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  1. Whatever--it's repetitive, not necessary and grows old real fast. Thanks for the contructive assistance and invaluable insight. Geez somepeople--sigh!
  2. Whenever the mission fails during COOP MP play, you restsart in the helocopter and get the briefing again , and again , and again ---to infinty. Once is plenty. Please fix it so that your restart in the drop zone rather than in the chop doing the intro movie--it's really most annoying. Thanks
  3. Stay away from them! It takes them weeks before they release the D2D patches. If a patch is released for this game, you will have to wait until the D2D patch is released, you will not be able to use the one from UBI. Case in point -CIV IV. The D2D CIV IV owners were complaining on many CIV IV forums about the delay. They mentioned it happens with other games also. Go to the store or have the true retail boxed version mailed to you.
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