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  1. One thing to add that I kind of miss from the [GR] is when someone goes to throw a nade and gets killed but have not thrown the nade it then would go off next to the body. In GRAW 1 I see the nade fall but it never goes off but the pin has been pulled. Bring it back please!!! This will add more realism to the game I think and make people pay attention to their teams and what they are doing. Many time I had to find cover so I would not get naded in that way. Just my thoughts.
  2. One thing in GRAW that is missing is a shotgun like the USAS-12 or a pump action as a secondary.
  3. If you are talking about the little area behind the dumpster that goes down. if I think there mite be someone in there I just put a nade in there. I donot know if it still shows you are in the J zone or not. Can someone confurm this or I will check it ouy after work today.
  4. Gain the same type of physics bugs that Iggy is getting. Plus when grenades go off next boxes the boxes seem to hang in the air. Another thing I noticed in the warehouse map if there is a big explosion in the warehouse in the delta zone you can walk into the warehouse and will be raining boxes for a long time. And in shanty town it was quite annoying to see a semi truck bouncing around in the air. There is definitely something wrong with the physics.
  5. I've been playing the game over the past 2 days since I received in the mail. The domination mode is okay even though I would prefer lms, tdm, seige, or CTF. One thing that I particularly have a problem with is I came up behind someone and it took a quarter of my ammo to take person out if they were really truly staying with the old GR format I could've seen between one and three rounds to take them down. Also they need to add in hotkeys to more quickly switch between weapons. More than one time I was in hurry to switch to hand grenades and got a damn smoke grenade. As for gameplay the more people you have in domination mode the better the gameplay is 5v5 on the low end. As for 2, 3, and 4 you kind of wonder around the map taking control of areas and retake control of areas. But this mode will do for a month or so and if the other modes to not come out by then it will probably hurt the game. Another thing about tactical points I still haven't figured out how the game figures what you're tactical points are. Sometimes I get very few points and other times I get 1500 to over 2000 points. Take for instance one-game I got in a good position that I could see most of the middle part of the map where most people come across and I was grenading and shooting people as they came across my position and in the game I was only awarded 350 tactical points even though at the end of the game I had five kills and zero deaths. In this scenario it forced the other team to take the roots on the sides of the map to avoid be taken out by me. This gave my teammates the opportunity to hide pick them off as they came along the sides. This mode in my opinion is best played with large numbers and the team with voip will own the map.
  6. This seems like a dumb question. How do you determine what your frames per second are?
  7. you can not the PhysX software only works with the hardware (PPU).
  8. Oh yeah I am running everything maxed out and the explosions are really impressive but I can't wait to get a PPU it is going to rock.
  9. I have been playing the game with everything maxed out and have had no problems. But I am running duel 7800 GTX cards with 256 megs of RAM and in SLI mode. I want to see what this game can really do when I get a PPU. I love the explosion of the gas station.
  10. I have to go to work that is where my copy is being shipped to. Finished a midterm in my Grad class now I need some stress releases.
  11. I did next Day shipping 49.99+4.12+12.99=67.10
  12. I really hope this is not someone sick joke. It looks like I will be playing the game tomorrow. UBI store is showing that my copy has just shipped today.
  13. HaDeZ, When did you order and in what country do you live?
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