera window in window, and you just said that 360 was the only one with window in window. Im just saying PC has the ability to be the most powerfull system so it should look the best, and should have the option to have window in window.
  2. I think your right, that is the xbox pictures, but still that looks better then what I have seen in the demo.
  3. That is from the 360, I remember watching the e3 demo for 360 ghost recon 3 trailer on G4 TV. I dont think that is the origanl xbox. Full settings on demo the gun still looks light gray, and has a yellow fog. I think the pitures on that ebgames page look better then that demo on full every thing in high rez.
  4. I have not played the 360 version, but I think you can go to first person in that game, and I know this is not a shot from the PC cus the crosshair is huge, like the crosshair in 360. So if its not 360 on first person, and its not pc, then it is a 3d rendered ad? Here is where I got the Pictures, it is the pc page, but the pics are from the 360. http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=646351
  5. Look at this 360 screen, the gun looks black, the game looks so good, when I top my settings out on PC mine looks nothing like this. http://www.ebgames.com/common/images/lscreen/646351l2.jpg Also I read a few forums saying that the PC version cant do real video in your Cross Com, I read that it woule cause fps loss and what not. I just downloaded Swat4 from Direct2Drive.com, and was playing with about 8 friends on TacticalGamer.com and I notice they have a head cam system just like Ghost Recon 3, I can switch to any one of my team members head cam, and it causes no fps drop, or any kinda of drop in the performance. Swat 4 is almost a year old now, but they have this cam system working good. Is it the PC engine on ghost recon that will not allow this. In the cam system on the swat 4 you do not see the weapon of the guys cam, so mayb this is how they do they make the cam system work with no fps drop. But I would rather have real video with no weapon, then 3d lay out. I dont know about when you guys play but it seems to be always looking at the ground, so I just see a blue screen with a grey line or green diamond once in a while. I can see why the did this for the slower PCs, but at least give us an option. Here is a example picture of swat 4 camera system, I could not find a real multiplayer camera, but here is the single player sniper view, in multi player you do not see cross hair, just what the player sees minus the first person weapon. Also that camera looks bigger then the one in multi, I played with my camera on my fire team member the whole time playing yesterday. So it does not cut off so much of your view http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/pc/image/articl..._1112087415.jpg
  6. Same thing happens to me and my friends, When im the host ill drop out of windows and find my ping in vent to be 1400 somthing, My thought is that you are uploading somthing to them, so they have to wait to dl it from you, im running 6meg line with 512 up and its still lagging me out.
  7. This game does seem to promote stealth, there is no button to hold fire, no button to use only sd weapons, and when your team moves they spread out like a fire line. Im not sure but if I were captin with 3 man fire squad, vs unknown number of mexicans in mexico, I would be a lot more stealth then the game makes you be. Also the cut scenes at the end of the game, and the menu video total dont show any of actual game play. Ex: Menu Video shows civilians, Smoke grenade. The cut scenes show a soldier jumping a low wall, and your team stacking on a cornor with a forward observer telling you enemy positions with hand signals. If this were in game your team would just start shooting, and its hard has hell to get your team to stack on a cornor, or even go the the cover you tell them to. Dont mean to sound like im bitching, but this is stuff the makes the game different, and what most people I think would like to see. Dont get me wrong the game is one of the best fps out there right now, but if there is no new stuff from other fps's dont think im going to stick around with this game.
  8. Any one notice in standing position, you walk faster with your sites up when your weapon on you shoulder. Is this a bug or is it ment to be this way?
  9. I dont know I never been in the military, but I have played football, I know you cant jump that high with alot of gear on, you can jump, but clearing stuff would be hard if you had lot of gear, and holding guns, I think a action key that would climb up, or over things would be cool. Ex: Resident Evil 4 If you have note played it, when you come to a window, or edge a prompt comes in the middle of the screen saying press x to jump threw, jump down.
  10. I still have the mouse lag unless I put my textures on low. Any one get this, and know how to get around it???
  11. Good man how is every one doing over here. Wanna get back into gr now they put one out for pc again =). I seen a video on the xbox 360 gr that they had abliity to make your own missions, if this is ture on pc version ill try to crank out some cool missions.
  12. Any one know how to make your AI squad mates follow you closer? they seem to let you take point like 30 yards out in front. Also is there a hold fire, or use sd weapons commands?
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