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  1. First off let me say I have played the GR series since the first demo appeared. Thats ages ago. The original GR brought a new and exciding experiance to gamers that they never had before. I remember the addrinilan rush of playing. It was fun. The graw series was fun. Even though Grins complicated engine was a buzz kill for alot of folks, we still found some fun factor in the game. Lets face it, Engine limitations prevented alot of what we wanted in game, and lack of updates and map packs killed the rest. But, it was fun and still is. Its not that we want a hardcore tactical FPS gaming experiance. ARRMA 2 proved that. Took to long to play. Nice game but it required to much time to play. Was it fun? Not really. The graphics made for a poor experiance and the clunky interfaces and over done control setup made it a clunker to most. Notice I said most. So what im saying is what made GR a great game was fun factor and content and modding. During the GRAW series devolopers got into content protection. This is ours and we must protect it mentality. Made for a short lived game experiance. Companies like EA and Infinty Ward are starting to understand that content is king. They also understand if they can control the purchase of the game they can allow more modding and can provide more game content. So whats UBI doing? UBI decided to not keep the GR series at the for front of gaming. Instead they chose to use a formula that worked for another game. Namely Gears of War. Bizzard Entertainment did a remake of an old formula StarCaft, that millions boaught. So why cant UBI reuse an old formula to revamp the old GR series? Because we dont fit into their customer model. Marketing says this person is the person we want to market to. But the biggest problem, no fun factor. No adrenelin rush from UBI games of late. With new tiltes from EA like BF3 that bring a whole new meaning to fun, dont you even say "you cant be tactical in BF3", dont go there because you dont know what tactical is, in the first place. You can be both tactical and use tactics. This is fun. The reason you wont get the original GR is because UBI is not fun any more. Plain and simple.
  2. Sorry to hear Grin.......I wished you could have finished Graw 2 also.....
  3. So, will it be as hackable as all the other games that use UE3?
  4. Your right about that Forest. When Graw 2 came out not enouph peeps had hardware that could handle it. People are beginng to come back now as tech catches up to the game. That was Ubis fault for overdoing it in the beginning. Yes they dont have 4 nades. Thank God. And yes its limited in the numbe of players that can play at one time. But that makes it cozzy. COD4 is a great game and fun to play. At least its not hacked to death yet like the old one. I say come fight like a man. Bring your weapon and put up. LOLOL. Honest play with a honest amount of lives.
  5. Ahe you guys are still pushing that game and demeaning your bread and butter. If,,,,BFS releases the game in 09, In march or so , a new Ghost Recon will amerge. I really hope they do it. The game looks great. Unreal engine? That aint going to cut it. Not unless the turn off the bunny hop.
  6. We still hold inter clan skrims. Come over and post and our skrim guy will st it up. And might I add. I played [GR] from the beginning. I wont go back to it. Graw 2 is a mutch better game. Heck its almost like [GR]. Sorry, I hear you guys keep pushing that old hunk of junk. Get over it. A new one is on the way and you wont be satisfied with it either. If you are still playing [GR], and that aint a bad thing, you might step into the future here. Graw 2 is great. No it aint [GR]. But neither will be the New Ghost Recon. Nade spammers unite. Go play [GR].
  7. Yes that would be ping. We had a cheater tonight. He used a multi gl hack. A silenced weapon hack. See through wall hack. Among others Im sure.
  8. Its anumber of things we have found. Lag, if a players lag is high he gets the benifet. Graphics to high, your computer cant keep up with the players actual position. Weapon your using,MRC is great if you always aim for the head. Remember they do have armor on. Try single shots more. Try pistol upclose all the time. Head shots. If you spray and pray, This game dont have the best balistics ya know.
  9. Try turning your enviromental detail all the way down. Your not going to get the game to look that good with the video card you have. You are memory limited. Your proseesor is fine. its all in the video card. I have a 7950 gt and I still play multiply with everything off or down. Enviromental details will kill ya. Plus in multiplay it needs to be ugly so you can have the fastest FPS as possible. This is particurly true with multiplay. Turn off shadows, Dynamic lights ect. Untill your comfortable with the outcome.Check out this tweek sheet. http://www.tweakguides.com/GRAW2_1.html If you want to play like Graw was ment to play, come check out our server. We dont allow spawn killing(That means know gl or nades into spawn, no firing into spawn,we try to give ya a exit stradigy then its up to you), we allow GLs and we try to play as tacticly as possible. We ban cheaters. You can be sure no EBDA member cheats, unlike some clans. We train hard and play hard. We are a good bunch from the old [GR] days but we are still kickin it in Graw2. Get on our ts server and chat as you play. Be glad to have ya. We mainly like to have fun. http://www.elitebda.com/
  10. Yes, I know [a] body. Thats just not right.LOLOLOLOL. I hope that pentagram burns your forhead.LOLOLOL
  11. I think it comes down too how much money they want to spend on that title compared to what is in devolpment. Also since EA bought into Ubi,Was that a agreement to have Ubi Dev its titles to be more consoul friendly and keep EA FPS titles on the PC?Does BF2 translate well to consoul?Is this there way to hedge the market while keeping titles strong in there respective areas?Does this translate down to Support? LOL.
  12. K then.Lets asume that UBI has a great marketing Dept since this viral is redirected to GR site.So if we read into that it must be a GR game.That said.With all the rumors of the new GR due out in 1 year and 5 months now,one would have to say it is related to GR.Rumers of another dev house working on a new GR surfaced last year.Grin has also stated they are no longer developing anything for the GRAW series.But,that dont mean they arent doing the new GR though.Or are they.Ubi now has the code for Graw2.How hard would it be to reskin,repakage for a new GR.Wolfy said 1 man could do a map in 30 days.Thats not including all the new objects that would be drawn for it since the new one is suposed have no urban settings.But could it be a expansion pack for the Graw 2 series till they can get Ghost Recon out the door?For the 360 it would be a complete new game.For the PC it could be a expansion.Would Ubi have such forsight to foresee a need for such a game to keep the title going untill the release of the new GR title?
  13. If you look at the screen shot,The add for Graw 2 looks strangly new with some words under it, I dont recognise the building in it. \ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v630/blu...ry606/graw2.jpg [Edit: Oversize image changed to URL - Please see Forum Rule 3.14 Large Images]
  14. It seems everyone has given up on the GR series.I havent.I know a new Ghost Recon is in the works.Im sure it wont be perfect.What game is.Its going to be a long wait.I still play the game.A few do.Its still fun ,it still has issues,more since the patch.Thanks Grin.But,We keep chugging along.White,you havent played since early last year and you continue to post in the Graw forums.Somehow that dont seam right.All Ive heard is Graw2 is no longer supported.Wolfy has been coming out with mods to show that it can be done,with time.Guys are making maps.Its still alive.It just requires time to get it done.Graw is dead.Hail Ghost Recon.Yes Graw is done for.Lets all say a prayer.Amen.Ok that might have been to short,But.I think everyone has said there peice on the issue of the Ubi forums.Moderaters gave it there best shot.Ubis games will never be perfect with at least 20 differnt video cards,untold cpu combos,ECT.It aint happening.Its all just a Conspiracy.LOl.Heck if everyone gets there way they will do away with the Cpu and switch to the GPU.Untill they come out with a keyboard and mouse for the xbox360,We will still get a few games.If we can make graw work on our computers we are still advanced gamers.LOL.
  15. Thanks for the Hud info.If you could direct me to the chat and kill screens would be very gratefull.If theres a post or web page that explains it would be nice,thanks.
  16. Gr is not a niche.They are deving up a new GR that will not have the Aw behind it.It will take 2 years.It will not include any urban maps.Will it be on the PC?We will see in 2 years.Or 1 year and 9 months now.
  17. I seem to remember a tweek to the xml file for making the chat window and ect. Transparent.Is there?
  18. Personaly I think vista is like ME just a transition.They have a new File system in the wings also.I think.I would have already upgraded to vista along time ago if I had a PciE video card slot.Im in AGP land still.Dont really see that changing for a couple of years.LOL.Since I dont live in the PAST.All my old games are in a box in the closet.Except for [GR].I will continue to live without the DX10 effects and vista.Without the File system there isnt that much change.Except for ultimate.
  19. You will be old and gray before that game ever sees the light of day if ever.
  20. What is with UBI always releasing Graw stuff on the 13th everytime????? Bad luck I guess{for the game}.LOL.
  21. As in only on the XBOX 360 Or Game in general????
  22. Is it true? Is it true that the new Ghost Recon is in development?? Notice I left out the Advanced Warfighter. I guess it will be left out .A year and a half away??? No Urban maps??? Anyone seen these rumors?? Maybe we can go back to the forest again to run with the bunnies.
  23. I like Jade.... <deleted> Shes a very atractive woman.Shes in the spot lite.She'll have to get used to it. EDIT: I thought I would let everyone see the real JADE Sorry Im alittle late to the party here.I keep her picture on my desk....lol.....Just kidding.My wife would kill me.So I keep it in the filing cabnet.....lol....Just kidding.
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