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  1. This is awesome news, really good to see someone with a real community background step up for the challenge.
  2. No worries John, we thought we could manage but with RL commitments and repetitive server crashes, we just can't put the time in to get decent scores. Add to that when we thougth we'd cracked an okay score (150-ish) we actually end up at 105! That just deflated both of us.
  3. Team SPARTA (Dai-San & Watchman), will be withdrawing from the tourney. After countless server issues and flashbacks to how tactical this game isn't we've run out of love and desire to carry on. For those staying in, have fun and post some good scores!
  4. No worries John, we were crashing due to the z key issue, so not your fault. I'd forgotten how frustrating the AI can be, with their accuracy & ability to shoot through objects but we're happy with our first score. Can I just clarify something on the scoring, theoretically the max score is 200, if you wipe out all enemy & blow 5 targets. But you can't actually reach this as every 5 minutes taken results in a five point penalty? So if you killed/blew up everything in 20 minutes the best you could achieve would be 180?
  5. After a few false starts, with server crashes Team Sparta have posted their mission 1 score. Looking forward to mission 2.
  6. Is there not a specific album on the FB page to post to, or do I just drop the picture onto the wall and someone will move it? I see an album for the GR tourney scores but nothing for GRAW?
  7. Hi guys, I'm struggling to get the mission running and this is the first time I've worked with bundled files. Can someone give me a real idiots guide to getting the missions running? Cheers, Watchy
  8. First ever team, to be honest can't remeber but it was short lived, too much friction. But quickly went on with a bunch of commited guys from that first team and set up as LSD (Live-Shoot-Die) and we just about managed 3 years, made some good friends and lost a great one. Moved on to {B:P:R} and have been stuck there ever since!
  9. HiHo Cobblers, long time no hear (Watchman here). If you do play COD4 and yearn for a vaguely [GR] style of play then you can get some good, glitch free steady play over at B:P:R or our good friends at Sparta; especially the GRnet Crouch night on a Friday. If you're interested PM me and I'll get you some details. Anyhoo and apologies for drifting slightly off topic but after almost 10 years of fps gaming, for me [GR] is absolutely still the benchmark. In those occasional quiet moments I'll fire it up and play a few missions. Gfx aside it still captivates me and keeps me on the edge of my seat. As Dai san said, it still has the ability to make you jmp out of your seat and frankly no other game since has been able to do that. I guess the feature that stays with me most is the quality of mapping and the interplay with the terrain. In a game I believe it's the closest we'll ever get to real life. Nothing better than hunkering down on caves with an M98. Use the cover, hide in the scrub and pick them off at will. A truly great game and I'll be a happy bunny if Ubi / RSE ever get round to making a true sequel because lets face it, neither of the GRAW's has been able to take that plaudit. True. The somewhat anonymous nature of you and your teammates, along with the way you/they gain experience (and clusters) during the campaign (or Trilogy) creates a situation where you care about the other guys, and want to see them thru it, without resorting to the unlocked specialists or human wave attacks, is high up on my list. I remeber when I played through IT, I went all the way through without losing a team member, yes I achieved the specialists but used them sparingly, preferring to grow the squad members. Sure we took some bullets and the wounds were plenty but I sat those guys out for a mission or two and rotated in other team members. Then on the final map I was close to completion and lost my sniper, I'd put him on overwatch where he'd picked off some of the tango's . But when the screen flashed up that he'd been killed I was so gutted it was ridiculous! I'd lost a virtual buddy, we'd be going home a man down.......... Yeah, I know this is a game but no game I've played since has EVER made me think that way.
  10. I have two computers on wireless and well some day’s are better than others, I also have two on a wire and it's is so much better, If you can I would go hard-wired Can't really go wired without carving up the folks house, which I don't think they'd appreciate. I don't seem to have good days with COD4 at all but interestingly played some GRAW2 today, 24 people on a 32 man server and for the best part of an hour it didn't drop once. I'd get at least 10 brief disconnects in the same time on a COD4 server.
  11. Fun games tonight, it was good to get back on the server again. Struggled with wireless connection though, had so many short disconnects it was a real pain. Anyone else play with a wireless connection but stable or is it a consequence of this connection method?
  12. Thanks for the games tonight guys, I got on late and only managed a few maps but me & Blade seemed to do ok Not in a good place at the moment and it was a welcome relief to be able to let off steam, hope I can do it again before too long.
  13. Great games again, I think the most intense I've had so far. Pipeline was excellent and Silo's, well just unbelievable. Never thought it would end!
  14. Have you selected kit restrictions "Sniper Team - The Longest Kill" ? Yes. I've dl'd the mod again, this time going for the .zip and it appears to be okay. Just going to run through a firefight with Joker. Incidently with Joker, he saw the winter camo, I didn't
  15. Okay, both Joker and I have dl'd the mod and installed. The mod is shown in the list as it should be i.e. below DS IT and the splash screens show at start up. However, although I have a new spotter class showing, there are NO new weapons under any class. I have de-activated and re-activated the mod, each time restarting GR but I get the same thing. Joker has advised the same results. We both went for the .rar download, anyone experiencing the same? Anyone have a file that they can confirm works & if so which compression format? Thx.
  16. Mmmm, not happy losing the extra grenades and I reckon a few of my fellow {B:P:R}'s will think their hands have been cut off, losing the noob-tube! Still, no doubt it will still be as fun as ever. Great games last night, nice to see the lag issue got sorted out.
  17. Wasn't just your connection Zebb, seems like the server was having 'issues'. Most of {B:P:R} and a good few Sparta were commenting on the 'weird' behavior. Hopefully it will run smooth & sweet tonight.
  18. Right, we'll give it a go! {B:P:R} Joker {B:P:R} Watchman
  19. I've been with Virgin BB (originally Telewest) for 8 years and never had any real issues. If support was ever needed it was quick & efficient. I wouldn't change regardless of offers. They'd have to get pretty grim for me to switch to ADSL! Anyhoo, back on topic....... I'm with Krambo , I think UAV & airstrikes are the way to go. They add to the gameplay and don't overstretch the realism aspect. The one-shot helo kill (nice touch) does enough to remove that uber-weapon before it causes real carnage!
  20. The only person confused by the no airstrikes rule is Krambo. It's either that or he's just being an ass! j/k on the ass comment obviously.............
  21. Not just you P, happened to me a few times last night, as well. I personally don't think it's this server setup as I've experienced it just about everywhere. I'd be interested in other's views but I'm begining to think it's linked with how much of the player you can actually see. It seems that anything less than half of the body doesn't bring up tags: Could it actually be a feature of the game, maybe to get the players to be less trigger happy?
  22. I've come close to running across the road in Crossfire but managed to resist, in line with the rules. It's a bit of a pain but I've gotten into the habit of getting to the extreme ends of the road to cross over, which usually works except when Custard has his sniping hat on! I downloaded the maps yesterday afternoon and promptly spent half an hour getting more and more confused. Short of pinning hard copies to the walls I'm buggered if I'm going to remember all these names in-game!
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