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  1. I hope you're right cuz GR deserves to carry on, but you guys need to sort out a lot of stuff.... My hope eventually is that when I can see the way to a new rig GRAW is all we expected it to be and maybe then I can get back to gaming with my clan.
  2. Apologies for going slightly off topic but where's the best place to find out about Armed assault? I played Opflash briefly but was lured away by GR1 but as I've now made the decision that I'm not going to fork out for a major upgrade to play GRAW I need a new game. Any info appreciated including min specs, if they're known, so I don't end up in the same boat!!
  3. Still visiting, primarily to keep up to speed on what's happening with GRAW. Like yourself I can't play because my rig isn't capable - 5950U gfx card. However, having initially decided to wait for the proposed June patch to make sure the key issues for me, MP play were resolved, before upgrading; I am actually now considering not bothering at all. Big decision for me as my clan are moving ahead full steam with GRAW, although they are expecting a lot from the patch to make it playable. But at 39 with a family I have to approach this with a touch of reality and a £600 upgrade for one game doesn't make sense as a priority. I've waited, like everyone for this game. I played [GR] from day one and was gutted when GR2 was canned but it's starting to look like the end of the road for me.......
  4. Hey...... a new member of the 5950 club!!! Unfortunately like me & many others your card is not supported. As has been listed all over this site the minimum Nvidia spec is 6 series cards. You have 2 choices upgrade your gfx or give up playing.
  5. Saw the Zalman when I picked the Aero Flower for my CPU cooler. Always liked Zalman cuz they look nice! I've never OC'd before but figure it's something I need to get into for GRAW. I take it stock VGA coolers don't cut it once you start to OC? Appreciate the advise, that looks like a well spent £25.
  6. Have played FPS for 8+ years on & off and have never used a mouse! Currently using an MS trackball Explorer, appreciate it's not exactly super fast but it's 5 button + scroll wheel. Combining that with my N50 Nostromo I never use keyboard in game........ shame I can't play GRAW!!!
  7. The case combo option was primarily aimed at getting in excess of 500 watts. I looked at the 450 Sonata but was unsure how it would perform. Will be interesting to hear how you get on with it over the next few weeks, whether you see any power issues, if not I might go the same route. As for CPU, I'm sticking with single SC from a price point. The mobo gives me the opportunity to make some fairly hefty upgrades but at the moment the differential between the 3000+ and say a 3500+ is huge and blows my budget. That's a similar story with the 7900 gfx range, they are so pricey at the moment it would add 60 - 70 to my topline, so I think I'll stick with the 7600GT for now.
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far. The PSU is the Type R but was picked because of some good reviews this side of the pond..... back to the drawing board I think. The mobo I've picked is SLI and that was part of my logic for the 7600 & 2gig ram. My thinking being a second 7600GT in the very near future to take advantage of the SLI and get that 512mb GPU ram needed for high level gfx. Again, I'll go back to the drawing board and look at the 1 gig + better gfx card route.
  9. May be unconnected but I used to get this with Farcry when playin online and crashing out. It was a known problem along the lines of your login was still showing as being active in the server ( also Gamespy IIRC) and you had to wait a for it to clear. The server was saying your details were wrong because it thought you were already there. On occasions I was waiting in excess of 5 minutes to get back into the server!!!
  10. I currently can't play due to running a 5 series card, so need to look at some kind of upgrade. As I'm running AGP and a Sempron I figure the best route is to move up to latest tech. Assuming the imminent patch fixes problems with GRAW and there are more multiplayer options then I think I'm upgrading as follows based on the plentiful spec vs performance posts in here. Mobo: Gigabyte K8N SLI @ £64.57 CPU: AMD 64 3000+ @75.14 RAM: 2GB Geil DDR 400 @ £123.32 GFX: XFX 7600GT 256mb @ £135.07 CPU Cooler: Zalman Aero @ £32.84 HD: Maxtor 160gb SATA2 @ £46.94 PSU: Hiper 580W @ £62.22 Case: Thermaltake Soprano @ £50.47 All the above are Overclockers UK prices & including cables will set me back around £600, this is literally my max outlay. I'm not looking to get the above specific parts cheaper as I reckon that OC is about as cheap as it gets but would appreciate ideas if alternatives components are significantly cheaper or if you think I'm spec'ing anything wrong. I know it's not the best gfx card but it's the most I can afford to keep within 600 notes, hence the reason for going for 2gig RAM to help with GRAW performance. I had looked to go with a crossfire mobo and the x1600pro 512 (512mb needed for high gfx settings) but I can't find a crossfire mobo anywhere close to the SLI's price. There's still lots of if's & but's to this but I guess I've got to do it if I want to play GRAW. Suggestions & comments appreciated....... Oh, apologies if this is in the wrong place
  11. Can see where you're coming from and had I not already cancelled my pre-order I would have sat on the game waiting for the patch improvements! As I'm running AGP with a 5950 I need a major upgrade to get GRAW to play and having cut everything to the wire i.e. not getting the best spec bits I'm still looking at a £595 bill to get playable performance. At that cost I have to wait for the patch and community feedback on it's success before I splash the cash. My rig plays everything else I'm interested in and GRAW was the only new FPS I waited for. So it needs to prove itself before I spend my hard earned......
  12. I've responded to this & other related topics as it's the best way to get across the issues of (I believe) a large number of gamers who can't / haven't made the step to GRAW. As strange as it sounds it took 72hrs of thought to decide to cancel my pre-order and as like many I've waited for this for 5 yrs that was a dissapointing choice. More than anything I'm hoping that GRIN will continue to read these forums and as a result the patches will help tremendously. That will make me get my wallet out and upgrade for GRAW!
  13. Feel exactly the same here. After agonising for a week over upgrading my gfx, as my 5950U doesn't cut it, I've decided to hold off until at least after the patch to see how that fairs and then I can look at an upgrade which will probably be the whole rig. Just hope I can find some old school GR still being played otherwise it's back to SP missions for all those games I've bought & never bothered with!
  14. Just curious but who deleted my two responses to this thread, what did I do wrong???
  15. Are you sure about users with 5700's playing the game? Only reason I ask, I have a 5950U which as stated by many on these forums doesn't work! However, a m8 has installed the demo on his son's pc, which runs a 5700. He also installed the 84.37 nvidia drivers from Guru.com and the demo runs without the black sillouhette that all 5950U users experience. I've dl'd these drivers and installed them but it makes no difference. My m8 has no reason to lie to me so I believe his story, so what makes a 5700 work but not a 5950U???????
  16. Daft logic but a couple of my clan squad have the 850's and "suggest" they are better than the 1600pro because they cost more! There are spec differences between the two but as to how critical they are I don't know. As cost is an issue for me I'm definately sticking with the 1600pro.
  17. I'm considering exactly the same card as a replacement for my 5950U. Having decided I can't afford to upgrade to PCI-e , I also need to stick with AGP. Out of interest what's the rest of your system spec and what's your current gfx card and does it play GRAW at the moment? I'm running: AMD Sempron 2500+ 1gig PC2700 Crucial DDR ram Onboard 5.1 sound Leadtek 5950U 256mb Obviously the card has to go but I'm concerned the rest still isn't upto the job. I know it meets the rest of min specs but if the games's gonna struggle I'm not even going to bother with the gfx upgrade.
  18. Actually both Manufacturers were involved, if you have an ATI card you should get the ATI logo on the Intros and NV if you got NV. Also if you look thru the credits you will see both Teams are represented ← I have an NV card but get the ATI splash screen.??? I know a few guys that took part in the the in-house testing at GRIN and they have varying reviews of performance. Unfortunately they weren't able to confirm specs of the machines they used. Other than to say soem serious high end machines were okay but mid range stuff 'struggled'
  19. Same problem here with the 5950U If I can afford the upgrade (looking to take the big step to 64 bit & PCI-E) I'd be keen to hear opinions regarding Nvidia / ATI choice. A lot of pre demo discussions highlighted that the game was written around Nvidia GPU's so I figured that would be the GPU to go for. But as the demo shows an ATI splash and ATI users appear to be suffering less gfx probs than even high end Nvidia users, I'm tempted to go ATI. Any views or suggested routes would be appreciated. With a major rebuild potential I'm looking to limit gfx expenditure to £100 - £120. That could get me an X1600Pro 512mb or a reasonable 6600 / 6800.
  20. Like many on here my spec doesn't allow me to play GRAW, I have a 5950U and suffer the same sillouhette problem as others. Partly because of that & partly because I like GR1 I will still play & probably will if & when I can afford an upgrade for GRAW. I just hope I can find servers with oldschool GR1 on?
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