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  1. Try to lick your elbow, now that's hard I really laughed out loud...for real! The game is a challenge but not that hard. You are in enemy territory...sneaking around enemy camps. Try that in real life in a hostile environment! Ain't a medic on earth that's gonna "get ya back in the game" then. It takes systematic methodical movement. "learn" how to move your men. You'll do fine. learn" how to move your men, Hahahaha dont make me laugh m8 How can u move your men when, When they never go were u want them to, and when under fire they never seem to find cover, and just end up dieing And the thing about sneaking around enemy camps, Wats the point 9 out of 10 times they will see u befor u see them, no matter how much cammo, u have on, no matter how much shadow they is to hide in, theres just no point, because they will see u Dont get me wrong, this is a good game, very good, its just some parts of this game, are just not right
  2. that you go through, kill the bad guys and blow the bunkers up with the game supplied C-4. What c4, i cant see no C4, its not in my weapon list, and when i pick up suplies, theres none in there......So plz tell me were it is
  3. I no most of this has been posted befor, but i just want to add my 2 cents. Why call this game Avanced: 1. When theres no Medic in your team, What army nowdays sends u out, in the feild without, first aid knowledge, None 2.Why, Do the insurgents, Seem alot better than u, i thought the usa was one of the best army's in the world, Apart from the uk that is , judgeing by wat ive seen, the insurgents are 10 times better 3. Why cant u take over, the machine gun nests that u capture, im sure u could in real life, if u wanted to . 5. Why is this game so dam hard, even on easy 6. Why do i have to, play the same bit over and over again when i get killed, Thats the sick and tired bit. 7. How the hell do i destroy the 2 bunkers, on mission 4, i think its mission 4 Should have been called :Ghost Recon Not so Advanced Warfighter:, if u ask me regards Doc
  4. look in your graw directory for a txt file.... I found it, don't know how it was namend. But if GRAW crashes directly to win XP it could be that you need the windows logfile. Looked, but cant find anything, in graw , was it in one of the folders in there, if so wat one? regards doc
  5. Were do i find this, because this game just crashes all the bloody time regards Doc
  6. Yep try;d new 91.31, but they crashed more, than these, This ones got me beat Ive Encased the top of the card and added a small fan, so now ive got full fan on botom of card, and full fan on top, ive Gone from 45 to 41 Will now test it out, and see wat happens regards Doc
  7. Specs 3500 amd64 1gig ram Gainward BLISS 512MB GeForce 7800GS+ ................drivers 84.21 i now have extra fans running under, and above my card, but im still getting crases to decktop, latest was mission 2 My core Temperture :is 45, befor i play game, is this to hot, and after ive run game for a while it goes up to about 57 Regards Doc
  8. i mean if i chose to be a sniper, theres no point, u find a nice bit of cover, plenty of shade, No way in this world anybody would see u, and then just as your about to start shoting, bang bang bang, bullets wizing past your head left right and centre, so wat is the bloody point of haveing a sniper weapon, I mean have the ai got binoculars, stapled to there head or wat Apart from that this is a realy good game, SP anyway, havent treid multiplayer yet, and from wat ive read so far i wont bother, yet that is One other thing, why the hell cant u enter any of the buildings, i mean its a bloody city and theres no acces to buildings, but yet the ai can snipe from rooftops, hmmm thats about it for now, still a good game regards Doc And hi to all
  9. Will be getting my new Gainward BLISS GeForce 7800 GS SILENT 512MB, next week, but befor i get this game, wats the single player side of this game like? And hi to all
  10. Yea, And thats all bullcrap, a small fix patch would sort this out....
  11. My Geforce FX 5900 supports shaders 2.0, and GRAW is black, when i try to play, So wats the deal then........ Why? is this so i can play anygame on the market, so why cant i play this And one game does not warrent me spending 200 pounds on a new Card when there is nothing wrong with this one So Can somebody ,Devs, or someone official , Plz explain Why, All of us with Good 5 Cards Have to pay out so much money just to play this game When there is Proberly a fix u could do to get our cards working Regards Doc
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