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  1. Ah i see, sorry i dont think AA comes with editor so im not sure how your gonna convert em
  2. I take it this is the Unreal engine sound thingy. Load up the editor and open a sound package, and i think u can export them as .wav's
  3. Well its proberbly certain that GR2 is gonna be made, but i was intrested in what GR fans actually want next. Ghost Recon 2 or another Ghost Recon expansion (Like just 1 more). IMHO i would prefer another Expansion, just 1, for a bit more Ghost Recon loving fun How about youz ?
  4. Monsiuer Mono ? I demand an update on this lovely valentines day
  5. You should get SWAT 3, should sort you out with everything you need to know (And its only £5 - £10 )
  6. Bah sorted it, the names needed to be in lower case
  7. I got SOAF and Ghost Recon together for £20, sabsolute bargain
  8. I have set it alllllll up correctly (No_Restrictions.kil etc with all my kit names in it), it shows up for selection on multiplayer, but when your in game, it reverts to Kit 1 of the selected class. Any ideas ? Tis really getting on my nerves
  9. Ah ok, as long as your not rushing it
  10. ###### h0t m8 More more more tbh And whats happening with that "Lost Thunder" (Thats right isnt it ?) Rogue Spear map conversion ?
  11. Gool old rainbow six geezer As for maps, i will try my hardest to get/make a decent map, but i cant promise nothing
  12. Some people had been wanting a urban type mod in another post, so i thought id best show what im doing atm There is still far far far more i need to do but here are some screenies WARNING : 1024x768 Screenshots MP5A3 Sop Mod UMP 45 USP 45 Silenced G36K Glock 17 Here is the Support, Rifleman and Demolitionist in Urban gear. The Main Menu Screen Im still working on a urban sniper, but it would really help if anyone could give me some pictures/info on what they look like heh I am also after a mission maker if possible to make some quick cqb missions (Sort of like the ones in Rainbow Six). If you want to, please email me at OglesbyP@Hotmail.com . Hopefully, i will do all the enemies in urban too, otherwise it will just be the multiplayer characters. The mod is far from what i want it to be so its done when its done (And not for a while ). Hope you guys like it
  13. I might start a new thread soon showing some screenies if ya intrested, plus info on what i hope to get into the mod
  14. Im actually making an urban type mod as we speak Not much is done yet but im hoping to have a ###### loada weapons, hopefully get a mission maker in (For some quick CQB type missions ) and get all the enemies kitted out in urban gear (Gonna be tough). I might post some screenies up l8er, but the mod still is very wip
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