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  1. Yes well, it's treading the line. For me anyway. I'm particularly interested in siege, and ic that shot u have has the BDA server at 31/32. Same deal last night, and for a while it was 1 of 4 that had anyone at all. Later, another one was half full. Again, a person can only play on one server at once, so I'm not exactly complaining, but I'm a lil worried.
  2. The improvement to mp btwn release and yesterday is considerable. The amount of ppl who have given up and moved on is, apparently, also considerable. I was able to play as much siege, really, as I wanted to yesterday, so perhaps it will stay that way. After all we don't need 100 full servers. I think it has the feeling you describe, but 1 death servers I didn't see. They were 3 or 5.
  3. I actually considered that GRIN & Ubi Shanghai were both like...hell, we can't get this (GRAW and SCDA, respectively) done boss. And Ubi was like, oh no, ONE of u is going to be "finished" by the end of Q1, we gots mouths to feed. And made them draw straws.
  4. Did ZA call Bo a liar and Bo call him & his supporters trolls? I wouldn't want this thread to get off topic. On a related note, when I was young, not necessarily just my parents, but society at large seemed to indicate to me that if I did all right in school, including university, that life would be pretty good & all kinds of opportunities would be mine. What happened with that? And on an unrelated note, is adv mp fun now?
  5. Then I don't understand? I haven't played since b4 the first patch (currently awaiting the last), but at that time, I ran coop matches over hamachi LAN. Does that help? It ran fine. What on Earth is this about a 3d party server?
  6. From what I've read, apparently it either makes no difference, or is better not to have them installed. The money question works like this. Physx: "Hey, GRIN/UBI here's $100,000 here's our junk code, can you push this for us?" They say "Sure, great!" If they were now to tell you're game will run better if you don't have those drivers installed, Physx would ask for their damn money back. If they didn't get it, I'm sure lawyers would. Follow? Just gotta go with ppl who've run benchies for this, and trust them. There is almost certainly something about it on tweakguides, but I haven't looked.
  7. It's funny--har har--to go thru these threads sometimes and see what ppl want, or expect, from this game. GRIN is not the first, nor will the be the last, dev to futz up mulitplayer. The thing that constantly amazes me, with GRIN & GRAW, Gearbox & Halo, Dice & BF2, on and on, is: sometimes it seems as if they've created the online portion in a vacuum, as if they've never played a mp shooter. Now, none of the games I picked out are bad, necessarily (go ahead and make ur case for BF2 if you like), but critcial things are missing that really defy common sense. You could prolly list them for me; I don't need to, right? iD was banging on this stuff before most of today's devs saw a naked breast other than their mother's. Go back and look, learn. For example, as related to this thread, I wouldn't even want to guess how many custom skins there are for Quake 2. Why could that be? Bc ppl like to make and use custom skins?! I dunno why this stuff isn't provided, it's not as if it wouldn't help the $ flow. Maybe it's deadlines. Maybe it's too difficult for some people. I can't figure it out. But I can figure that I don't like it. Thanks for the sig, Peace.
  8. Yes. Someone is making money by having that installer imbedded in the AW image, and it's not you.
  9. I know what ur saying, but I can only be disappointed so many times by the same thing b4 I throw in the towel. I'd like to give it one more chance, but I can't tell if the game's really improved as of now or if ppl just keep hoping it will. I guess it will be impossible to tell unless I try.
  10. http://www.beerdrinkingassasins.com/module...?name=Downloads Is a blank page. I have a question generally that might deserve it's own thread but here goes anyhow: As background, I liked AW sp & coop ok, had some fun. I uninstalled this game bc the mp was supbar. My question is, do new maps and new game types make this fun? Or should I wait for the final patch? TIA
  11. QFT That game needs players too. There's really nothing to complain about in that game (comparitively speaking), and it's the sort you sound like you'd enjoy. I've been playing Ship lately myself...I've turned into such a steamho. At any rate, just wanted to see if this game had been fixed yet, guess not. I would've uninstalled already but I get the 6001/6003 error and haven't had the patience to do the safe mode crud to get it done, but from the looks of things, there's no reason not to. Cheers
  12. Ack...the dreaded bf2. I started playing Red Orchestra Osfront a few days ago. It's hawt.
  13. Altho I'm not "in the know" I think you can chalk that up to bad writing. I think what should be said is they are going to release a map editor (period). Obviously, you can't edit tdm maps if the mode isn't available. The only reason, perhaps, for repeating the bit about the map editor is that it's a positive way of saying that the other modes released secondarily will not be able to be edited (like, HH). Why on Earth not, well as for that u got me.
  14. Well, don't go berserk on comparisons. FEAR didn't have a dedicated server until months after release...which is prolly why there isn't much of a community to speak of *hint hint*. They are putting some effort in, but it took too long.
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