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  1. Not that it means anything until it pops through the mail...... but I pre-ordered this morning from Amazon UK, for the bargain price of £19.94 with a despatch date of the 20th, delivery estimated at 21st - 22nd June. Here's hoping..........
  2. Now come on..... you know it will only hit the bargain bin after you've bought your copy!
  3. I'm also on an AGP system at the moment, basics as follows: Athlon XP3000 1gig PC2700 BFG 7600GS 512mb XP Pro SP2 It's been optimised to run as good as it can but I can only get an average of 15 - 20 fps on the demo, with everything set to low. I know your CPU is way better than mine but not sure if just the gfx card will give you what you're looking for. I've struggled with PC capability right from the launch of GRAW but with GRAW2 about to hit the stores I have finally taken the plunge and recieved today: Asus P5B mobo E6320 1.86mhz 4mb L2 cache 2 gig geil PC6400 DDR2 250gig SATA Artic cooler freezer 7 pro BFG 8800GS OC 320mb pci-e Antec 900 gaming case DVD/RW That lot set me back £560 and still requires a few bits from my current build, namely my type R PSU. But I've spent 6 months trying to work out what next stop gap measure I can take to get GRAW to play half decent. I appreciate this isn't everybodies solution but as Agent Smith said a new rig is probably the way to go.
  4. I think your trailer is confusing things. As I'm in a house I guess the sound is going to be different as my walls are structuraly more solid that a trailer, so the acoustics would be different. Again i think this means I can get away with a lower range of product, so saving me some cash?
  5. Grin cut off the Draw distance at 149m so headset or sound card makes little difference. So is there a distance that better sound would be an improvement?
  6. I have a plantronics audio 350 headset. As this isn't the m-audio set you recommended ( I can't risk trying to get new headset too) is there another card that will compensate for the difference? I guess it's a mix of the two bits and a really good card plus ok headset is equal to a good card + good headset??? yeah but you wont be able to see it as its out your draw distance But will a better card make the draw distance ok?
  7. I'm currently playing from onboard sound via a head set and whilst I think the sound is cool, I keep reading about how much better 5.1 sound is in the game: footstep etc... It sounds like it would be a real benefit to me to go for a 5.1 card to enhance the quality of my gameplay. I have really good headset so I now it can come through with the goods, I just need to match that with the right card. Budgets tight, the wife is leting me have £30 / $60, what should i go for?
  8. I'm not disputing that the card is good, I just think itwas a shortsighted decision. It was widely known that the 8 series cards were imminent and the 7950's were at best an interim solution as Nvidia were having issues with the 8's or at worst it was a cynical plan to make more money. I suppose hindsight is a "wonderful thing" but this sounds like a rash decision to be "at the cutting edge".
  9. Well I've also got the EXTREME edition XFX 7950 GX2 which I believe is an overclocked version of the 7950 GX2 card, so that should be more than enough for my needs. Is that 7950 GX2 XFX EXtreme one of those Direct X 10 cards ? No, the 8800s are DX10 cards. 7950s came out last year and 7950 GX2 cards are 'rare' editions that are no longer being produced. That would be an expensive card then? Bit daft really, buying that when the 8 series cards were coming out.
  10. This explains why my sack-o-###### XP3000 rig runs like crap, over what it was capable of in GRAW?
  11. Athlon XP3000 1 gig PC2700 BFG 7600GS 512mb XP Pro SP2 19" WS running at 1440 x 900 All settings are on low and I get between 12 - 16 on average when there's heavy action, 15 - 20 when it calms down a bit. Basically unplayable but I am making a major rig upgrade in the next month so I'm not to fussed about this at the moment.
  12. LMAO! I ###### you not, when I decided to post this that was the first thing I looked for and I did not see it! Christ my old age is creeping up on me faster than I thought!!! Thanks for the helping hand.
  13. I don't see a specific tech support thread but apologies if there is already. Got the MP demo installed & I like what I see. However, my fps is dramatically worse than GRAW, 15 - 20 compared to 30 - 35. I don't have the best system: Athlon XP3000 1 gig PC2700 BFG 7600GS 512mb 80 gb IDE HD Onboard sound XP Pro SP2 My system was optimised to get the best out of GRAW, it took me from low 20's to the 30 35 I get now. I'm not asking for major help here as within the next month I am going to: Intel E6320 - Core 2 Duo 1.86mhz 4mb L2 cache 2 gig PC6400 BFG 8800GTS OC 320mb 250 gb SATA HD Onboard sound XP Pro SP2 But is there something simple that can make the demo playable for a few weeks? I do the usual; close background apps etc but as there was so much talk of 2 being optimised I thought I would at least see the same fps, if not better. Any suggestions appreciated, alternatively I'll sit back & wait for my new rig. MOVED T
  14. Nuneaton - Warwickshire - England CHECK PM
  15. Nostromo N50 and a Razer Copperhead. Used to be a trackball man, never played with a mouse for nigh on 16 years but GRAW taught me how slow the trackballs are! Struggled with the Copperhead at first, but have to say it's sweet as anything:D Like Colin, the N50 helps speed up this old duffer. I keep an eye out on ebay for a decent N52: for the extra buttons and for when the 50 gives up the ghost!
  16. If you spend enough time on B:P:R you would know that isn't the case. We routinely play mixed sides for a decent length of time but will usually at some point during the session switch to B:P:R vs others to allow us to work on teamplay and tactics. Playing your own team doesn't benefit tactically in the long run as we all know what we do on each map and it's hard to shake off those set routines. I spend a lot of time on BDA as as you say, it's a popular server, always full. You have a good attitude and sensible rules: One of which is not advertising other servers. I fell foul of this once, genuinely offering some Euro alternatives to a Euro guy suffering bad pings to US servers. It was pointed out to me and I apologised. What you posted above....."The BPR guys all jump on 1 side and go against the noobies every game. They never play each other, they all go together. This is a very poor attitude to take in my opinion" is worse for me as it's a veiled attempt at putting down our server. The guy starting this thread was looking for advice and it's been given openly, I wouldn't consider making any negative comment on anyone's server, everybody should make their own opinions. As for being rude.....well, we're British it goes with the territory.
  17. You could take a look at BPR too, they are good fun and a bit more active at this moment.... Fun and unstable......... come along and try the server but don't read too much into any banter or abuse that get's thrown around. It's just how we are.
  18. My system: AMD Athlon Xp3000 1024 pc2700 DDR BFG 7600GS 512mb AGP Latest drivers from Guru3d 1440 x 900 - native res of my monitor I have all of the settings to low with lighting & shadows off. One of my clan ran through some XP tweaks to help, basically just reducing the non game related load on the CPU. The frames rates you mention are more or less what I get with the exception that with heavy firefights / explosions I don't really drop below 15 - 17fps. The game is still playable and I've never had mouse lag. The only exception to this is on certain custom maps, which from what I can tell effects every PC spec. The XP3000 is a recent swap in for a Sempron 2500. With the Sempron I suffered like you, with 10 - 15 fps as a routine and occasionally single figures! However, given that you spec beats me in every area, unless you are also on custom maps, I can't see why you're struggling to the extent you are. Maybe the tweaks to the XP settings make a difference but I'm not sure if it's posted anywhere, I'll ask around and found out where we got the tweaks from.
  19. I get your logic in everything you said apart from the last bit! Even at 18 - 20 fps the game plays fine, there's no visual lag and I don't reckon I'm suffering as a result. Not withstanding I'm a crap player When it's in the 25 - 30 fps range, which is the norm apart from insane firefights, it plays as well as [GR] used to on the 5950U. Are you coming to the LAN at the end of March? There's going to be enough variations around to check out plus you can get a Chip-tweak at the same time!
  20. You can try the memory changes we recommended. I'll certainly give that a go and see if the problem persists. On a related not I'm thinking about getting one of the new X-fi 7.1 cards. Not the gamer editions ( that seem to have thier own memory) but I guess the base model, around £40 / $80. Reviews I've seen say they are a huge improvement in sound but I'd appreciate comments from any GRAW guys who may have made similar upgrades from basic soundcards or onboard.
  21. Eyup Binky! Your spec's not much different to mine: AMD Sempron 2500 1gig (2 x 512) PC2700 BFG 7600 GS 512mb I'm in the same boat as you regarding affordability of a PCI-E upgrade, so ended up going to the 7600GS from a 5950U which turned out not to be supported. My normal fps is 25 - 35 which whilst not brilliant is definately playable. I've already had one of Chip's "tweaks" and will hopefully get more done at the next LAN. Joker's always maintained that it's playable with his old 9800 and the 6800GT is a better card. It's worth getting hold of Chip or Joker and running through one of their tweaks to see what that gets you before you go looking at lots of cash on an AGP card. BTW, I'm playing on 1440 x 900 WS ( or whatever the numbers are!) settings mostly on medium with shadows off.
  22. This wont help I guess but I have this issue without an audigy sound card! I have a cheap & cheerful PNY 2.1 card, old as the hills but reliable until GRAW came along and I randomly get this issue. Same as the resy of you guys, all I can do is a hard reboot to get it back going. Thankfully it's a rare occurence and more of an annoyance than a real hindrance. I guess if it were to become more regular it would start to wind me up!
  23. Day of release and hoping that's the 30th as published....... we have a LAN party starting on the 30th and hopefully GRAW2 will be on the games roster!
  24. I had the same problem a while back, in fact that error message was one of 3 that I kept cycling through, all related to direct3d issues. Turns out my install of DX9 was bad. A reinstall fixed it, I've not had that error message since. Type "dxdiag" into the run window and follow the steps; it will highlight if you have any problems then you'll know if a reinstall is needed.
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