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  1. wow thats some speed on making hacks. I mean those folks need to have some weird fetish and natural driving need of cheating.
  2. Oh you lucky little ***** ***** *** etc.. I thought I would get my copy today but -nooooooo, Why not delay it one more day
  3. My heart is going crazy, Don't know if it can take the wait of 24 hours now..SOon soon it will be at my doorstep!! Lets all celibrate! Cookies..cakes..drinks for everyone! and pinguins
  4. Would be instresting to see what would happend if 30% of my upper body were hanging out of an edge. Would it then be possible to look down in prone?
  5. I rate it 7. I am curious to see the full game tho, I belive it got more potential. What cought me was that the sound was a bit blurry, Or perhaps it's just me.
  6. Oh curse on you boy, Curse on you. The gaming God will woop ya ass
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