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  1. Play (in UK) have the release date changed to July 6th. This is only one weeks delay from the previous date of June 29th. A week longer is nothing. Who knows, the delay could even be with the duplication plant or similar!
  2. I'm getting exactly the same problem - crash to desktop when ascending the hill. I'm running the 1.16 patch at the moment (I've yet to install 1.2 as I don't have broadband!). My spec is: AMD 4400+ 2Gb RAM, 2x7800GTX in SLI
  3. www.play.com are now selling GRAW as part of their Summer Sale for £14.99 inc P&P so if you're in the UK and haven't got it yet - now could be the time!
  4. OK - thanks - thought I saw some other threads in this section! Perhaps a moderator could move this topic, please. Thanks again
  5. Hi I was running GRAW in SLI using AFR. I tried upgrading the drivers to some beta ones as this was supposed to increase FPS but they kept crashing on install. I'm now running 84.43 Beta, however: Despite editing the registry to add coolbits, or running coolbits 2 I cannot get anything other that a "Global Driver Setting" under quality and performance settings. I had Rivatuner installed (to monitor GPU temps) and have now removed that, but the "Add Profile" button is greyed out and there are no other profiles available. Can anyone help? Is it possible that this beta isn't supported by Coolbits? Cheers
  6. I was getting an average of about 30FPS according to FRAPS. I've now added another GFX card (SLI) and average about 59 FPS: AMD 4400+ X2 XFX 7800 GTX (256Mb) 490/1300 SLI (AF mode) 2Gb Corsair TWINX X-Fi Fatality Asus SLI Premium Running GRAW ion 1280x1024, All high except Textures (medium) No file mods
  7. My “work†setup is as follows: CPU: AMD 2400+ @2.0 gigahertz Graphic card: NVidia XFX 6800GT AGP single 256mb standard clock speeds, air cooled. Driver 84.21 RAM: Generic PC3200 DDR RAM, 1Gb (2x 512Mb in Dual Channel Mode) Motherboard: K7S8X, American Megatrends P1.90 07/11/2003 HD: IBM Deskstar 34Gb 7200RPM IDE non raid Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Monitor: OEC 17†@ 1024x768 Windows XP Home, SP 2 Observations: 1) Introduction I’ve played all the GR1 original and expansion missions, and really enjoyed them both in single and co-op modes. I’ve played the demo for about 3 hours so far on two PC’s. This is my “work†pc which is of a lower spec. 2) Contents The overall content of the demo is excellent. Menu screen is a real crowd drawer. Short tutorial before the mission is also good, and the weapon load-out part is brilliantly done. 3) The Map The map strikes me as being well designed. It has a good sense of being a large area in an even larger city. It didn’t strike me as pointing me in the direction I must go, as I could skirt round the objectives quite a way. It seemed very atmospheric graphically and sonically. Tin cans were a bit annoying! 4) The Missions There was a suggestive amount of variety in the demo missions – go to point A, hang around a bit, go to point B, cause a big bang. Hopefully game missions will be more varied. An observer couldn’t believe how long the mission took and how big the area was (these were seen as positive points). Save points seemed well balanced and positioned. 5) Weapons and Camo The weapons seemed suitably varied, although I find it hard to believe that in 2013 grenade launchers and sniper rifles have to be reloaded after a single shot! I didn’t find a “3 round burst†option with the weapons I used (only single rounds or full auto) but that may have been due to my weapon choices. Recoil seemed a little excessive. Load out screens were excellent. They were done really well and the option of upgrading the weapons, having SMGs as backup weapons, and space for extra ammo or grenades was supurb. Cammo I thought was good – enemies can be hard to spot until they move, although whether they are flagged with a red diamond, appear on the tactical map, or remain unobserved seems random! 6) AI both teammates and enemy I’ve only played on medium so far, but AI for both appeared pretty good. Friendlies did wander across each others field of fire occasionally. The mission close screen only gave a 35% orders carried out score, but this could be poor orders on my part and not a reflection of the AI! 7) Sound is excellent in stereo, and I’m sure is even better in 5.1. Very atmospheric, although I did turn off the music after about 45mins. I think I found a bug as one of the AI friendlies constantly told me he was re-loading about two thirds of the way through the mission. It could be that he had run out of ammo, perhaps? 8) The demo has definitely wetted my appetite for the game, but I am disappointed in the graphics. Using FRAPs I’m only getting a frame rate of 18 to 30 most of the time, despite playing with varios settings. Lowering the resolution to 800x600 helped a little but it looked very jagged at this resolution even on a CRT. I also think there are some issues with the control system. 9) Faster load times – seems to take ages BLANK screen when loading – scary – what about a logo or timer or something? Weapon selection is iffy with a mouse wheel (assuming your mouse has a wheel!). Keys bound to change up/down or direct select a weapon would be better Team/Individual order too fiddly, especially in battle when using mouse wheel 3 round burst mode? Semi auto sniper/grenade launchers? Support for older GFX cards? Couldn’t select a drone in the demo (could just be me) 10) The demo has definitely made me want more, although it also highlights some issues that if not already addressed in the full game will need to be sorted in a future “add-onâ€. I’m off to play the demo again. MadDogMog
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