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  1. The above instructions will fix anyone's problems that run an nvidia card and have lockup issues where they can still hear sound in the background.
  2. Had similar problems, I grab'd the coolbits registry entry to add the extra options to my NVidia display properties.. changed the "max frames to render ahead" from 3 to 0 and it started working great.
  3. I'll start off with the basics I guess. Check your processes and see how many you have running, ~24 is ideal, if you have over 40 this could be a big problem. Check your registry settings in the windows\run folder, eliminate everything you can. Run anti-spyware software like ad-aware and the microsoft one. Uninstall any programs you don't run anymore. Uninstall all your drivers via the control panel then use those 3rd party programs from guru3d.com to remove the registry settings,.. reinstall the drivers. Seems to me like something is conflicting, thats why its restarting, if none of this works, you can always back your stuff up, reinstall from scratch install only the neccessities = drivers and gr:aw and see what happens. Good Luck.
  4. That nvidia fix, for the force renders to 0 was the trick for me. No more lock ups.
  5. My specs: Abit motherboard, have to look at the actual model when i get home Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz 1 gig ddr corsair nvidia (want to say PNY) geforce 6800 GT 256mbs Audigy ZS2 Windows XP Pro I will also try and update my 4 in 1 drivers to see if that fixes my issue. The "Max Frames to Render Ahead to 0" done in the graw data folder? or in the nvidia settings somewhere? Not at home to look at it right now to find out myself. Ok just found it online: 1. Download CoolBits (this is simply a registry fix that opens some of the hidden options in nVidia's control panel) 2. Go to DISPLAY PROPERTIES -> ADVANCED 3. Go to Additional Direct3D Settings 4. Change "Max frames to render ahead" from 3 (or whatever it is) to 0.
  6. I have an Audigy card and it recognizes it just fine, EAX on or off makes no difference. I guess I can try switching it to hardware or software mode and see what happens...
  7. Ok, I've been scouring forums left and right and I have seen the following: If you have an NVidia 6800 GT card you get a video lockup problem. Where your screen sits in a screenshot-esque mode but your audio moves along just fine. You can actually still play the game but you can't see anything. Every 6800GT user I've seen has this problem. This is definately related to the video card and perhaps the drivers. I'm at work for a real long time tonight so perhaps someone can try using a really old driver and see what kind of effects it has on the game. Other then that I am out of ideas. I've done everything under the sun, uninstalling and reinstalling everything you could imagine. If you have this NVidia card and get this problem, let us know what you did to try and fix it. If you have this card and you don't get this problem, please post the driver version of your video card and your audio card please. Thanks, GHOST_Trout
  8. using the following p4 3.2 -HT on 1 gig DDR400 Abit board NVidia Geforce 6800 GT 256mbs - using beta drivers currently Audigy ZS2 All drivers from what I can tell are updated to the latest possible. I ran single player fine for quite a while after I reinstalled, once I started trying to get vent and hamachi and a lan game going again it started all over.
  9. Didn't fix the problem by the way, jus took a little longer. Been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and redoing lots of settings, still haven't found a fix. It's not always a sky now. My screen just freezes after about 10 minutes of gameplay. I would say its my video card overheating but I can play 10 minutes nonstop back to back to back.. if it was overheating it would be less each time i started the game up. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. The only thing that seems to work is for host to disconnect the game then immediately recreate and restart the game again with same ppl. For some reason like 50% of the people get black screens at the weapon loadout panel on the first load.
  11. Took off "Toggle Zoom" which I like to use... but it seems to have fixed the problem...
  12. For some reason when I zoom in around the 20th time or so in a map I get 3/4 of my screen = sky and 1/4 of my screen = black. I can still here my guy doing stuff i.e. reload, go prone.. but I can't see it. Using a Geforce 6800GT 256mb, 1 gig of ram, 3.2 ghz p4. Using latest drivers or the beta drivers produces same results.
  13. Best practice is to take what the auto detect gives you, play the game, get a feel for it, then up or lower the settings depending on your fps in that 'default mode'.
  14. I believe I've also read somewhere in my forum searches that the ded. server files were in the future. It wouldn't make sense for them to alienate a lot of hosting companies.
  15. Will there be any tools like UnrealED or anything similar for the community to make their own maps? Thus providing more life to the product.
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