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  1. Urban maps with multiple levels, to slow down play some. most importantly, maps that would allow you to go in buildings-any of them, at least to some extent. This would open up a variety of new tactics that could, if added to existing maps, breathe some new playability into them.
  2. Good : The graphics, and the (few) maps they gave us. Bad: Some controls glitches, some of the graphics glitches Ugly: The "fantastic speed" of some of the AI, lack of weapons to choose from
  3. It's also a great game to "mess with." For example, take any random co-op map and try to play extreme run-n-gun. Sometimes the AI doesn't know how to deal with it and will do some crazy things, like packing twenty plus rebels into one thirty yard long alley.
  4. In co-op you can adjust the number of respawns. I think you have about ten different varieties. You have to make a custom game type to allow it though.
  5. It also seems that I can lock down most of the levels relatively easily. Maps like Old Town, Treasure (sneak skills to the bridge, then mow them down), Rocky Cove, and Fishing Village can all be kept under control and have a pretty high degree of control. Once I die, however, some of the rebels have a mini-track meet while I'm spawning to completely rearrange themselves. I wonder how predicable the rebels are? I'm playing co-op elimination, FYI.
  6. At least now I know I'm not crazy.
  7. I agree- there is less available cover in some of the maps. I think there's a greater possiblity of a team finding those choke points or forming a strategy that relies a little more on the RNG factor and being successful. Don't flame for the RNG viewpoint, it's just my observation. One glaring exception to my arguement- Wharf. Team objective or team elimination on that map provides plenty of cover, most notable the part of the castle that overlooks a large portion of the wooden planks. One sniper and one guy watching the only entrance can eliminate almost all the opposition, while two other players complete the objectives. Great cover.
  8. I'm new to these forums, but I've think I've found a home for my GR:AW fixation. My buddies and I get together weekly for MP, usually team elimination and territory. Through playing close to (I'd estimate) 3,000 games, I've noticed that sometimes the bots will move with superhuman speed. Call me crazy, but it seems that there's no timing at all to some of the bots. Say for example that you're shooting at a group of them down the street in Old Town. One of them darts up a side alley to flank you. No problem, you think- I'll just cut up the block and head him off. I'll be three steps into the interception and here he comes around the corner, POW! I'm dead. He's managed to run darn near triple the distance that I did in the same amount of time. I realize that it is slightly possible that it's a different bot entirely, but we've tracked the phenomenon using some of the other players. and that flanking bot can pull a Carl Lewis when he wants to. Has anyone else noticed this? I swear I'm not crazy....
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