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  1. If you think that's swearing you need to get out more or get a life. Feeling incensed about something provokes strong comment (although not to the levels seen elsewhere) .... why not grow some balls? Where do I hand in my membership?
  2. #########!!! Nothing else worth saying. Dont Swear
  3. What's the MR-C meant to be, assualt rifle??
  4. I think this is great news, even without PC screenies or vids it's actually quite an informative little piece. It has got me thinking about PC specs tho' Has anyone from UBI or GRIN come out with minimum / ideal specs for GRAW. While my current rig runs GR like a dream and gives me good performance with the likes of HL2 and Farcry the last thing I want is to be too slow for GRAW.
  5. Yeah. Only thing is, Ubi has forgotten that without us, there wouldn't be a thriving GR franchise. You don't see console mods out the ying-yang, and the console version still selling after 5 years. ← You're right but the issue is irrelevant. UBI are just pimping the most cash rich market out there and that's consoles. This is market economics, plain and simple. I for one do not believe the crap about not living upto expectations. A bad port or not they would still have released a GR2 for PC if it existed. Because lets face it we would all be out there buying it regardless of quality as we've been waiting so long. Always knew there was a reason I didn't like the french
  6. Not surprised. After all this time I started to think that was the only answer we were going to get. Winter 2005.... based on the average slippage for a game I would genuinly expect that to be sometime spring of 2006, as has already been suggested. Will I wait..... maybe but then again this is crap customer service considering we're supposidly a "loyal customer base" I almost felt like ranting on the UBI forums but a) it would get deleted b) they wouldn't give a ######! At the end of the day there are not enough of us to have an effect on UBI, the console millions have won the day. We get to make do with whatever table scraps they care to throw our way.... TOTAL BOLLOX! Oh, and Chems increase the meds m8, you're starting to hallucinate.
  7. You're right however, my remark was more to do with how they haven't replied with how i get my money back, not where the game is. Money-grubbing SOB's.
  8. Watchman

    Our Own Game

    I believe I've just discovered the reason to go out and buy Farcry. I played the demo when it launched and yes, it was pretty good. But I've bought so many games since GR with hopes of good SP and a new MP experience that have fallen by the way as they aren't GR. However, for a number of reasons I have stopped playing GR MP recently and am trying to get through my SP back catalogue, do you know, I have just completed Island Thunder SP and I got that on the day of release! Having read what you're doing with OE if it's half as good as you are indicating I may just dust off those MP urges and give it a go. Good job guys, keep it up.
  9. I pre-ordered my copy from MX2 they were also showing the 25th as the release date. If you check the link above it now shows as "-3 days to go" Sent them an e-mail on the 23rd asking if they had an update as the lack of info is frustrating. Alternatively I asked about how I get my money back if I want to cancel. Oddly they haven't replied and they state a max 48hrs for response.
  10. BPR Server is always online 195:20:109:74 and we attract the right kind of players. This weekend is a bit of a memorial thing for a friend of mine ( see Lynxz thread) so we're expected a full server. Last night it was running in excess of 30 players for most of the night , finally clearing out around 2am GMT. Pop along if you get the urge, the games are always fun and we're a friendly bunch.
  11. The server is up 24/7 and aside from matches people are always welcome. I'll be there on Friday and Sunday, it's my wifes birthday this weekend so we're going out on the Saturday. But don't let that stop you from going along and playing a few games with the guys. This is a way for me to remember the good times with my friend and I figured it will be nice to share that around. The rest of BPR are a great bunch, so drop by and have some fun, regardless of why and when.
  12. Should really be from around 8pm UK time onwards. Hopefully it will be a full server and we'll play until we get bored!
  13. Not many of you will know my friend but Mark, Lynxz was as close to me as anyone could get. Almost one year ago he was taken from this life in a freak accident. The same almost took the life of his son Liam but he managed to survive. Probably because Lynxz was watching over him..... I have spent this last year struggling to understand what happened. It is easy for me to use this as an excuse as none of you really know me. But aside from my wife & daughters, this man was a pillar in my life. A 'given' against which I could plan my day and spend my free time. My loss pails into insignificance compared to that of his family but it does not affect the way I feel. Anything I do in memory of Mark is easy to achieve and simple in the grand scheme but I would like to think it serves us all well. This weekend coming, 18th, 19th, 20th of March I hope you will join me and celebrate the memory of my friend and our fellow gamer Lynxz. You will find me online at BPR's server where I will be remembering my friend and I hope that you will do also...
  14. Amazon in the UK has release listed as March 1st. That's bad enough but May....... Jesus are they deliberately trying to drive us up the wall!?
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