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  1. all ready returned my copy 3 months from now its gonna be 20$ hopefully they get some much needed patchs
  2. yes a kick/ban button would be very nice
  3. O rly?! *gets gun puts bayonet on* *Stabs groin* uh oh i think i need to go to the hospital ill brb
  4. well there you go grin get PB now! and every one who says it lags can lower the settings like Major said
  5. Now that its moved we can talk about it heh BAM RIGHT IN THE KISSER
  6. maybe another thing Grin has to patch? make it so they dont shoot at just you lol
  7. Maybe cause your the commander and your alone? and your not an AI like your teammates
  8. Why is this in the support thred
  9. Thats a 8.7 sould be 8.0 And its a 9 out of 10 games
  10. lol you all have 1gb of ram that could be it i dont know
  11. lol how is unlocking ports gonna help to register in game spy its a bug within the game all you have to do is make a completely new account and hit tab to get to password and tab to get to enter and hit enter
  12. Yes it could be your sound driver get the newest one and tell me if its working all so are your gfx drivers up to date i perfer the 84.21.
  13. Still need an answer if any one has one i want to play but cant due to it restarts my computer at random times
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