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  1. Good idea to release another hotfix so the multiplayer is even more playable.
  2. F I N LA N D WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took us 40 years to do it but finally its done and hardrock halleluja btw
  3. Thanks GRIN for making the hotfix in so short time ! I'm one of those that are looking forward for the MP patch .
  4. Start -> Run -> Type E: and then autorun.exe Should start working.
  5. I also had that problem when playing F.E.A.R. Never got it solved tho
  6. Same here mate. So far I have only used Add Reply .
  7. Since everyone don't speak french, could you read THIS and tell us more about your clan ? - Cheers
  8. 1. AA 2. More weapons 3. More MP-maps 4. Anti cheat 5. Demo recording
  9. If you didn't notice, Xfire doesen't support GR:AW yet. Just mail to Xfire about this once the full game is out and they will work on it.
  10. I don't think Craig has the charm and ego to be real bond. Ofc he's a good actor but as a bond ... don't think so .
  11. Lighten your wallet ← And will also make game loading times shorter.
  12. Would like to be in your pants. My copy is coming on 6th to the store where I ordered it from .
  13. Awesome idea. Wonder how you can actually implement this ? Or can you just drag'n'drop the map to the other screen ?
  14. Do you mean actual tournaments with money prizes ? I bet there will be once the game gets patched and popular. And are we talking about GR:AW ?
  15. The demo is wonderful, thank you boys ! Remember to bring us a whole bunch of photos .
  16. When will people learn there is GRAW Tech Support forum. Moderators have to move like 10 topics per day since some people cant read .
  17. I'd say no. They both are directed to whole different enviroments and with own elements. And I think to most of the people the question goes, if you got the hardware.
  18. Didn't find this kind of thread from the frontpage so I figured it was time to make one. Here is things you should include in your clans thread: - Which game are we talking about ? - Clan name ? (place it on the thread name if possible) - When was the clan created ? - How many members does your clan currently have ? - Have you got any previous experience from clans ? - What your clans main goals are ? - What kind of players are you looking for (age,nationality,eye color, etc.) ? - Other important information. For example, if your clan has a game server its always a plus.
  19. Well seems that you are not using it, hmm.. try to look at the configs in Ati control center, there is plenty of different options to choose from. I believe you will find out why it keeps crashing from there.
  20. Can you tell if you are using PowerStrip ? I had the same problem with counter-strike: source while using that program .
  21. There is already a topic for Demo Movie(s) and it can be found Here
  22. Lucky son of a .. Can you spoil if there is anything new in the full version that we didn't already know ?
  23. Feel sorry for you mate, but: its almost summer, so get a summerjob and earn the money to upgrade your pc .
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