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  1. Thanks for ghostaholic.com for uploading our maps on there site as we come out with them! That was fast bati_gol_20 lol
  2. FWF ULTRA MAP PACK RELEASED! All maps are Team Deathmatch Due to popular request, all of our maps are in the single map pack: City Street Large, Train Yard, Sewers, Roundabout Junkyard is excluded due to a slow-motion bug (will be fixed in the future). Get the map pack here: http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/FWFUltraMapPack.php (click download on the left) Enjoy!! We have three versions of this map pack: EXE ZIPPED WITH EXE PLAIN (just the map files....for GR.net) This map pack will be playable on the core server.
  3. I've had this problem on various types of maps me and my brother made. When you spawn, spend some time on map, then switch over. The round will end then you -sometimes- can spawn in and within 30 seconds it will crash, or you click spawn and crash at the last 1 second. How do you fix this?
  4. Edited post, its out and its for TDM.
  5. http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/ Sewers has been offically released! Click Sewers on the left side under completed maps! Enjoy!
  6. I am writing a tutorial on something and just wondering what max_id does in world file. What i'm talking about is in the world file: <world name="autosave" max_id="1051" level_name="mymapname">
  7. Roundabout has been released! Description: Welcome to Roundabout! This an upper scale all out roof top battle. Battle it out on the roof tops, but be careful you can end up dead or stuck easily if you slip off one of the ramps! Map Intel, Screens and Download: http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/Roundabout.php More of our maps: http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/ This map will be on the *CoRe* clan's server very soon for public play. Go ahead and use it on your server as you please. Enjoy!
  8. thanks, but fix the typo, you put yunk yard lol thx for fixing it ^^ ::edit:: but tomarrow ill be releasing the official images, which ill link from here for you to grab if you want them also I would put them on the GR.NET Downloads section, but our installer does not meet the requirements as they require a zip, unless they want to manually do it for us, we have no plans to do it. :'( 3rd edit i'm going to bed -> good night.
  9. Yeah, I never got around to it since he was reediting the map when I was taking the screenshots later today, (CSL is the same version you see in the pictures, its just he was editing the two other maps when I was taking the screenshots of CSL, so I didn't want to take screenshots of an out-dated map) The new screenshots will be up in the future, probly tomarrow afternoon my time (EST Florida, it's 4:05 AM right now.) BTW, you put Yunk Yard instead of Junk Yard, lol!
  10. This map is insane, noob-tube-type-grenade-throw-in-the-air game play, which isn't bad but is extremely fun. I would def love to see The Park is Mine nighttime version to spice up the fighting (with proper lighting of course)
  11. Hey, can you change my name from Unleashed2k to FWF.Unleashed2k Thanks!
  12. Here is the site dedicated to our mapping, i will update it in the morning... http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/index.php btw thos screenshots you putted on there Bati_gol_20 are incorrect, if you can change them to this: (this is the map city street large) http://www.bluecrystalstudios.com/GRAW/map...ityStreetLarge/ I'm uploading the screens as we speak, sorry for the large images if there too large to post, then please use http://imageshack.us/ url feature to reupload the ones you want to use. Thanks.
  13. Is there a way to make it STOP going to different folders like 1,2 ...its like a guessing game wondering if it render or not, very extremely annoying.
  14. There are two types of sewers The above and the below sewers
  15. Keeps on happing, moves thu 1-3 and if theres another one in the C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels\work_temp\data\levels\ map in the custom_levels it uses that and the map doesnt load ANNOYING!
  16. The screenshots of CSL isn't updated, also these maps play on the *CoRe* server.
  17. Your kidding right? I Just finished making a map three days ago called Sewers :'(
  18. Why sometimes I render it deletes and moves to a new folder, for example folder 1 to folder 3, this sucks and i have to rerender again
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