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  1. Problems is on the hardware manufacturer when are they going to release a hardware that could protect our investment say like 5 years. One hardware if release 2 years ago can still take head-on easily for games like Crysis/FarCry 2. The technologies is there but it will go back to $$$ sign and we consumer always had to pay for the price. "sorry for my bad english too"
  2. I am. My version it said v1.3.542 or is there any latest updates?
  3. whoa!! nice video indeed. If you guys talk about fav mission, mine will be at 1st place is "death from above" controlling the gun from the AC-130 Gunship and that sniper mission, Price with his Captain.
  4. That "Sparta" look very familiar. I will check it out once at home
  5. Ok i have just finished playing the SP mode. Now im playing the MP. Must say that the MP is much better than Crysis and GRAW. So which server name do you guys always connected to?
  6. u cant attach grenade launcher on the shotgun. U can only attach it on NK assault rifle and SCAR and the grenade launcher is available once you found one
  7. awesome!! it will keep us occupied for a while What do you guys think of the VTOL? hope in the coming game we can fly the jet
  8. Yeah i bet Crysis 2 is coming soon. The way the story ends tells that sequels is coming. The game story is too short, you guys can bet that more sequel is coming. I bet crysis 2 or 3. Did you guys see the alien hunter/scout in the air? I think the aliens has start the invasion. My fav level is the core (love the zero-g) and paradise lost. I feel somewhat more like the marines fight the alien in that alien 2 movie. The VTOL and the mini-gun and tac gun hahaha!! nice game!!
  9. Thats weird? i have finish the game twice. Now im playing again in delta mode. Never once that i encounter this kind of problem. What specs u have there bro?
  10. i never saw an M99 blow off a wall when shot enemy hiding behind it. I hope in the coming patch they will do something about that.
  11. Hello Lightspeed, after trying the SP demo i will join you playing this game. The game look very promising.
  12. Are you in the military? im asking this becoz ur taking arabic.
  13. Think they've stop already supporting the game? well havent seen any of them in the forum. Replying anyone posts.
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