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  1. That's not true. I've ordered from direct2drive three or four times and their download links always take me straight to a fast download at fileplanet -- i'm not a subscriber -- so there is not a wait. download for a game likethis depending on the quality of your broadband connection would probably take 2-4 hours though. That said, I'll never order from direct2drive again. Their followup support on activation keys sucks. I ordered splinter cell chaos theory from them and the activation key only worked two times. On my third installation (same computer -- I just reformat a lot), I had to email them for a new key, and they took over a week to get it to me. Very frustrating.
  2. That did it! Thanks Tron!!!! That makes a hell of a lot of difference in the visuals!
  3. I believe there is, i mean its only a demo of GRAW.. ive heard that in the full version u can do much more things in game, like video option and more AA and im pretty sure High res,if ur GFX and monitor supports it.. ← Why wouldn't these features be in the demo? And why does the demo offer 16x9 support but not 16x10? 99.9% of widescreen computer monitors are 16x10. 16x9 is for HDTV's, and I don't see a lot of talk about people playing GRAW in their living room on an HDTV (although it'd be cool!!).
  4. Yeah what's up with that? I'm hoping someone comes up with a fix for this. I recently purchased F.E.A.R. and had to manually go into a file and force my native resolution into it. Found that fix in the forums on this website http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum/ So maybe soon someone will do the same for GRAW. I'm just so surprised that the developers didn't do it themselves. GR1 ran perfectly, adjusting to my native resolution and aspect ratio, and that game is half a decade old! Widescreen is the future, and if there isn't native support for it in this game, I'd be very dissapointed.
  5. Since you use SLI; make sure the game uses the AFR SLI mode, but to do that you need to create a new profile as the default setting is the SFR SLI mode. Not sure about your 16:10 issue though. ← Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure I follow. I've looked at video options (basic and advanced) and nowhere can I find a setting to change from SFR to AFR. I don't even know what those modes are. I created a new profile and then went back to the video settings again but no added settings to screw around with. And as far as far as resolutions go, why is the highest resolution allowable to me 1280 by XXXX (I forget exactly). This has got to be an error of some kind, either on the game or with my system, right? There've got to be people out there who want to play it at 1600x1200 (or in my case 1680 x 1050). GR1 allowed this, and almost all new games do, so GRAW must as well, I assumed.
  6. Longtime lurker who just registered here, having trouble with resolutions, and some surprise at the lack of performance on my system. My system: AMD X2 4200+ 2 7800 GT's in SLI Mode (just updated driver) 2gb RAM Dell 20" widescreen (16:10) with native res of 1680 x 1050 Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm unable to play at the proper aspect ratio nor native resolution of my monitor. The highest res offered is 1280 something or other, and the only aspect ratio's are 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9 (which is probably close enough I guess), but running in a lower, non-native res it just looks awful on my screen. GR1 gave me no problems on my widescreen, so I'm hoping I'm missing something here. Also, I thought my system would handle this at full res with medium settings like a knife through hot butter. It's definitely not. I'll need to play more with settings before I come to any big conclusions, but this game definitely seems to demand A LOT. On the plus side, gameplay is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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