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  1. If this was a port of the XB360 i'd be well chuffed. LOL
  2. Well, the fact remains that we still haven't had any optimised graphics drivers as of yet, remember like they did when Oblivion came out? Infact, like when most half decent games come out. The game engine is buggy to say the least, i'm sure performance will increase once improvements are made. Early days yet, I refuse to even play my copy until the June patch comes along.
  3. Kidding me dude! Get Swat 4 with the X-Pack, awesome fun on CooP!!
  4. Sheesh, the game must suck if it draws everyone into a political discussion. So much for escapism, I want my money back too dammit! That dude who got a refund, should count himself lucky. Plenty of upset folks who don't have that luxury.
  5. Hi folks, Mentioned it in other threads, but decided to start a new one. I have a Soundblaster Audigy OEM, (Big Problem!) , the good news, it happens to be supported by Creative as they are updating drivers for it. I have had no issues with other games such as Fear, BF2 etc ...the EAX works great, the sound is smashing. In Graw , the sound is crackling ....pops..... allsorts of weird noises, it stutters, jams and freezes. I don't have the option to select my soundcard in the game's menu, just Generic Hardware or Software. Here's the driver version release I am using. Title Date 1. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE and Audigy Value Driver 01.04.0061 and Creative Basic Audio Suite (55.41 MB) 20 Apr 06 This package enhances your Sound Blaster® Audigy® SE or Audigy Value audio device with EAX®4.0 ADVANCED HD™ capabilities. It also installs the following applications to control your audio device's audio settings: * Creative Device Control (01.04.0061) * Creative EAX Console (01.04.0061) * Creative Speaker Settings (01.04.0061) So it fully supports every other game with EAX without issue, but I keep getting fanboys telling me my hardware sucks and the game is just fine. It would be nice to get some official feedback from GRIN to say, "Yep, we messed up support for mainstream Sound hardware.... its going to be fixed" Bottom line, you might aswell not bother using sound at all if your card aint listed in that menu. Or just set it to Software mode and Low settings and have done with it. Such a shame, that's another gripe to add to the list. I also tried updating the OpenAL files, that didn't help at all neither. Any ideas?
  6. Nope, he has a serious cause for complaint. Having done a tad spot of research.... if you don't use EAX mode, you do actually miss out on ALOT of sound. Sometimes it's important too. I have an Audigy, it gets recognised as "Generic Hardware" , get allsorts of issues with the sound, a drive update fixed not having gun fire and what not, but without using EAX your missing TONS of sounds. Not just environmental audio, but the important stuff. Try turning off EAX for you lucky people, and try playing the game again. Notice how alot of enemy gunfire doesn't get heard, bullets ricocheting near you aren't heard.... it takes away alot of positional sense. Even with 2 speaker 2d Low Setting sound you should have this. Even a ping would do LOL Nope, a refund would suffice. heh You might also find this useful. This package enhances your Sound Blaster® Audigy® SE or Audigy Value audio device with EAX®4.0 ADVANCED HD™ capabilities. It also installs the following applications to control your audio device's audio settings: That's my latest driver set, came out on 20th April. And it still doesn't show up with the soundcard's name, so it's not just limited to onboard sound, alot of Audigy's aren't getting attention neither.
  7. Do yourself a favour m8, don't get too wound up. Put the game on the shelf, wait for the June MP patching, and then give it a try.
  8. About the only thing I think this game truly excels in is the music and sound overall. I can't think of another game to beat it. Except maybe Sin Episodes menu music, that was a shocker!
  9. I managed to fix this issue by updating sound drivers for my Audigy. Now it works a treat, but get a drastic performance hit using Hardware mode w/ EAX enabled.
  10. 1) AA + Bloom 2) Bloom + AA 3) If not possible, then some form of addon/expansion that enables this, i'm willing to pay for it. 4) AA + Bloom 5) AA by itself? 6) Dedi Server files 7) Being able to order units to fire gren launcher or use hand grenades. 8) Fix all the silly bugs. 9) A few more engine customise options for Low-Mid range users. 10) A Money back guarantee lol
  11. Hi folks, What kind of ammo do the bad guys generally carry, and what guns is it compatiable with? Find myself running out of ammo quite often having to do more of the work because the team AI are dumbasses. LoL ...more like I haven't got use to them yet, but still.
  12. To me that was a MUST! How many times do you get your numbnut AIs running out to be mown down by the MG because they didn't have the brainpower to whip out the grenade launcher.... lol its comical.
  13. Great bit of PR work there. Selectively publishing reviews.... LOL I can't see how it scored that high considering the problems that need fixing.
  14. I've put the game on the shelf to gather dust until I see the first patch, and newer nVidia drivers containing an SLI profile and fixes, kinda like they did for Oblivion. Rather play it when it's ready.
  15. Does it, wow is that only in the UK retail version .. maybe they might add a fix for that in a UK patch as and when. Depending on perference I guess. ← haha yeah..... Patch 1.05 Release Notes. - Added AA + HDR - Fixed bug where player would swear he was playing Delta Force - Landwarrior - Fixed an Issue where gun sounds would cut off. - Added Dedicated Server Files - Included two new maps and two new MP modes - Prevent an issue which caused ball suckage. hehehe
  16. See, my biggest disappointment in all this.... when you look at the heat and smoke effects, they are phenomenal. But what justification is there, when these effects are coming out from what looks to be chunks of iron super glued together with twigs holding them together. I can understand with ambition they may have wanted to try something new and push the boundaries a little, but to completely ignore every element to making a slightly polished game is a joke. Look at Half Life 2, good physics engine, very customisable and scaleable... apart from the Steam update gripes now and then, the engine looks good and plays well online with CS:S , the physics are pretty good too. If they were to release an addon, that added AA + Bloom to the original game ...plus some more maps, and another campaign for £15 or whatever ... I would snap their fingers off for it.
  17. Would have been better if Ubisoft got off their backs and let them finish the game beyond a Retail Beta. They themselves can't be happy with this being a released product, deadlines are never good for the consumer.
  18. Wow.... I wish drugs were that cheap where I lived.
  19. And i'm glad you all get to "GRIN" while sunning it up in Mexico, you lucky gits.... I get to sit here and look at your jaggy busted game I just lost £30 for. LOL Cheeeeeers ..... Have a good holiday, watch out for the Gringos with a limp and teeth that curve inwards.
  20. Thats the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. You need to goto specsavers if you can't see the horrible jaggies in this game. When your zooming in on badguys and see that a lamp post looks like its been welded together in 2 feet segments, something aint right. It looks like Delta Force Landwarrior or sumfin, it's fecked! The Post-Effects I turn down to Medium, perhaps soldiers wear sunglasses in the bright light so they can clearer see ###### they are shooting at and not be blinded by dumbass orange glow.... when did the Aliens land in Mexico city? Did they erect mass halogen lights on all the rooftops. Bloom + AA looks better than plain HDR in every game that has supported it so far.
  21. They wouldn't get any whining if the game wasn't a buggy turd would they. I don't entirely blame them, I get the impression this was a rush job by Ubisoft's business wing.
  22. Yeah they will, going to be hard working on the PS3 version before taking another holiday.
  23. I got my legit copy yesterday..... from www.gameplay.co.uk , a day early. Great supplier, always early with releases. Shame the game sucks balls.
  24. Just wondering, can you actually pick up enemy ammo? I was told you could depending on what gun you carry, but now i'm not so sure. For e.g on Coup D'etait , not too sure what rifles the enemy carry or whether you can pick up their pistol ammo? I often find myself running out only halfway through the map... LoL Any ideas?
  25. The biggest point of getting Graw for me was the online play. I will reserve judgement until the dedicated servers come around.
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