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  1. Second night and bags of fun yet again. The comms worked a treat and the slow pace makes for cracking gameplay Even Luggage only managed to TK me once, so it must be working! Now if we could convince someone to run a ladder along these lines I thinnk we'd have the makings of some seriously good competitive fun.
  2. Great games tonight! My first time in this format but not first time on Sparta servers. Without doubt, the best COD4 I've played since it came out. Huge thanks to Sparta for the continued excellent service from their game & TS servers. Also, a big-up to Rocky (best of luck with George Burley) for pushing this game play on the forums.
  3. IMO, Bog is a difficult map to avoid the standard "spawn-rape" allegation. It's just about, if not THE, smallest map and the domination mode exacerbates this. I have on numerous occasions done exactly what you descride, advance a few steps from spawn and hunker down behind cover, usually because there's incomming fire. If I get hit, then I take it on the chin. I've never yet thrown a spawn-rape allegation and I don't expect I will.
  4. Big thanks to the guys at Sparta. When B:P:R lost it's server in the 4u fiasco Viiiper & his team mates gave us a temporary TS home and made us welcome on their COD4 servers. Suffice to say, they run a great 'ship' and are top guys. We're spending most of our time on S1 Hardcore and it's absolutey superb. I can't actually think why you would want to play this game in anything other than hardcore mode now. Hopefully B:P:R's new server will be up for the weekend and will be running a Hardcore COD4 game too but I doubt that will keep us away from the Sparta guys for long.
  5. I've just been kicked from UEI's (Spanish Clan) server and am hoping they may visit these forums and be considerate enough to explain. We were playing Castle Day ([GR]) and in the first round spawned south, UEI obviously spawing east behind the hut. On of the guys on my team had moved east and killed a UEI player somewhere near the hut as he was heading for the east entrance. He was subsequently told this was spawn killing and must stop, which he did. Following round when we spawned in the east, the previously accused player was killed by UEI as he too ran past the hut. When he raised this as a spawn kill UEI advised that " killing in the spawn is a spawn-kill but when moving away from the spawn it was ok". So next round (back in the south) I head east with my trusty HK21 and find some cover that affords me a clear line of sight to the east gate. I am fortunate to drop two UEI as they were at the east entrance, only to be accused of spawn killing. I made three, very civil requests for them to explain why it was spawn killing when done by the opposition but not by UEI. Their response to the 3rd asking was to o kick me! Now, I wont lose any sleep over this as there are better run servers out there but it's no wonder people are struggling with GRAW2 MP when this type of mentality is shown by some clans. So, should any UEI show their face on these forums and see this post, there's a very confused, veteran GR/GRAW player who's dying to hear their explanation.......... but hey, I wont hold my breath.
  6. I had this a while back, turned out to be a corruption of my dx9c install. An uninstall & reinstall fixed it for me. If you run dxdiag and go foolw the steps to check each bit you should get a message at which ever bit is corrupt.
  7. System: Asus P5B mobo Intel C2D E6320 OC'd to 2.8ghz 2gb Geil PC 6400 250gb SATA BFG 8800GTS OC 320mb Onboard 7.1 sound Since installing the patch I have also noticed slightly higher pings in servers, going from the 30 to 80- range sometimes into the 200 - 300 range. When checking out server details you can no longer see a list of players in the server, some of my clan mates have also experienced this so it doesn't seem isolated to me. Finally, I seem to lose my team mates when they pass a certain distance. Although their name and the blue diamond are still visible the actual character disappears. So far I have only noticed this on Lagoon, when players run over the high pathway to the west of the map. When they are roughly half way up the slope they dissappear. Prior to the patch installation I could always watch the player crest the footpath and go out of view behind the rock wall. To confuse things even more; if a tango comes from the opposite direction I can still see him at the crest of the hill. Next chance I get I'll take a screen shot.
  8. LAN parties are a feature of B:P:R and one that is a big plus point! I've done 3 so far and each one gets better. Venues have been bigger and better and we even managed a continental visitor last time! To be honest, the logistics always seem to be the sticking point but we've managed to overcome it so far. I hope that they get bigger, better and more frequent but only time will tell. For the last one we mae a point of inviting non B:P:R members & I hope that trend continues. Bizarrely, considering it's our main game, the GR series has always been the least played! We tend to go for mindless stuff but what the heck: The gameplay is only a filler for the beers, I have 32 bottles of Stella to beat and I'm damn sure I'm going to get there! Edit: Likewise, most of us are married or with partners & families. There appears to be an understanding that this is something we have to do? My better half certainly accepts it, then again she firmly believes I've never grown up!
  9. In GR it was almost always the SA80 + nades combo. I think that was universally accepted as the best standard kit in the game. In GRAW, the SCAR -H with scope & foregrip / supressed MP5 / nades With GRAW2 I'm still experimenting with the kits but The MRC + red dot / MP5 / nades - Assault 2 I think, is proving something of a fav. I'm also a fan of the M14 for sniping, but alas appreciate that the M99 is the only really effective sniper at the moment
  10. I was always a fan of support class in GR1, often taking the SAW into small maps and the M240G introduced with IT was a revelation!. Also, with some of the additional support weapons that were modded into the game some real fun could be had. To a lesser extent I did the same with GRAW but system limitations meant my gameplay was limited. Sadly, I am also dissapointed with support in GRAW2 and just about for the same reasons stated in the opening post. It's a shame that there aren't at least sight upgrades available, as these are common in the field. The iron sights on the supports are pretty grim, the HK21 in particular and even on single shot it makes for difficult target acquisition. It would be nice to think that something could be done in a future patch to give something to us support guys!
  11. This is a novel approach to dealing with cheaters. If he can't play for being always TK'd (without the TKer being kicked him or herself), then maybe he or she will decide it isn't worth trying to cheat and TKing all the time as he is always on the sideline. Now this may be wishful thinking, but still funny. How long was it before he finally tired of being TKed before he left the server? Problem was, he didn't tire..... Whoever was running the server couldn't have known how to ban him, just kept kicking him from time to time plus he got kicked when he tk'd me Withing seconds of being thrown out he was back in and upto his usual tricks. Played this way for a good hour before I left the server and he seemed to have no issue at all with being kicked / restarting.
  12. I've just played a server with this guy in. At first didn't think too much as I hadn't seen his name posted previously but someone kept trying to vote kick him, with no luck. He dropped me a few times with the M99, then we ended up on the same team. From spawn I watched him rattle of a dozen or so nades from his MRC. Recalling the ban post I tk'd him (didn't get booted) and picked up the MRC, sure enough unlimited ammo on the gun and nades!!! I then spent the next 4 -5 respawns tk'ing him until someone changed the server to auto kick tk's
  13. When I was playing GRAW1 I was running an AGP based system using a BFG7600GS 512mb DDR2. The rest of the system wasn't that brilliant so gaming was hard work anyway. I did however, try the medium vs. high settings when playing SP as I had the required 512mb but to be honest I couldn't really see any worthwhile difference.
  14. Runing a BFG 8800GTS 0c 320mb, with res set at 1440 x 900 (16:10) at 60hz. Letting the game auto detect the only thing on medium is the texture quality, which I guess is what you are referring to? Does it make a dramatic difference to the game view and does this justify any potential fps loss?
  15. E6320 C2D clocked to 2800 BFG 8800GTS oc 320mb 2gb PC6400 Running 1440 x 900 60hz, with all settings as auto , so a lot on high. Sp I'm getting stable 80+fps under heavy conditions. MP with 25 plus players I'm getting anywhere between 75 & 100fps, dependant on situation.
  16. Yeah, same here, even on a UK server, and im in the UK !!! maybe its my ISP, lets hope it is Uk also, but after about 3 hrs of gaming on various servers I haven't dropped once. Used to drop quite frequently with GRAW but things defo seem better with 2.....touches wood!
  17. From what I've seen so far, MP & SP demo's GRAW" has the makings of an excellent game & potentially a true successor to [GR]. I can't comment further at this stage due to a bloody postal strike in the UK and my copy of the game not arriving! But, along with everyone else here, it's my firm belief tha GRAW2 is so good because of the high level of feedback from the fan base. That kind of input is critical to the success of any product, in any market and IMO doubly so in a gaming environment. I know PC gamers are the bottom of the pile as UBI's revenue stream is pitched heavily into consoles but we deserve better treatment than this! Game wise, if this is the attitude of UBI I will be staying away from any future product. Thankfully their are people out there with a better understanding of the gamers and they deserve my support, not UBI.
  18. Just been into my local Game store and the guys there confirmed their stock is sat in the store room and will go on the shelf for 0900 Friday morning. Hopefully my Amazon pre-order will already have arrived in the post and I can spend a few hours on the SP missions.
  19. i think thats a "quick save" only function. means, that you can quick-load from within the same level while playing it, but can't go to that save-point from the menu. but its just a guess. never used the save-function... I'd have to run through the demo again and try the same but I'm sure I was able to reload to the quicksave point from the menu rather than in the level.
  20. Not really.. More often than not, games are released on Tuesdays... Must be tuesday for america+, allways a friday for game releases here in the uk. Amazon are still showing my date as the 13th, so hopefully you're right and it's here for the weekend!
  21. Yes, same chip as I've just bought. It's a core 2 duo = "C2D", two cores running at 1.86ghz each. A very easy chip to OC, mine's currently at 2.8ghz with plans to break 3.0ghz when Joker gets his hands on it again!
  22. B:P:R have a dedi server, ready waiting for GRAW2 to hit the shelves. Hopefully it will be far more successful than GRAW. Needs a ladder system though & like Forrester said, we'll be hoping Clanbase come up with the goods, otherwise it's pot luck with somebody else!!
  23. Finally made my upgrade: E6320 1.86mhz 4mb L2 OC'd to 2.8 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Asus P5B mobo 2gb Geil PC6400 BFG 8800GTS OC 320mb Samsung 250gb SATA Hiper Type R 580w - from previous rig Antec 900 gaming case Loaded up the demo & left settings as they had been auto detected, just adjusted resolution to suit monitor: 1440 x 900 16:9 75hz Physics - Normal Effects - medium Textures, shadows, post effects all high Playing RvA on Calevera I'm getting fps between 75 - 85, usually averaging around 82 - 83, peaking in the low 100's when the firefights aren't too heavy. Never new GRAW could be this much fun!!! Works better with the gfx card fitted correctly thou i find. e6420 stock 2.13ghz now at 3.4ghz 2 gig crucial pc8500 running @ 1100mhz x1950xtx overclocked a bit all in a antec 900 gaming case get 70 -80 fps more depending on the situation. anyone running it with vista and a low end rig? You're not going to let me forget that I couldn't put the 'kin card in right, are you...... 'kin good job I'm not easily put off!. True, I'm a complete muppet but still I could be emotionally scarred after this episode! BTW, if you can't make it to 3.0ghz, then I think you will have personally failed. I of course will cope. having come from an XP, anything in this range is good but you seemed somewhat perterbed that your first attempt at achieving 3.oghz ended in a black screen. You may, of course, be suffering from processor envy?????? Maybe you should seek counciling, alternatively you could just come and get wankered next weekend and we can forget th 0.2ghz
  24. Finally made my upgrade: E6320 1.86mhz 4mb L2 OC'd to 2.8 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Asus P5B mobo 2gb Geil PC6400 BFG 8800GTS OC 320mb Samsung 250gb SATA Hiper Type R 580w - from previous rig Antec 900 gaming case Loaded up the demo & left settings as they had been auto detected, just adjusted resolution to suit monitor: 1440 x 900 16:9 75hz Physics - Normal Effects - medium Textures, shadows, post effects all high Playing RvA on Calevera I'm getting fps between 75 - 85, usually averaging around 82 - 83, peaking in the low 100's when the firefights aren't too heavy. Never new GRAW could be this much fun!!!
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