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  1. My few major desires for MP: First and foremost: related to the earlier comments about the gimp, I'd like to see the return of a tactile and substantial bullet impact effect; arguments about realism aside, it gave value to careful firing over high volume firing. Hopefully this might cut down on the number of simu-kills, although some of that is probably net issues. Also, it would theoretically remove the irritating phenomenon of a sniper killing you with a single shot while you're pumping them full of AR rounds. I wouldn't mind more damage/round, to bring things back to the one-shot, one-kill feel of GR1, but I'd settle for the above. More of a movement penalty for sniping + more of a static bonus for sniping and support weapons; whether this is a bipod function, I don't know or really care. But I'd like to see the sniper rifles require a little more effort to use and the support weapons have a little more presence in MP. A robust voice comm system in the game; 3rd party comms are great, but having an easily-accessible voice comm system might really engender more teamwork. I think of TF2 and L4D as examples, although they are admittedly different kinds of games. Also, a mute player function. Regardless, I'm excited. Time to start planning my next upgrade.
  2. Everyone, of course, has weapons or weapon options they'd like to see added into GRAW2 (cough, cough, M14 with red dot, COUGH,) but I'm curious as to which weapons people are actually using, especially in comparison to what they may have used in GRAW, or even GR. Hopefully, this can be helpful to everyone, as sometimes, weapons have a very specific good quality that's easily overlooked. For instance, I had long ago written off the RX4 in favor of the M416 (I didn't like the 'loose' feel of the RX4 at all when firing on full-auto) but recently discovered how ridiculously accurate it is on semi-auto and now use it almost anytime I opt for a rifleman kit. This would be a great poll, but I'm just a lowly member. Coming from GR, to GRAW, to GRAW2, my general tools of choice were: GR - 7.62mm carbine (or FN FAL or whatever it was) GRAW - SCAR-H with foregrip, scoped depending on map - coming from GR, I missed the '1 shot, 1 kill' feel and felt that that H had more stopping power, making it for feasible to use on semi. GRAW2 - RX4 (for reasons mentioned above,) or the M8 assault kit. The SCAR-H fell out of favor, as GRAW2 feels even more forgiving in terms of damage. I don't snipe very often, but when I do, it's the M14, all the way, as I like the sound it makes when I miss people.
  3. You, sir, are insane. I mean that as a compliment. Very cool. Scary, but cool.
  4. This was mentioned during GRAW1, but the patched effect was fairly negligable. I don't need limps/bad aim/bleeding effects or even knockdowns, and it's not simply about realism; as 'immersive' as it is for everyone to be going full auto, there should be a reward for taking careful aim and squeezing off accurate shots. Given that single bullets won't even cause someone to twitch enough to throw off their scope, much less kill them, is contrary to the concept of the genre. Snipers taking multiple hits from AR fire and then landing kill shots is just . . . silly, as is having full-auto face-offs, something that's increasingly common in the GR series games, as of late.
  5. I can understand people's displeasure with 'Fort' and 'Nowhere;' I've seen matches into one-sided nade and/or snipefests on both. Both maps are, to a certain extent, unforgiving, but I think whether that's a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion. I'll confess; I'm not all that good at sniping. Sometimes I'll pick one up just to deal with a camping sniper, and half the time I do that, he'll still tag me first. I used to loathe 'Nowhere' for the very reason that a competent group of snipers holding the lower area can effectively bottleneck the upper spawn area; I do think that this zone makes the map somewhat unbalanced, as I've seen the lower-spawning team win MUCH more often than the upper-spawning team. But the thing is, if a few people go assault, and use smoke effectively, and if the team collectively figures out the importance of holding that lower area, incredibly fun gameplay can be had, with a kind of organic HH situation occuring. Of course, that's all reliant upon your team actually realizing what's tactically important, and not just running to the nearest chokepoint to get gunned down. I'm debating whether map design in these type of games should take into account that kind of mindless gameplay, or aim to cultivate more organized play (as I think the more 'unforgiving' maps do.)
  6. I'm less than thrilled about the return of kits, but I appreciate a stab at balance. Still, I think some thought about various restrictions like what BMage mentioned would cover all the bases. Other suggestions: 1. Lose the 'secondary' weapon slot - have a rifle and a sidearm. If you're going to use something with a scope, then settle for a G18 if you need to aim in CQB. Am I the only one who finds the whole "rifle and an SMG" loadout a bit silly? I have no RL experience in this, maybe some of the RL soldiers can chip in, but this seems like a lot of weight to carry. 2. Allow for user-made kits to be saved as premade options - some of us might have eccentric kit combinations -it would be nice if we could save a few of these to quickly access in any MP game. 3. Attenuate the differences when certain mods are added on - I think there should be a real advantage to running w/o an underbarrel GL. Maybe this isn't realistic, but balance-wise it could be a legitimate mechanism. Maybe your time to bring up your iron sights is faster or something. With GRAW1, it seemed like some of the differences from mods were negligable. In comparison, in RVS, almost every mod have a tangible effect on a weapon's performance, for better and for worse, and there was a much higher degree of heterogenity in what people were using. Still, inevitably its a matter of opinion, although I think as a balancing mechanism, predetermined kits are the easiest, and 'coarsest' way to go.
  7. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents of positivity towards GRIN for a great job on GRAW2; they've managed to actually accomodate some of the demands of a fairly discriminating community while saddled with a dev who seems hellbent on demolishing the product at every turn. I'm thoroughly impressed. (Hand clapping sound.) Being a professional critic, I feel compelled to toss in my mini-review . . . THE GOOD: Graphics and sound seem improved over GRAW (I upgraded machines in anticipation of GRAW2 and it's paid off) RoE is back - huzzah for stealth More guns - who doesn't like choice? MP maps are great, so far (except 'Nowhere' . . . god****ed snipers) RVA - Great gamemode An attempt to balance the weapons in MP (see below) THE NOT-SO-GOOD (putting in these critiques in anticipation of GRAW3, which I'm assuming will be just about perfect) Everyone still seems able to take several hits without batting an eyelash, much less staggering and having their aim thrown off. It's body armor, not a mech; even a 9mm is going to knock a sniper's scope off-target . . . bring back the bullet impact effect! An attempt to balance the weapons in MP with kits . . . .noooo; bring back the custom kits! Better yet, let players save their kits for easy access. I can appreciate the idea of balance, but I think it could be accomplished by restricting certain combinations rather than dictating kits as a whole. Still, I've seen less tubers running around, so I think things are kind of on the right track. As it stands, some of the kits are just odd . . . an unscoped M14 and a scoped smg? I just want an M14 with a red dot or ACOG . . . is that so wrong? Basically, though, I'm loving this game and have a feeling that it's going to suck up all my free time. Good thing my girl's out of the country for another few weeks. Once again, wtg GRIN.
  8. I just don't get Ubi; nonetheless, I will be buying GRAW2 ASAP, (a) in support of GRIN, and (b) because the demo picqued my interest. I almost listed the inclusion of the M14 as ©, but GRIN, you guys need to allow a red dot or ACOG on the non-sniper version in MP; come on, now. Still, many thanks for the email addresses at Ubi corporate; there are plenty of articulate, passionate GR fans who frequent these boards, and not to be pessimistic about the future, but everyone should hang onto these just in case Ubi does something else senseless in the future. Not that I think that would ever happen.
  9. Yeah, I'm a dolt . . . NoQuarter hit the nail on the head, thank you, guys.
  10. I'd just like to find this else from someone else who has the Gold Edition installed; I fired it up after installing, and I have no option to select either of the expansion pack campaigns, although I found the subdirectories for DS and IT in the GR install directory. Do I need to complete the original campaign to unlock both of the expansion packs?
  11. I don't think Forrester's objection is as much about city versus country as it is about realism versus expedient map design. Those fences have no basis in reality; they're pretty clearly there to serve as cover, and not much else. Is it a nitpick? Yeah, probably. Does this community tend to let anything slide with regards to realism? Given the high percentage of forum posts that are arguments over the relative effectiveness of different bullet sizes, I think it's fair to answer "no, not really." Those fences are to GRAW what random gigantic wooden crates are to almost every CS map; an easy, generic way to break up open spaces. It's just about keeping the level designers at GRIN honest--if I wasn't a total MAWG I'd say it was about keeping it real, but that'd just sound silly.
  12. It's an old sceenshot that has been photoshoped. Or where you sarcastic? i honnestly don't know (dutch state of mind i guess) just that the GREEN does look strange and who got paid to do that photoshop work anyway ?? if there is a change in uniform i would like to know more, and if it is just a fool with time on his hands *DON'T CONFUSE ME. STOP CONFUSING ME WITH THOSE PHOTOSHOP SKILLS !!!!!* sorry i had to vent The camo has changed, regardless, apparently; I heard a mention of it in one of the dev. diaries posted on gamespy. I got the feeling that most of what was being shown was console material; still . . . anyhow, here's a link: http://media.pc.gamespy.com/media/862/862426/vids_1.html I believe it's the one on the left, "soldier of the future." I, for one, am glad to see the color palette of the game expand a bit beyond the yellow spectrum.
  13. A big "Hear, Hear!" to Peace's suggestions, and one of my own. A max/min player population parameter that could be applied to any map within a server's rotation. Any given map would only load if the server was populated by an amount of players between the maximum and minimum number dictated by the server admin. For instance, a server populated with 20 or more players could be made to avoid rotating through some of the smaller maps, such as Hollow or The Cape, and vice-versa, a server could be made to only rotate through smaller maps until more than 19 players joined. By applying a max/min setting to each map in the rotation, you could potentially avoid having mindless nadefests when 32 players go at it on Hollow or having the server empty out when 8 players are suddenly dropped into Downtown. Granted, there are situations where one likes overcrowded, chaotic games as well as slow-paced stalking games, but I've seen plenty of servers lose steam and players when the map rotated to one mismatched to the number of players on.
  14. The problem isn't that I can't get onto a server, but that I consistently can't stay on one past one map. This morning I had the exact same thing occur on BDA and TAW's servers.
  15. I've been getting this message quite a bit, lately; not sure if it's after the latest patch, but it's fairly consistent, now. It occurs at almost the same time, every time. I join a server, either play or don't play through a map (i.e. I may sit it out on deathcam,) then, when the next map is joined, I'll get D/C'd and get this message a few seconds after starting the map. I usually make it halfway across the map, then I'm out. SPECS: P4E 3.0GHz 865PE chipset ATI X800XT All-In-Wonder 256MB 1 GB DDR 400 XP Pro SP2
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