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  1. The landwarrior is an ambitious concept, but I don't see the need to network every soldeir to the rest of the force. I can see having each squad leader having this system equipped, but not every soldier, it is just too much crap that gets in the way for the ordinary rifleman. However, I found this line to be the most disturbing from the first article: "Videogames, even those with "Tom Clancy" in the title, aren't known for their realism..." The article goes on to say how [GR] was realistic, but that line hit a nerve in me.
  2. Wait, that looks a lot like an M21 or an 14. Cool!
  3. I know, but after the first GRAW on PC which I preordered (that was a freakin' HUGE mistake), I'm not going to get my hands on it until it has proven itself. But, that's me.
  4. Save your money and don't buy either... that is until people that bought the PC version of the game say it is a good one. Otherwise, you're just feeding the Ubimonster.
  5. I'm going to say that player customization will not be in GR:AW2 PC at all. Since we play on the PC, we can't have fun features like that- it is out of the realm of possibility.
  6. I'd say that it is unoficially delayed at this point. Ubi won't care to inform people of the delay until we start whining for a demo- which will begin in about 1-2 weeks time. I'm going to say August 07 at the earliest, but after the first outing of GRAW, I'm a pessimist. 2007 is looking out to be a potentially fantastic year for shooters that wasn't (due to delays).
  7. So, acording to his "Bio", he's been a captain ever since Island Thunder? That was set in 2009, correct? Still, by 2013, he should've been promoted. I don't care, really.
  8. Didn't an article say that the PC version will be getting all of the same maps as in the 360 version? I thought I remember seeing that. If that is the case, I can't wait to play it!
  9. http://www.pcgamer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22497 Does anyone agree?
  10. Ubisoft will not see another penny out of me. And PC Gamer gave this game an 86%??? I call bull****.
  11. I wasn't being too serious when I was suggesting that this thread should have its own forum. That comment was primarily out of my enthusiasm for this game, not so much that the topic needs expansion. However, I do think that this thread will need to be expanded in due time.
  12. Good article, but nothing that we didn't already know.
  13. +1. I'm a little curious about GRAW2, but not as much as I am about this game. I know that word of this game is spreading like wildfire (it's starting small, but growing larger by the day). This Thread needs its own forum.
  14. Sorry for the poor image quality, but what are these guns that I saw on a screenshot? I can't tell if they are something new or just pistols. Any thoughts?
  15. It'd be neat if there was a Firefight SP and MP mode where you can choose the map and what time of day to fight it on. That'd be a step in the right direction.
  16. Yeah, I was thinking some sort of Joint Task Force (possibly the rumored Task Force 20) myself.
  17. I'm still somewhat skeptical, but if this isn't a Ubi-inspired preview, then I am a little bit excited.
  18. Anti-Aliasing, but I doubt we'll see it judging by the screenshots, in which I can see (what I think is) smooth-edging.
  19. I don't really mind having the M-8 in game, other than the fact that it will be a gun that I will not use. The look is sort of neat, but I would have preferred an M4 instead of it. I have other weapons I can use though- I guess it just feels tacky if I equip it.
  20. The M-8 is back.... ...too bad, I was hoping that would die off with GR:AW.
  21. Here's something I posted on a different website's forums a while back. I have some tweaking to do with it, but the basic ideas remain the same: Type: FPS/MMOFPS Setting: North America (mostly U.S.) Time: Near future (2010's) Story (FPS): It kinda goes off of the "Red Dawn" sorta feel. You are a U.S. citizen, going about your everyday life. One day, a foreign force invades the U.S. via the Mexican route to split the country in two. As a civilian under attack, you and a platoon-sized group of men form a guerilla/militia group to disrupt communications and supply lines in order that the regular military forces can defeat the enemy on the fronts. As the campaign progresses, you develop relationships within the group, enough to the point of being emotionally pained when members are KIA. You also develop certain skills: over the campaign, you develop better aim, more stamina (faster run or more carrying weight), and the ability to perform new tasks: explosives, medical assistance, fixing weapons. You would also acquire "better" weapons as the time progresses. At the start, the player is equipped with basic, civilian-available weapons: pistols, semi-auto rifles, hunting rifles, basic dynamite for explosives. As the time goes on, you acquire surplus munitions and weapons from regular army stores, as well as the enemy weapons: limited and basic automatic weapons ("old" M16A2's, M-60's, M249's), claymores, grenades, and C4 as explosives, and basic anti-tank weapons: LAW, SMAW, Old TOW and Dragon missles, not so many fancy attachments and toys though. And, once your "platoon" begins to be in contact with friendly regular forces, you get the regular army weapons and equipment. The ultimate goal in the game is to help drive the enemy forces out of North American territory. That's the basic gist of it. Story (MMOFPS): This is the multiplayer installment of the game, much like how CS is the multiplayer component to the half-life series. Your character functions more like a mercenary: you are solitary, until you join a clan or group up with other merc’s. You roam through this world: probably an island about the size of a small state, and perform tasks for a side of an ongoing conflict between two nations. For instance, a mission for Army A requires you to go into an Army B outpost and destroy a communications tower. Problem is, other mercenaries are being paid by Army B to defend that communications tower. If you succeed, you get money. If you die, you spawn at an origin point: a town or city on the island somewhere, and have to find a new mission to do. The weapons system in this game is sort of different too. As a mercenary, you start out with vanilla weapons: plain, “standard issue†assault rifles with no attachments (M16A4, AK-107/108, SIG 552, G36, Galil MAR, AUG-A3, F2000). But, as you accumulate money, you are able to buy more weapons: pistols and SMG’s for secondary weapons, more sophisticated rifles and carbines, light machine guns, shotguns, sniping rifles, and attachments for your weapons. You would also be able to buy better gear such as body armor, magazine pouches, and camouflage for sniping work. All of these having real pricing, and that money comes from doing missions for either army. Generally, realism is the key to success in the game in all aspects: weapons, movement, injury model, and sound.
  22. Just add a few of the weapons used by today's forces such as the M16/M4 and your list is perfect. Yeah, an M16A4 and an M4 would be fine (the HK416/417 is like them, but an improvement on the stoner design in that it uses a gas piston rather than direct).
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