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  1. Hi All, This is the TDM version of the Strong Point Mission 04 map. I have not changed anything except 1. Added the spawn points and areas for TDM 2. Placed barriers on the map to reduce the map size. Hope you like it. Of course, the map was created by GRAW, all Kudos to them. Obmanta Please view it here http://home.earthlink.net/~tobmanjams/ Download the file here: here
  2. Thanks Desmond22, I just wanted to do whatI thought was the proper thing which to me was to ask. Sort of felt uncomfortable using something you guys put alot of effort into. Thanks again, Obmanta
  3. Well Done Viiper and BDA, New modders placing a high bar in modding. Obmanta Teach me Viiper Wan.
  4. Well Done Viiper!!!! Nice sounds and experience. How did you make the fog? Obmana
  5. you cant get the diesel files back into 3dsmax, you can only get models from 3dsmax into diesel.but only with max 7, no max 8 plugin available yet. Ah, so I create the ground in 3dsmax and then would export it out? if I wanted it to be 20 X 20, I would make the ground 20 X 20 in max? Am I thinking clearly? thanks, Obmanta
  6. I have been trying for days to get something from graw 20 X 20 grass into max. I don't even know what files I would use. Can anyone help me figure this out? BTW, I cannot find max 7 that is why im attempting to use max 8 thanks, Obmanta
  7. I've already released a version of the map as a Domination map.... I figure according to the license UBI owns everything created with the editor anyway, how is reusing those resources any different. If you haven't read the license agreement for the editor and want to complain about it, start another thread (i.e. don't hijack this one). I don't like stepping on other peoples toes. I want to do things the right way, so I ask. I figure the last statement wasn't meant for me and I agree with Alex don't flame. Obmanta
  8. Hi all, I an 3 days away from changing the Mission 04 Strong Point map into a Team Death Match map. I have removed the scripting needed for the map and have left everything else. I have also sectioned off extra areas of the map to make it a little smaller for use in TDM. I do not feel comfortable yet about releasing the TDM map unless I get approval to use it. I want to make sure I do things right by them. So...... Grin, can I use our map and modify it only for the purpose of creating an TDM, DM, and Domination versions of it? Rocky and or Grin_Wille, I know you guys are on here alot. Let me know if you think there are any other channels I need to go through for this to happen. Thanks, Obmanta
  9. Excursion, I have found the answer. Thank you Uhntis for showing the Texture_scope information in your Landsacape and Textures thread. . Strong Point (Mission 4) Team Death Match will be ready for downloads I hope by 7/28/06. thanks, Obmanta
  10. Hi all, I have been able to load misson 04 into the editor but when I attemp to export it I get yellow and blue squares. Any ideas on how to get rid of these? Thanks, Obmanta
  11. Does anyone know how to get rid of the landscape squares showing up on the terrain? I cannot get rid of these. I have tried just about everything I can think of. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Obmanta
  12. Thanks Wille, An truely thanks to you and all of the Folks at Grin for being so responsive to the whole community. It is like a shot in the arm when you guys answer on here. Obmanta
  13. Hi all, This is a smaller version of my Rail Yard map. This still has all of the features of the orginal version. This is a Domination style map. Take a look at it you migh like what you see. My Webpage Obmanta
  14. Nope justthe props themselves. If I place multiple props togethere for an example a fence, I want to copy multiple sections of the fence and paste them somewhere else. That would be a very time conserving utility. Thanks, Obmanta
  15. Hi all, I am trying to select multiple props at the same time with the cntl key per Wille's statement but can't. Anyone else haveing the same problem? thanks, Obmana
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