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  1. You won't find an SCAR that isn't a carbine. But, I agree with you, maybe an M14, M21, or M1A SOCOM would be nice to have the accuracy and stopping power. At least something good with 7.62, like a SA 58 or something like that.
  2. ^ That's funny. I have v2.7.3 and it does not have the LCD option. I have a G15 and I really like it. Nice feel on the keys and good lighting. Two extra USB 2.0 ports are nice and the LCD features are pretty neat as well. I haven't found a use for the "G" keys yet, but they might come in handy someday.
  3. It sucks that the system req's are so steep for this game, but, unless you want to be stuck playing a game with old graphics the rest of your life, you'll probably need to upgrade. I had to do it. I saved up some cash and built my own high-end system, and I don't regret one penny that I've spent on it. I know that some cannot do this, but I wouldn't be lying if I said that you couldn't run most current games on a 4-5-year-old system.
  4. I fell off of a small cliff (more like a very steep slope), maybe ten feet, and died.
  5. Try Vid. drivers, then go buy yourself 2GB of RAM. 256MB? Wow that's tiny!
  6. Yeah, its almost necessary because of the enemy AI's ridiculously good aim sometimes. On the Mayday mission, it is pitch black out, and I'm using the MP5SD. I also have night vision and they do not, yet they seem to see me just as well as if it were high noon.
  7. Squares are people not in your squad, the triangles indicate squad members.
  8. Man, I post a topic like this and I get crucified. Good points BTW.
  9. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.06 data\lib\managers\areamanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: activate in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\mission04\mission04.dsf(0) Can anyone decifer the problem. It never happened until I installed the new patch. [Merged into existing thread]
  10. Hmm. On the box it literally says: "...and shoot around corners with weaponry that won't be unveiled until the next decade." I'm assuming they mean the XM-29 OICW if I'm not mistaken.
  11. I'm not opposed to bringing up criticisms about the game to make it better for those that play it. I'm just opposed to the way some are going about calling for changes through boycott, and the direct negative attacks to the development team. I'm not giving the game a 9/10 at all, I never even recalled thinking that, much less posting it. There are changes to be had, and the game can be fixed. As for the game not working on computers, I have to say sorry that the game has high min. req's. If one is going to buy any PC game in the future, they will have to upgrade to some extent: like it or not. It's just the way it is.
  12. I can't figure out how to attack the bunkers on strongpoint. The only way that I could find is to attack the bunkers head-on, definitely not a smart idea; is there no flanking maneuver I could do?
  13. I have noticed that there have been a lot of negative posts regarding GRAW, and not so many positive ones. As for this negativity, it doesn't make me feel too happy that the community that this game was developed for: some of you that have been around the forums since [GR], are completely shoving this game back in the faces of the developers. If I would've forseen this, as a dev', I wouldn't consider adding ghostrecon.net forums to the special thanks list. I'm not condoning keeping the game entirely the way it is, I do think that there are a few things that could be added in a patch to make the game more playable in the long term future. However, I loathe the way some are going about getting changes to the game. A boycott? That doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would make me (if I were a dev') want to improve a game: just so certain people can have it there way (games aren't exactly burger king people ). I would like to see the community continue playing this game to express their good faith in GRIN, that the game will be developed for the gamers that play it, rather than just those that want to see changes made before they even get to experience it. I know how psyched out I was to hear that GR3 was coming back to PC, as the [GR] series was my favorite game of all time, and the anticipation had been killing me for the past few months or so. I'm grateful for there even being a GRAW, and grateful for GRIN's faith in the community to support this game. I'd hate to see that faith lost. -=CCC=- Hacksaww
  14. I've been playing BF2 for the past year, and one of the things I was hoping for better damage effects when you get hit than in BF2 (like in [GR]). However, I'm dissapointed to find out that this is not the case whatsoever. I think that the MP needs a serious overhauling before I can think about recommending it to current BF2 players (which despite its bugs is still a decent MP game).
  15. Top ten things I'd like to see added/subtracted: 1. More weapons for multiplayer. Although GRIN has left it to the modding community to do this, I think there needs to be a couple of additions. I think that Mex needs its own seperate weapons from the U.S. team, for instance, Mexican team can choose from the G36 family of weapons, HK 21e, PSG-1 (the guns they have in sp). 2. More multiplayer maps. 5 maps get boring and repetitive really fast. This is probably my biggest beef at this point with the game, especially when 360 players have 12 maps or something like that, and are getting even more in the summer, while the PC has 5? Co-op or not, 360 would have triple the maps than PC. Needs to be changed to extend the life of this well done game. 3. Anti-Aliasing support. As hard as this is to do, it is still something I'd love to see added to the game. A lot of gamers out there, myself included, rely on anti-aliasing for our LCD monitors that cannot go above a 1280x1024 resolution. It'd definitely increase the immersion in the game because the jaggies get pretty distracting. 4. More multiplayer game types. I like domination and all, but like I mentioned with the maps, the one game type especially gets old fast. I think a search and destroy type of objective multiplayer would be neat. As with number 2, this must be done to extend the longevity of this title. 5. Modding tools. I'm not a modder, but I remember playing mods quite a bit in [GR]. This is crucial for a game whose life revolves around modding. 6. Clean up game browser. I've played BF2 since it came out and we had this very problem with Gamespy at first. Due to the prssure put on by the community, the browser service eventually got better. It is very bad for GRAW though, especially when there is a lack of dedicated servers. 7. Get rid of "buying" weapons. This is a feature that I really don't like. It forces you to use the M8 "vanilla" or else you get no points. What's the fun in using one gun with no attachments in a game that has a lack of weaponry already? 8. Lose the co-op team leader. I don't like this feature because it forces the team leader to stay out of the action or else the game is stopped entirely when he's killed. It's not a fun job either. I think it should be the next remaining teamate picks up the squad leader duties, or just get rid of the duties altogether: making it so that everyone has squad leader functions so they can accomplish tasks like calling in air strikes. If we eventually get a firefight or defend mode in co-op, not having a squad leader would be preferable. 9. Multiplayer skins/facial features. From what I remember, this feature was able to be done since Operation Flashpoint, and is done in the 360 game. I think this is more evidence that game publishers, and some dev's care more about the console kiddies than their PC market, but that's another story. I think it'd be neat to customize your appearance, and I think the server in multiplayer could handle it once we get.... 10. Dedicated Servers. A lot of servers are unplayable and I have never gotten a ping under 80 yet. This problem needs to be (and probably will if it hasn't already) addressed. That's my ten for right now, but there are more, I just can't put my tounge on it. Overall, it is a good game, worth the buy if and only if there is more work done to extend the longevity of GRAW. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful to GRIN to try and make this game live up to its hype and potential, we trust that you will.
  16. GS series cards are manufactured for an AGP slot mobo, if you have a GT already, keep the GT.
  17. Brown is always the first guy in my team, and usually only guy, to get killed on a mission.
  18. I think this is a keeper. Once everything gets going with MP servers and such, it will be pretty nice. The only issue I have is that I have a 256MB card, so I can't get high textures, oh well, time to upgrade as they say (after 5 months of having my 256MB NVidia 7800 GTX ); also, the aliasing needs serious addressing in order to look good on a LCD monitor. I don't think I'll be taking up the cubic yard of deskspace with a high-res 22-24" CRT monitor just to make GRAW look good. Other than those two issues, very fun game, enjoy it a lot.
  19. After being a slave to BF2 for the last few months, you get used to it after a while. It sucks, but you get used to it.
  20. Yeah, if there are no modding tools, this game will get old really fast: 5 mp maps is a pretty big ripoff for those of us that buy games for the multiplayer aspect of it.
  21. I think people give the friendly AI less credit than it deserves. Of course they are going to use their primary weapon most, if not all the time, it's their primary weapon after all. I've also seen them use the UGL's on numerous occasions, and I usually hear a "Kill confirmed" right after it. We all just have to get more and more use to them, and I'll guarantee that once we find out all of their ideo-synchrencies, players will learn to count on them much more.
  22. Now that I've got my drivers for my vid card, the game runs much better than when I first got the demo, however anti-aliasing would be nice for the nVidia cards like mine; the jaggies are an eyesore. Otherwise, I think that the gameplay is awesome. Its not GR1, but that's what I like about it. It gives a new feel on a tactical shooter, which is a nice refreshment from the run and gun frenzy called BF2 that I've been playing for a better part of a year. Those that complain that it isn't like GR1 tactically, I'll reply saying that the army has probably changed its tactics somewhat between the times of GR and GRAW. Can't wait 'til full release and the implication of multiplayer. Good stuff GRIN, I think we can count on you to fix some of the bugs inherant with any new release, but also good things that would come out of a patch or an expansion perhaps? Good game so far...
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