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  1. I know some of the special forces carry M4A1 like rifles. They are shorter, with a different stock, and have a 20 round magazine. Those are the only weapons you can pick up ammo for the SCAR with the 20 round clip from.
  2. One thing for sure that I like about this game from the first time I played it was the accuracy and feel of handling your weapon. It has a very nice loose realistic feeling. You see your tracer and where the bullet hits. Good feedback from each shot. I just wish GR:AW PC had more blood, it seems sometimes like after I kill the enemy they just sort of stand up then slump over. I killed a guy with one shot to the leg. I also wish some rounds could bounce off of enemies with bullet proof vests and helmets. The enemy also looks very clean (as in their clothing).
  3. I really would like a flee and a bunker option. If you dont know what a bunker is, it refers to paintball more specifically a type of paintball called speed ball. It is like a 50 yard field with alot of large objects you can take cover behind (typically large pipes or inflatable objects with various shapes). When you bunker someone, you quickly run up to their known position and shoot them really quick then return to the nearest cover. So imagine, you have an enemy who is hiding behind some cover 10-15 yards away, you order your team mate to bunker, he runs up to the enemy position, quickly shoots him, and runs to the nearest cover. We do it all the time by ourselves in this game but this is just a word for that tactic.
  4. The end of that mission was amazing. I played the XBOX version before PC came out and it showed the fake news report of that scene at the end and I said to myself "I wish it looked like that". I play this level on PC now and it does look as good as that fake news report in the XBOX version. It felt so real. If they made it so you could go into a few other rooms and fire out the windows that would have been even more amazing but who am I to complain, that was crazy.
  5. When I saw that a patch was released I yelled "YEAAAAAAAAA BOY!!!!!!!" Thanks alot GRIN. This game is so beautiful. The shanty town and the end of VIP2 is down are so amazing looking.
  6. I just really want the HUD that is in that trailer and other versions of GRAW (360 etc)
  7. Honestly right now I really like GR:AW for the PC. I have played GR:AW for the XBOX and the 360. When GR:AW was supposed to come out last month I was very excited but then it was a big let down to know I had to wait another month. So I waited, instead of getting GR:AW I bought all the rest of the next gen games like FEAR, Oblivion, COD2, BF2, and etc. I was so excited to play the demo of GRAW. At first it felt just like another let down, it was like GRIN released a barebones version similar to that of the XBOX verson, not with the complexity of the 360 version. It really just feels too much like any other shooter. They didnt even implement the CROSSCOM HUD like in the 360. I saw this amazing game out for the 360 but I couldnt have it because I dont own a 360 so I was really waiting for the PC version to blow the socks off of everyone, yet it is like it was released pre-maturely. I have several suggestions that would make me very happy. Most of the things are just features the original GR had that really made GR what is was and could make GR:AW what we all wanted. Things like this would be: 1. Cool vision modes like the one on the official GR:AW website (dayvision) 2. 3rd person view (behind the shoulder) 3. I want the original GR:AW HUD like the 360 Of course there are alot of bugs that need the attention more.
  8. I bought a whole new computer in anticipation for this game.
  9. The game runs great on my comp. Going to preorder my GRAW in a few minutes.
  10. Everyone is disapointed with the graphics of GR:AW, especially those without an extremely good video card, and I dont see why. I believe the level in the demo was specificly chosen because of the area of Mexico City in which it takes place. It is in a tourist area with very large elegant buildings. There are very large distances and sometimes it seems a little bland, as if everything is just a wall. You must consider this area has very large buildings. This long distance war-fare is also a reason why people with good video games still see jaggies, because we are looking very closely for the enemy at a distance. This level was chosen because those who do have top of the line cards can truely test them. This level was chosen to show off the muscle of this game. It is supposed to show off the beautiful architecture. It may not look as good as other levels in different areas using good video cards; The jaggies wont be as apparant. The question is: Will the graphics look better when youre in an alley slum of Mexico rather than a tourist area with long distances that was chosen to show off the graphical muscle of this game? The problem is: This is a great display for those with extremely high end cards but a poor sample to those who have good cards wanting to just get a good FPS rate. I wish they added an option for Bloom lighting+ AA but I doubt that will happen. So dont worry, we dont know if the whole game will not look as good as we all expected. I have to say though: I am extremely happy with the graphics, and the AI is amazing. I love everything about GR:AW PC. My specs are: AMD 3700+ ATI X1300 Pro 256mb PCI-E 1GB PC3200 Graphics set mostly to medium, somethings like building textures are set to high, no dynamic lighting, AF16, 1024x768 res, and I am getting a very smooth playable frame rate.
  11. I am using a ATI X1300 PRO 256MB PCI-E.
  12. Although I really love HDR lighting and think it works great in immitating an enviorment such as Mexico City, I think you should have given us more options. I am running GR:AW on all high settings at 1024 768 and the jaggies really get to me. I see all this beauty but it looks like it all has been cut out by a two year old. A Bloom lighting and AA combination choice would have been great for those who wish to get rid of the jaggies. I know people with extremely high end cards are not getting these but Bloom lighting+ high AA looks very nice.
  13. I am new to the boards but I have always been a big fan of GR. I have played GR1 and its expansions for the PC and GR2 for the XBox. I have also played GR:AW for the X360 and beat the XBox version. There are few things I feel are lacking that even the Xbox version achieved. The Xbox version of GR:AW had very nice clouds of blood when a round hit the enemy. It felt like you were getting good feedback from every shot. In the GR:AW demo I felt that the enemy would just slump over when I shot them. They just fell, it didnt look like I shot them, it just didnt look right. Atleast in the XBox version it had that nice popping cloud of blood when your round hit the enemy. I believe that there are 3 stages of blood used in video games: 1st stage: The popping cloud of blood when the round hits the enemy. This is a great effect and adds to the realism of a round hitting a human being. GR:AW PC somewhat uses this effect but it needs to happen alot more. 2nd stage: The wound on the actual target. I have noticed you did a real good job with this. When my bullet hits the enemy it does leave a mark where the bullet had hit. 3rd stage: The pool of blood. If a person was bleeding from a bullet round and then died, it would form a pool of blood under that person. Most games nowadays forget to even add this but it really does add to the realism. I really think if you added this it would help alot. I believe that if all 3 of these effects are implemented it will add to the overall feel of the combat. You have the great ragdoll physics and the technology to make a wound appear on a player model already,but please dont forget about the more basic things that FPS games have been using for years. The things like the pop of blood and pool of blood that games have been using for years in order to make the expirience as intense as it should be. You have such a great foundation because it is such a next generation game. It needs to be cleaned up though. I really love the gameplay; urban combat in Mexico city, an amazing scenario. I am Mexican so it is crazy to expirience a game of this quality taking place in my homeland. I am really happy with what you have produced, I am just offering some suggestions to make it even better.
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