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  1. Before you go off on a new card hunt, I would try re-installing directx 9c. I had issues recently, following a reformat of my PC, when GRAW would randomly not work, always posting directx related errors. Turns out I had a bad install of directx and once I re-installed it my problems went away! May not work but it's worth a few minutes to check: Run dxdiag.exe, from the start/run menu and go theough all of the steps, it will soon flag up if there's an issue.
  2. Ran dxdiag and found a problem with part of the install. Managed to update from the tucows link and correct the problem. Also got me back between 5 - 7 fps, cheers Roco
  3. Yes, I updated directx during the install. GRAW went straight on after the re-format so I was on basic XP Pro setup. Drivers are the latest Forceware 93.71 taken from the Nvidia site. Checking the error message from a few days ago, it's actually slightly different: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 CreateTexture() failed in D3DBackBufferCopyTexture. Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the operation. The commonality is they're both reporting not enough display memory? This kind of problem is beyond my ability but before I go for a fresh game / direct x install, I wanted to make sure it wasn't fundamentally something else.
  4. I've just started to get this error message, first happened a couple of days ago and went away after a defrag & a registry clean-up.But now it's back and nothing I do seems to have an effect: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 Could not create render target because IDirect3D9::CreateTexture call failed. Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the operation. My pc had been sluggish for a while so I reformatted a week ago and optimised my XP settings to get better GRAW performance, except I didn't! Pre-format I was getting 25 - 30 fps on MP Avenues, post format that dropped to 15 - 20fps and the optimisation has maybe increased that by 2fps max. The only other symptom I appear to have is 100% cpu usage when attempting to watch video from the internet, youtube etc. Could this be related??? Specs: Gigabyte GA-VAX Mobo AMD Sempron 2500 1 gig PC2700 RAM BFG 7600GS 512mb 80 gig HD XP Pro SP2 I know the spec isn't brilliant and a core 2 duo is hopefully on the horizon but pre-format and 1.35 patch I never had any system issues ike this, at all. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  5. This map is [GR] only, so how you would get it to play Hambuger HIll is beyond me. Probably confusion on my part then. When I played the map on saturday it was co-op and ran okay until crashing. Yesterday I was server hopping, getting in various games of domination, siege, HH etc however, the crashes and lockups were almost continuous. My clan m8's comment was that when playing last night he had begun dropping with the same alarming frequency. When we were both on the server we were in HH mode and I assumed his comment related to your map also, obviously not. I only managed 4 maps, none of which were yours before I had a "catastrophic crash". As I said it could all be coincidental with the loading of your map and other factors maybe to blame. I guess the test will be with your revised version and if I crash as much. If I don't there could be a link, if it's still the same then I guess it's not your map. Either way, from what I've seen it's one of the best maps out there, excellent work!
  6. So far the crashes, to my knowledge, have been occuring on machines with some mods running. Some issues have come up though, and a new version of the map will be released very soon. Rav I have no mods running so that isn't a factor for me. One of my clan had the same issues last night, he says he was crashing more than he was playing. It was his second night on the map. If it's of any use the first night was playing co-op and it ran faultless, last night was HH but again maybe coincidental? Anyway, stunning map and looking forward to the latest version and hopefully a bit more stability.
  7. Great map! The AI placement is inspirational, nothing like running out of the spawn into a lorry full of tango's to get the adreniln flowing! Only comment I have and this is probably specific to me somehow, is that since i installed the map I get crashes and lock -ups. Has anyone else seen anything similar? My spec isn't brilliant: Gigabyte GA-7VAX mobo Sempron 2500 1 gig PC2700 BFG 7600GS 512mb My normal frame rate is between 25 and 40 but I don't see a noticeable drop on this map it just doesn't seem to want to run without crashing for me?
  8. I was in exactly the same boatas you J-Man, long time GR player and keen to get onto GRAW. Unfortunately I realised from the demo that my rig wasn't up to grade; I needed a new gfx card. Add to this all the pain being spread on these forums I decided I wasn't going to spend money for no pleasure. As my clan were in at the start ( some being original beta testers) I kept up to speed on the patches & mods. Suffice to say with 1.3 I made the decision that it was time to jump aboard. So one new gfx card and a cut price £12.99 copy of GRAW later I can say it's definately worth getting the game. It ceertainly isn't perfect yet, there are still a few minor issus to resolve but it plays great with smooth gfx and great gameplay. Go on, you know it makes sense!
  9. Can I take it from that comment that you don't actually need the drivers installed if you haven't got the card? I appreciate that that line reads stupid but I'm sure during early GRAW days it was clarified that you had to have the drivers installed regardless of card, to get the game to run? If it's another piece of junk I can remove then........wahey!
  10. My system (the important bits anyway) AMD Sempron 2500 1 gb Crucial PC2700 80gb IDE HD BFG 7600GS 512mb DDR2 Cheapo 2.1 sound card I'm getting between 25 to 45 fps, lower when things get lively, John Doe's hell hole etc, but as has been said the game is really smooth. In fact I'm very pleasantly pleased with how well the game plays. I had been concerned that my lowely spec would cause me concerns when things started to hot up but that's not the case.
  11. I'm bad at remembering names, or is your screenname different in GRAW? I'll keep an eye out Yes, my game name is different from my current forum log in ( like to be incognito ) I'm sure you'll spot me on the server, I'm the one doing a lot of "watching"
  12. Ah nice, will meet you someday on the BPR server soon, and know you are welcome to on KFORF. Good fun being owned by Mik and Blade You've met me already & I've lost count of the number of times I've been on the kforf server (old school GR tho').
  13. Well I finally bit the bullet last week and upgraded my gfx and picked up a copy of GRAW for a bargin £12.99. I've been keeping tabs with developments through these forums & listening to the grief from my clanmates in B:P:R, so I knew I was facing potential issues. So far I've found SP frustrating in that the checkpoints are few & far between (would've preferred a save option) but the missions are top-notch! Graphically, i haven't stopped GRiNing yet . I was sceptical as to how well my system would perform: Gigabyte GA-7VAX mobo AMD Sempron 2500 Crucial PC2700 1gb Cheapo 2.1 soundcard BFG 7600GS 512mb Maxtor Diamond max 9 80 gb HD Hiper Type R 580w PSU But it hasn't let me down at all. I'm getting mid 30's to high 40's FPS which isn't brilliant but I'm not suffering as a result. MP is hillarious, mostly as I'm getting so ponied! but it's damn fun all the same. Glad I waited for the patches and to get past a lot of the early headaches but now I'm here just wanted to say...... "Nice job...... so far, GRiN, keep it up!"
  14. Teamspeak's a talkie. You will need a headset / boom mike for the best performance, although you could probably bet by with your standard speakers and a mic. Have fun!
  15. I have onboard sound..realtek or something.I`ve never had a problem and TBH while talking to my team mates with sound cards it seems i actually can tell direction of sounds in GRAW better than quite a few.. AHH but now you come to mention it...maybe that`s why i can`t hear myself unless i`m running or kicking cans and stuff ?? Oh but i have got directx9c I'm currently running an ancient 2.1 soundcard would this be DX9c capable? I have the security update that you indicated, installed but I'm not getting any issues at all. Saying that, given all the problems people have / are having and considering my spec isn't that great, I'm not having any problems with GRAW, at all! Mik, when you say you can't hear yourself, what do you mean? Sound has been okay for me so far but on the TuG server last night it did seem as if my sound was muffled other than as you say kicking cans etc. Sound on our server last night was fine?
  16. Is there anything that is like under $120? Not sure how much they will be but you could look at either the 7600GS or the X1600 Pro, both of these can be got with 512mb around your price range. I had intended to get an 850 Pro, as they are similarly priced but they are like gold dust at the moment. I ended up getting the 7600 and I'm pleased with how it's performing. There's a thread I stated for advice that show's you my setup and how early performance is going, might be worth a read?
  17. Installed fraps and with setings mostly medium, shadows on low, resolution at 800 x 600. I'm geting mid 30's upto high 40's with normal activity i.e lots of gunfire & nades. I've now tried various servers running HH, Dom, Siege & Deathmatch and all have been enjoyable!!! Glad I hung around to get this game on my pc.
  18. Bump! Just thought I'd update you, after the time you took to advise. I ended up getting the BFG 7600GS 512mb DDR2 (AGP flavour). This was because I couldn't get an X850 anywhere, no-one had stock and silly lead-times were being quoted. Any road up, my spec is: Gigabyte GA-7VAX mobo AMD Sempron 2500 1gb Crucial PC2700 looking to add another 512 / 1gig at some point Maxtor Diamondmax 9 80 gig HD need more space as the pron is taking over! BFG 7600GS 512mb Unknown 2.1 sound card Hiper Type R 580w PSU Win XP Pro SP2 I don't have fraps ( but will get it) so i don't know what my frame rates are yet. I have all settings on medium and resolution is currently at 1024 x 768. Having tried to play SP ( I'm getting killed far too regularly) and getting my ###### handed to me on TuG's Team deatmatch server, I am unbelievably impressed with performance so far! The graphics are beyond my expectations & I'm currently getting no lag or stutter. I know I haven't encountered any serious firefights yet but what the heck! First impressions are great and I will not be put off by any issues, I will simply try to overcome them! This is a damn good game with huge potential!!!!
  19. I've not played GRAW yet, will be getting my new gfx tomorrow but I used to experience this with Farcry online, or more specifically the Obsidian Edge mod. This also uses Gamespy and I beieve that is the issue. From what I recall the problem was the server you drop from still 'remembers' your account and as such doesn't let you back in as it thinks you are still there! logging into another server was the only route around then and I'm guessing this is a similar issue???
  20. I appreciate the input but is one of us missing something? As already stated, i have used toms hardware to evaluate potential cards and the X850 clearly outperforms both the X1600 series and the GS7600 series. Also, the X850 is shader 3 compliant, if it wasn't it wouldn't play GRAW and I have seen first hand evidence that GRAW plays on these cards. I really appreciate the feedback as I'm not the most technically minded but everything I've read so far tells me the 850 is the route to go, for my price range in the UK.
  21. My problem is I need AGP and there's very little available to me. I've spent weeks searching for a card and there's nothing with any balls for under £100. And while I appreciate that the X850 is older technology every performance indication shows that it massively out performs all of the x1600 and 7 series cards in my price range.
  22. Bump! I've stumbled across an X850 Pro 256m DDR3, from connect 3D. From the comments above and tomshardware it's definately better than my previous 2 options and at £110 it's still affordable. Here's the catch; having read inital very good reviews I came across dozens of people with the same issue - after installation all they get is a black screen, most not even being able to get the bios prompt. Whilst the general suggestion was that this indicated a hardware issue rather than drivers, almost all problems were experienced when upgrading from Nvidia. Apparently even after clean installs i.e removing all trace of previous drivers. Does anyone actually have this card and have they ever witnessed this issue? I'm running a Gigabyte GA-7VAX but from what I can tell this problem spans just about every mainstream mobo brand. I also have a 580 watt Hiper Type R PSU, so I wont have problems with lack of power. Thanks again!
  23. Both of these cards are DDR2, so no benefit there. As I'm stuck to AGP there's little in the way of new cards for me. I can throw a Radeon 800 into the mix for the same cost, but that's only 256mb. The 512mb appealed as that's a neccesity for high level graphics settings in GRAW, which might be nice in SP. To be honest I don't have the patience for Ebay. I have been looking since I discovered the 5950U was no good but people seem prepared to bid insane money for cards, some even eclipsing new retail prices for the same cards!! Thanks for the comments so far.......
  24. Hi all, I've been unable to play GRAW, right from the off, due to my gfx card; I currently have a 5950 Ultra. Due to all the hoohah over playability, I have resisted an upgrade as I saw it as a potential waste of money! Now that the 1.3 patch is out GRAW is starting to look like what most people wanted "out of the box". Once I get feedback from my clan (some of whom were original beta testers for GRAW) I may bite the bullet and finally buy GRAW! Here's my question: My budget is effectively £100 for gfx and Overclockers are currently offering a BFG 7600GS with 512mb and a Radeon X1600 with 512mb, both at £100. These are AGP versions (which I need) and while both certainly meet the game specs I'd appreciate feedback from anyone that has these cards. I've checked toms hardware and that would suggest the 7600GS is the better choice? The rest of my spec is as follows: AMD Sempron 2500 1 gig PC2700 Onboard sound ( gigabyte GA-7VAX mobo) XP Pro sp2 I have used the search facility but haven't really discovered any topics that help me out. I appreciate these type of questions have been asked before but as even £100 is a big purchase for me I need to be sure, so all advice is welcome. A friend is running a machine with a much lower overall spec, the difference is his 256mb 9800. It's not his main gamer but he can play GRAW "comfortably". So I'm hoping the rest of my spec, whilst nowhere near high end will see me through. But again any comments are welcome on the general spec. However, I really can't afford any more budget so if my base machine isn't going to cut it with a new gfx card then I'm happy to carry on sitting out on the GRAW action rather than blowing what cash I have. Thanks in advance.
  25. I can't speak for GRAW as my rig isn't capable of playing but I never thought GR1 "sucked", for that matter I know of no-one that felt that way. Yes it had flaws that were fixed with the patches but the key thing was, that it was playable from the start. Even though I can't play GRAW I get cheesed off reading the constant flames in these threads but I do appreciate the genuine comments & criticisms as I believe they will help GRIN to fix what needs fixing. For me ( and this is my view only) the thing that most makes me think GRAW is a long way from right is this: 3 of my Clan m8's travelled to Sweden and took part in the testing. We never got to hear anything until after release so we had no pre-conceptions but guess what..... they're not rushing to play MP, one guy hasn't even taken his copy out of the cellophane!! That's enough for me to step aside and let GRAW pass me by... for now.
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