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  1. so if im in the process of making a map, currently in custom_levels/work/my_level and a prop ive made (with the 2 xml files) in custom_levels/work/my_level/custom_prop1 then i create an xml called u_my_level.xml in custom_levels/work/my_level right? what goes into this xml?
  2. i second that will the plugin for 3dsmax 8 be released too? built a cool prop which i wanna import to my map!
  3. when exporting you're choosing draft and 1 pass in the lightmaps options right? cos if not its gonna take a looooooooong time! im guessing it does it quickly when you dont have props because it doesnt have much "lightmapping" to do unlike when you add props, in which case it has to create lightmaps for each and every object. sorry if this doesnt help
  4. yo grin, just wondering when you guys expect the new tutorial/3dstudio max 8 exporter to be ready? not bugging you guys! but just need to know whether i should continue creating new props waiting to be exported or whether i should just finish up my map without them (depending on the time for the release) cheers!
  5. use draft and 1 pass and it will take less than a minute to export
  6. yeah same here...looks like ###### but gets the job done!
  7. cool, cheers once again! now just waiting for that tutorial on adding your own objects/textures to the game and my map should be set!
  8. cool, cheers for your help bumbi! do all game developers give this much help to the modding community nowaday?? just one question: if i added one historical texture to my city set, wouldn't everybody who plays my map have to do the same? or would the "new" texture be stored in the map's bundle? p.s. ill probably go with the red, just wondering for the "education" factor
  9. yeah but for people who dont know about different sets (as a few people have posted) its a quick way to check what shouldnt be used with their selected set...jus something i found i thought id share...
  10. perhaps you're scrolling? its a mouse click you need
  11. could i not just include a specific prop from another set if i unbundle the bundle? i.e. treat it as a prop that i made in 3dmax and exported? really want that historical high wall! otherwise im stuck with that green one :-D
  12. same problem, gave up on sp after this crash 1) tried upgrading from previous patch AND clean install with 1.16 2) no mods 3) selected retail (correct setting) 4) p4 3.4@3.6, 2048mb ram, 7800gtx
  13. before you render the lightmaps for hours on end to find that you included a prop from the wrong set, press backspace in the editor and any props in the wrong set will become checked like when run in the game
  14. lol least they beat gr2 :-D p.s. dont take the insults to heart grin, you're doing a great job and so far i like what im seeing, at least they're trying to support the modding community patience is a virtue people
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