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  1. I love the realism of the weapons. Reloading sequences are as realistic as they really could be, accuracy is correctly modeled, damage is pretty good too. The enemy AI is very tough at points, if not too tough. But, I think it's good that way.
  2. I gotta be honest, I haven't caught the GR:AW bug like I have with some other games- there are too many things from the original that are missing. I know this is an entire new game, but I really miss the features about GR1 that made me want to play it for 3 years. I'm hoping that this game ripens before Quakewars or some other game comes out, so I can savor the fruit of tactical combat that the Ghost Recon franchise offers. I'm going to try to install [GR] on one of my old machines while I'm on vacation up at my cabin, so that I can recollect what I liked so much about the game. Then and only then can I make the decision to stay the course with GRAW, or if it really is time to "abandon ship." I really, really hope that I don't have to board the life boat on this one.
  3. Congratulations for having a developer that got more than 18 months to develop a complete game.
  4. Only ten maps and limited options. Gee, and I thought that the console crowd couldn't get more spoiled. Try 5 maps and one game type with the original PC GR:AW release. You should be grateful that you have a publisher that gives a damn about your version. The favorite saying over at Ubi: "###### the PC gamers, we make more money off the console kiddies." Gotta love it. You guys are also getting 5 new weapons. That's how many the PC version has total (without attachments, of course). I'm not attacking you at all, I'm just bitter towards Ubi. Never buying another game from that publisher again, GR:AW will be my final purchase (thank God that Crytek went to EA publishing- even though they aren't too much better). Back on topic, the DLC sounds a lot like the booster packs from BF:2. Players complained that this new content should be free, and in the case of Euro Forces, it should have been. 3 re-hashed maps with new skins and weapons. No real new content as was the case in the other pack: Armored Fury, which actually deserved some financial compensation. Edit: Replaced "A lot of" with 3. Because, on second thought, 3 isn't a lot
  5. That means the patch is out today- at least that's what my logic tells me. Those must be the Ubi dedicated servers to come out with the patch.
  6. I look on the front page of this site each day: just waiting for the darned patch to come out. If we could get it before I go on vacation next week, that'd be great. But anyways, this is great news, a good start to completing this game. A lot of people are writing this off as a dead game... let's hope GRIN can change that because I'm tired of BF:2. Need a stable MP game.
  7. Touche. Back in Feb/Mar, I was sure I was going to switch to GRAW after release, never to see BF2 again. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
  8. Nothing in the U.S. version though. They have a pretty good staff over at PCG, so I'm not worried that they'll never have a review. A 62% is not an awful score on the PCG scale though. Its not like grades in school- more like the star rating for hotels- only there are 100 stars to be had.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that too. I mean, they reference it a lot in the August issue, but no review? I doubt that they actually have even played it at all, almost the whole staff was at E3 at time of the release, and that took up alot of this issue. I wouldn't doubt seeing it in the September issue though.
  10. That picture is an MSG-90 I believe. It would be accurate for the Mex forces to have MSG-90's, not so much PSG-1's due to reason's highlighted by other posts: (weight, cost, functionality).
  11. I agree with ya Poita. I got GRAW because I thought it would release me from the clutches of the anti-christ EA and BF2, but since the MP is pretty dull after a while, I got sucked back into BF2-which has a more stable system and a tad more replayability. But even then, I don't want to play Bf2 until another game comes out, so, I'd love to see GRAW get a MP facelift.
  12. Maybe this is to be answered in an expansion pack? I dunno, but it did leave me sorta hangin' to find out what "it" was.
  13. Callsign: Hacksaww Age: 19 Game: GRAW, but I haven't been playing too much of it lately.
  14. Have to say that church is my favorite so far. We need more maps, preferably ones not as big as avenues or downtown.
  15. This is true, .50's are only supposed to be used as anti-material weapons. However, the easy loophole around this is that a canteen, helmet, uniform are all material/equipment. Same thing goes with the M2, it shoots at "material".
  16. Hmmm, thanks for clearing that up. Maybe I'll start using the dropdown menu more than I used to.
  17. I like it because it makes it a lot more difficult. However, I wish that my squadmates had the same abilities as the enemy rather than running out into open spaces while taking heavy fire and never bothering to cover.
  18. Very cool! Now I just need a scope on the and a foregrip (with internal bipod: yes, they do exist) on an SCAR, then I would be money.
  19. I think the reason I might want a flashlight would be to travel through semi-dark spaces on a daytime map. For instance, I think having a flashlight would be more efficient than having the entire screen "greeened out" when walking through a 10 meter long corridor. Plus, a flashlight won't have to be turned on and off to function in dark/light environments: I could walk through the corridor with the flashlight on, and leave it on when I walk outside, and turn it off when I'm ready to. Also, the flashlight would be an attachment like a GL or a sight. For instance, it would have an effect on stability with it on. This is just a thought, maybe more attachments in the game altogether would be nice. I really wish I knew how to mod.
  20. Yeah, if you go through a mission with the team just following Mitchel, you won't get as many points as you would if you use the tac. map to plan out movements and such.
  21. I was just wondering what everyone thought about the GRAW storyline, especially how things developed toward the end and whatnot.
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