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  1. I think thats just it, most people who dealt with the hell that was Raven Shield expected more this time. This seems to be deja vu with better graphics...
  2. I'm kind of partial to XM8 silenced with combat scope and gl, I know its the cheapest gun in the game but hell, I like it. Mp5 is good too for accuracy, but takes more hits to bring someone down due to 9mm
  3. yeah, whatever system that is running on must have pretty impressive specs
  4. I have a 2.2 AMD 64 3500, 1.5 Gb Ram and a 6800 GT 256 MB pci-x, and I average about 30 FPS on 800x600 with medium settings, and I am feeling some of your pain believe me. The mouse lag is the worst though, I have died many times because I couldn't place my ret efficiently before firing, so I either miss altogether or get shot before I get a chance to line up my aim accurately. Hope this is fixed with the next patch. As far as acquiring kills however, being able to play with friends/clanmates on comms is essential in this game I believe, as moving together and operating as a unit keeps you alive, and at the same time allows you to rack up more kills.
  5. You think America's Army is run-and-gun? Thats laughable. But I do agree the respawns suck, however with such large maps there would be alot of waiting for those KIA, unless of course the rounds were set at a short time. They definitely need to come out with more mp modes, or this game will get old real quick, I don't care how good the graphics are.
  6. Played some MP Domination yesterday, and the server I was on had a death limit of 5. Now even though that is kind of lame, I guess its all fine and dandy due to the nature of the gametype.. but what really annoyed me was that I was forced to stare at the team/inventory screen until the end of the match. I am not a GR vet as alot of the people on here are so maybe thats just how it is, but it sure would be nice to be able to spectate the ongoing battle, to see what it looks like outside of a first person view... was this just a server setting, or is this how the game is? Im really hoping it was just the server I was on...
  7. Maybe its just me, but I don't thing the "prone bug" is a bug. Have you ever laid prone with a rifle in your hands? You can't lower the rifle any lower than the ground allows in order to accurately and securely fire the weapon. I think this adds to the realism of the game. I've played it for a few hours now, I think this game definitely has potential. I also expect there to be issues with a demo, because it is what it is, a demo. Its by no means the finished version of the game. And, like any other game I'm sure any issues the community experiences will be fixed by the developers with a patch or two.
  8. Man same here, Im stuck at work for another 4 hours
  9. I agree 100%. Haven't had a chance to check out the demo yet (at work ) but from the way you guys are describing it Im definitely pumped
  10. It's been awhile for me, anyone know if FedEx needs a signature to deliver? I hope so, I'd hate for them to just leave it in my hallway or something, since I doubt it will fit in my pint-sized mailbox...
  11. Holy crap! I just checked mine and it says the same thing! Darn and Im leaving for Vegas the day its coming!! How bittersweet is that
  12. I can vouch for that, because I tried to reply to his post but before I could it said it had been moved/deleted.
  13. Not sure if this question has been answered before (apologize if it has), but will there be ability to pick up the weapons of fallen enemies or teammates? (like AA) I think that would be a cool feature and add to the realism aspect of the game. Say you are low on ammo for your weapon, or grenades, etc. Being able to pick up replacements could be vital to survival, and could decide the outcome of a round/match. I also agree that random insertions is a good idea, it eliminates repetitiveness, makes for more interesting tactics. As far as respawning goes, being a hardcore RS, RVS, and AA player I have never been a fan of it. But I believe it should be an option for server admins to regulate, as waiting 5-10 minutes for the next round to start can definitely be a stress on your patience. Well thats my two cents.
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