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  1. Too bad i'm not an xbox hippie... (I buy real games )
  2. I have the 360 version and been hearing great things about the pc version, what is the difference as in single and multiplayer? Does the singleplayer have a different campaign?
  3. The product code is TCX_F-TCX For Splinter Cell its SC Rainbow six RS Ghost Recon GR Also a news update Swiss Federal Railways announced yesterday it would not yield to pleas by Alpine neighbors to increase high-speed rail cars for northbound passenger transport. The Gotthard Base Tunnel has recently seen a dramatic shift toward heavy freight delivering matériel to European belligerents, forcing thousands of civilians to find alternate means of transportation. “The freight slated for these rails is integral to the stability of European economies. Its scheduling cannot be compromised,†a rail official said. Critics blame the desire for financial gain over concern for civil safety, as thousands of people wait for relocation to areas north of the expanding conflict Counter-terrorist forces in Schaan, Lichtenstein announced the arrest of two alleged members of a Slovak insurgent cell responsible for a deadly string of car bomb attacks in northeast Italy and southern Austria. A flurry of diplomatic exchanges has resulted as Italy and Austria debate priority for extradition. This situation is further complicated by the potential interest in military tribunals for reasons of national and American forces have gained a foothold in targeted areas of the Iberian Coast and are pushing troops toward the autonomous Spanish community of Castile-La Mancha. Reportedly reinforcements are expected by week’s end. Despite repeated claims by government officials that the scale of the conflict can be contained, reports of rapid force reallocations point to an escalation of hostilities. continental security.
  4. "The initiative will proceed as planned." - >>JSF<< // RD HORS HGT: 1.9 m WGT: 101 Kilos Rev 6:4 No clue what thos numbers mean, or what jsf is (only reminds me of Joint Strike Fighter) if it is joint strike fighter then thos could be corrdinates for an airstrike? or the numbers could be a location. Only thing I can think of is HGT = Height which is 6.2 feet and WGT = weight which is 222 LBS. Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. I have no clue what "RD HORS" means, unless it it scrambled, or missing charaters. Dr. Sroh? or Hors for "Horse" and DR stands for something? Dunno. I hate mind games
  5. http://www.particle.kth.se/~lindsey/Images/olicom.gif
  6. I dont want to wait till 6/5 for this game (source: eb)...blah
  7. No, it's been the 6th. For the UK it's 30th. So you guys over there will probly get it sometime in april.
  8. Just call your local eb, or any other store. All dates are now going to 3/28/2007 to be released on 3/29/2007. Yes this blows, the 360 version isnt delayed however. ARGH!
  9. just delete all the autosaves, keep the world ones tho. It's always good to keep the old world files for reference if you ever have a crash, you can easly find a script online to see what changes was done, and find the unit or object that is screwing things up. With the autosaves, fill free to delete thos as long as you keep one or two active, if you crash and did alot and didnt save, you cant restore from an autosave.
  10. From http://www.grawmapping.com/ Hidden Camp Info: http://grawmapping.com/Hidden_Camp.php Stand Off Info: http://grawmapping.com/Stand_Off.php Download: http://grawmapping.com/FWFMiniMapPack.php (click download on the left to access the dl page)
  11. It was either me or my brother who said this issue. It crashes every 2nd round, but mostly only when you have like 1-2 people in the server then switch sides (for example i switch to the other team to play w/ my bro on his side so he can show me the map) but often times we just spawned and the map crashed.
  12. My brother and I has successfully made terrain but just don't know how to color it correctly (put the graw mud on it, etc) and import it without crashing. Crashes every time. I can successfully use the default files the tutorial gives you and use that example 3ds max file and export it to diesel and it works, but cant use any other terrain without it crashing when i try to p0ut it in.
  13. Hey all, I have started a website (http://www.grawmapping.com) dedicated to map modding and also home of the FWF Maps. But I am wanting to turn this website into mostly a tutorial site and a place for mappers. Basically I need people to help out by posting articles in the tutorial section of our site (its in the forums area of the site). Our goal is to let mappers have a home for help and support, not that GR.net doesn't already have that. Anyways, if you feel like helping us out by posting tutorials (I will be adding sections and stuff & also adding tutorials myself) go ahead and sign up and post it. Thanks, FWF.Unleashed2k (GRAWMapping.com)
  14. also when trying to load it, I can only see ONE blue square, not the other three, its either very extremely huge, or extremely small
  15. Map editor crashed while trying to load it too :'( I was following this tutorial: http://www.delta3d.org/article.php?story=2...topic=tutorials When I export I get this error: Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default Encountered face with unknown material for Plane01, using default (above times like 1000) Unable to find material Material: Default Material in group 01 - Default.MaterialGroup, using first material in group
  16. must of deleted them when cleaning up my 3ds max folder, mind sending them? (dont know how I ended up in the map folder deleting the pictures tho..,odd..i used to have them)
  17. Hey, do you have a copy of dirt.jpg / grass.jpg you can give us?
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