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  1. Do you have the modded map on your computer? And/or do you have any mods? I heard that this might be an issue from others... Maybe someone can step up and maybe clear it up even more than I could. i only have the skin mod in place right now...have all the modded maps in the custom leves folders...i apreciate the feedback and yes i would hope someone else could help with this...be nice if it was as easy as [GR]...
  2. When i try to join a server that is using one of the modded maps i get this error message can anyone help with this...my maps are all in the custom level folder.
  3. Hello all, using mods in [GR] was to easy...i have downloaded some of the modded maps but not sure how to use them in multiplayer...any help would be great!!!
  4. call sign: ghstrj GRAW right now just because of the realism though i hope in the future it will have that same gr1 feel...no game like it. Age 43
  5. I have been playing GR for years...since the first release and it has been a huge part of my gaming life...though this game is great...i still think it lacks some of that old feeling of running around a forest trying to figure out how to get that last guy hiding from you...maybe its the guy talking to you through out the mission i dont know...but i think it has great potential and i would love to see the explosion of mods like we have in the past...jeez i must have 4 gigs worth of mods over the years from the old game...i am not a modder but i due hope that the same spirit from the old game will carry over...ok that might have been long winded but hey i got it out..lol
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