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  1. The only relevant anti piracy is excellent online playability AND CD-keys.
  2. In short you could have quoted Dilbert: "I ask for so little, and boy do I get it".
  3. Ok, I am all about PvP, I did not play through the SP missions and only did like 4 COOP missions taken together on the both titles. Negative: * No anti cheat. That was actually the worst part with the game. I was GRAW2 moderator at TWL for a time and it was sometimes kind of hard to be cheerful when people started to bicker about SS tis or dat. *No SADS at release, they came later but some of the community where already gone then. *Game Spy did turn some people off. These days the third party system is common, criticism was perhaps to harsh. Positive: Well the game in itself wa
  4. How is it with effects settings? Are they server set or user set? I wonder as if it is user set then we will play PvP gamers with low settings which is kind of dull when the game is rather beautiful with the settings notched up. So related to the topic, what is recommended settings?
  5. Agree totally. I hope the Call of Pripyat will be as creepy as the first one. The atmosphere was very very good.
  6. The game will be a classic as soon as they have patched it up. A good thing with Paradox is that they do patch games, even years after release. The bad thing is that you can't expect to play the game the first month after release, but i can take that.
  7. I really do hope they don't screw PvP gameplay up, otherwise this will be fantastic: the Ark!
  8. I hope something good will come out of this. That is, that the devs can continue to produce good games in one way or the other.
  9. For anyone who wants to play team play with a lot of tactics I strongly recommend the game, certainly now when it is cheap. It isn't a tactical shooter as the term is defined by gamers at most times, for example you take a lot of hits and eat med-packs. But the game is much more tactical than any tactical shooter around. Old ET players know what I mean. The selection of player classes at different stages of the maps are very important. Actually if you ladder you have to pounder the plan really much. If you just choose the obvious classes needed, then you will most likely loose a stone
  10. Think of it as a sign of stress, tunnel vision
  11. Nice music, reminds be of being at friends at late eighties, coveting their computer games. But before I could play I had to watch and listen through their "demos" of grafic and... that kind of sound/music. I hope the patch brings some "original" feel too.
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