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  1. I believe there is, i mean its only a demo of GRAW.. ive heard that in the full version u can do much more things in game, like video option and more AA and im pretty sure High res,if ur GFX and monitor supports it..
  2. Anyone know if there is more additional video options in the Full version of GRAW?? as of know i have everything on high includeing AF but there is no AA options and i know it could look better. i Hear from some ppl that in the full game you can adjust your AA in game etc. The game looks fantasic!! but still if you look far away you can still see jaggies. computer spec: P4 EM64T @ 4.0 GHZ abit AA8XE ATI X1900XTX 2 GB crosair Raptor WD 10,000 RPM Watercooling.
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