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  1. This is my first map, I wanted to keep it simple so there are not many zones, and the playable area is not that big. The zones I have are great fire fights, really need good team work and comms to win on this map. There is access to many roof tops, and to the free way that runs threw the small ghetto, there is one choke point where the zones connect. There are many sniper spots from the roof tops so if your walking in the open your dead, but when you get into cover it is cqb fighting. Hope you guys like the map. Download: http://www.beerdrinkingassasins.com/module...etit&lid=12
  2. This is a known issue on map editor created maps - I haven't come across *any* that don't do this. They work fine on dedicated servers thought, so *shrug*. Think it has somthing to do with not giving your server a list of maps to load, if you notice before you crash you are on the same team, and in a normal server that does not crash you swith to mexican side.
  3. I have put ramps, and stairs to some roofs, one is the school in the gheto set. On top of the roof the player looks like he is in the dark, nothing on the roof is dark but the player, so he really sticks out, does any one know how to fix, this, or why this happens???
  4. Sorry if this is a repost, just to tired to look threw here, and lil worried that im doing alot of work for nothing. Im just rendering draft 1 pass right now, so I can test my map. I just wanted to test the lighting so I renderd on low, on 1 pass, and alot of my map was pitch black, Im not done with my static, or props layers, so I dont want to render on high over 1 pass and wait 5 hours for it to be th same thing. Any way, is there somthin im doing wrong, or can this be fixed with more passes? Thx guys, sorry for the repost.
  5. Thx bro, can you answer few other of my questions that got no answers in the forums? When making a new map, there is a cube option, with a list of missions, what is this. My guess is that it is the size of the playable map. Last question, When in multiplayer layer you see the white square with the two spheres on the opposit cornors, this is the playable part of the map, is there any way to move this, or make it bigger? Even if you cant help with my other questions thanks for the first answer.
  6. In props the n button toggles that thing that lets you put props on second stuff other then the floor.
  7. Im having the same problem, I think it has somthing to do with... There has to be some one on the us side or the game crashes. Have you done any big play test, with people on both sides?
  8. well im not at work right now so I cant doublecheck but I think this is what it means: all objects and props have something called "cover points" these are dummy objects on the diffrent models that represent where there is a good place to take cover, be it a corner or straight behind, etc etc and when you turn "cover off" you disable these coverpoints off so the AI doesnt recognise the object as a cover and tries to hide behind it. thats what I THINK it does but ill have to doublecheck tomorrow.
  9. In the props, when you set a prop down, there is a check box that says "Cover Off", does any one know what this does, my guess is that it turns off bullets stoping on it, but I dont know why you would and to do that, unless its wood or somthing.
  10. When I export my Dom map it drops me to desktop, not crash, just puts me to desktop, when I click graw I see the map has finished, I hit close and run Graw to test the map. For my map pick, it is the last thing I see in the editor, ex: you can see my mouse, and my props tab, Now I was thinking do I have to hover above the map before I go to export it or what? Also right before it goes to desktop I see my map in an over head view, but really quickly then boom desktop. Any one got any Ideas?
  11. My mouse functions are just too messed up, so if there is to way to resize it with a mouse it does not work for me. I went ahead and edited the zones.xml file it should be in the working folder of the map your working on. On the first few lines I noticed these default co-ordinates for the border: tl (assuming its top left) set at -10000 10000 5000 br (assuming its bottom right) set at 10000 -10000 5000 I upped the (x,y) in 'tl' to -15000 15000 5000 & the 'tr' to 15000 -15000 5000 Voila, my zones now fits. It appears correct in the map editor. I kept it a square just in case the radar in game does handle rectangular border, but I could be wrong. I will keep you posted when my map has finished exporting... 5hrs to go. You know you can render the map quick, When I want to test somthing I made I put 1 for how many times it renders the light, and under quailty I put draft, its done in about 30 secs, and I test all the stuff I need to.
  12. Is there any way to change the size of that, I build some of my map that I want to use out side the border of that grid, now I cant move it or make it bigger, any way to?
  13. Making a dom map, thought it would be cool to put tanks in spawn so would detour spawn campers, but the tanks will shoot at you, but the bullets dont hurt you, any one got any ideas?
  14. What is the Cube option with all the missions listed?
  15. Good call on the car doors, but the problem I see with doors opening, is there is no use key in graw. Every thing is all proximity based. You mite get this to work tho, but you have to shoot the doors open. If you cant get this to work just put a fence for a door and blow it up to open it. Just a thought.
  16. Wow the one place I did not look, cant think where they are linking to, unless they are just using the graw exe with command parameters in the target.
  17. How do you start the map editor, I looked threw my graw folder only found uninsall and game exe. Went in game threw all the buttons no luck, do I have to download it from somewhere?
  18. Dont know how many played GR1, most of you I would think. In GR1 they had icons for each ghost that you could change to set there fighting, hold fire, weapons free and normal if i remember right. This is one problem I see in GRAW, and it reall kills stealth, you cant set up flanks cus your ghost use no SD, and they fire at anything even if they are not spotted yet. Also they seem to change your plans if they are engaged, this is good but somtimes they rush right out into fire. Is there any way to add some options to tac map and cross com, to make them hold fire, or use sd weapons. Would add alot of stealth to the game, and make you really depend on strats.
  19. Dont know how many of you guys have played over at www.tacticalgamer.com, but we did this back in the day with GR1. We would edit the Tactical Map Picuter to have grid lines, and lable the out side boxes with letters, and numbers, so when you are planing attacks, or spotting people you can say alpha 1, instead of over there by that building. Not sure how hard this would be cus this Tac map moves, and its not a picture its a live feed. Dont know if any one is working on this, or if it can be done.
  20. Any one trying to mod in real video instead of bule outlines in the upper left ghost cams?
  21. Only running my hardware firewall, and it does not block out going unless I tell it to, which I have not.
  22. After installing the patch I cant seem to log onto gamespy so I cant see any servers. It gives me somthing about checking my firewall to connect. This work fine yesterday b4 I installed the patch. Any one help?
  23. Guys I know it loos good, mayb im just not seeing the AA, when I look at the 360 pics it just looks better to me for some reason. Im picking up the game today, also seen some screen shots with the real video cross com that came from the pc so I think that ###### is gone now.
  24. I would have to agree, I almost like blowing up cars in game as much as I like going out back with some m80s =)
  25. It is nice, but it seems to kick bad, even on single shot. I think I like the scar h with the forward grip, you get alot of control with alot of power. Also MR C is a nice gun if you can hit them in the head, has alot of bullets and by far the optic site is best of all the guns.
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