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  1. What weapons are gr2?I really hope its more then 6 guns this time around.
  2. So they did add a auto download new from server feature?Or am I reading it wrong,Iwould love to play new maps.
  3. Patch was leaked i guess its on a torrent im getting it now,unless its a fake.So i thinking by 6pm eastern time we'll see new patch on fileplanet.
  4. I know new patch is adding maps and mp modes but will there be fixes and tweaks to game play and server browser?And will there be TDM&HH map editor included in this patch? Its 8/2/06 is patch coming out today? By the way its 102 degres here new patch would cool me off lol.
  5. Wow I almost forgot I had GRAW lol Hope this patch is worth the wait.
  6. I didnt want another GR1 either but I expect to have more MP modes and guns and options and anti-cheat and maps like the 360 version.I mean not having a death cam poor MP browser very little guns to choose from and map just makes it a 20$ game. MORE MAPS MORE GUNS MORE MP OPTIONS MORE ANTI CHEAT MORE MP MODES AND Decicated SERVER FILES DEATH CAM is so needed for no resapawn servers!!!
  7. The lack of players is the lack of MP game types and options and deciceted servers files and anti cheat, so much is still missing from GRAW MP that theres no point in your clan to play online when so few maps and guns and crappy broswer with no options.And cant have our own server and have control over to kick or ban cheaters. Its been said many times over this game is not finished.So why would anyone who was a GR1 freak play it online. Just hopefully by x-mas game will be done and released all patched up for 19.99 and get some TvsT action going again. Till then GRAW just sits on my harddrive waiting for next big MP patch that will hopefully bring us back online.
  8. Should i down load the TDM mode and maps cuz I dont want it to screw up game so I have to reinstall it again.And are any servers running this maps or mods?Since game browser sucks at giving us any info on servers.
  9. Yes DEATH CAM is needed please!!!Game feels so 90's without it.
  10. What I thin is that most of us know this wasnt going to be GR!, but what we do realise is that most of what made GR1 such a great game and widely match and played for 5 years is that we had a tons of options and guns. I mean come on the lack of maps and guns and MP mode and coop modes is what made GR1 so fun to play.I dont mind playn in city streets so much but there so much missing still.I dont dont care about GR1 anymore played the crap out of it time to move,but GRAW is missing what every MP game has. 1.Deicated server files for us, not gamespy only crap(kick and ban ect..) 2.Deathcam and spec mode (most of us really hate that its still not in game!!) 3.Guns more then 6 main guns we dont care is they suck but just makes useing them more fun. 4.More coop modes more MP modes 5.More then 7 maps total is sad i mean in 1 hour you play same maps 10 times and for DM 20 times or more. 6.Kit rescictions for nade and nade launcher at least since we dont have many weapons anyways. 7. Better server bowser 8.Beable to download maps and modes from server 9.Gives us deathcam so servers will run no respawn games cuz no 1 like watch score board for 5-10 mins they just leave. These options makes GR1 better any game for that fact. Theres 30 players on our team cant play cuz so much is mising still to make game worth.playing
  11. Shouldnt be in there spawn in 1st place bad game play.
  12. This game needs Spec mode in a bad way.Are they ever going to add this major feature to this game? Who wants to sit and watch a score board for 5 mins?Cuz you got spwan camped for 5 time. I so hope next patch gives us TDM,spec mode,more guns and maps and server files. One fix needs to come fast that is invaild cd-key error then get dropped. This patch show grin is working hard but lack of spec mode just sucks. Hope they have time to give us 8 TDM maps and spec mode and news guns and Decicated files since most bugs and changes have been in this patch. Cant wait till next patch.....
  13. Did i miss when patch is coming out? Still no word on dedicated server files or new guns and only 3 maps i was hopen for 6 maps.I just hope TDM has more then 3 maps in next pacth. But all the fixes and stuff they added sounds great more then i expected.Now I cant wait for next patch,just think by dec 2006 we'll have a finished game WooT!!!
  14. You 360 GRAW players are spoiled f'n brats!!!!!You getting alot of new stuff,even more guns!!All us PC players are getting is part of in unfinished game that adds DM and 2 coop maps no new guns and crap like you guys are getting.So just be happy you have a good finished game and new stuff already.
  15. I didnt mean you add spec mode in.I mean GRIN needs to do it.If LMS dosent have spec mode after you die, god will it be one boring 5 to 10 min wait.
  16. "The engine is unoptimized"do you mean GRAW and if its not will next patch fix the bad FPS most of are getting even with a 7900gt?Will it be included in june patch?Cuz this one of the main reasons i dont play graw so much online.
  17. Guess that was done before BO got fed up and left. COME BACK BO HACK What happened with BO?He got fedup?With us?
  18. This is why graw is more of a run and gun game because hit boxes dont work rigtht.A head shot is a head shot if it kills you or not your vision should get messed up or not beable to aim straight. I dont care if we dont have gimp but something should happen to us when we get hit rets bloom, need some kind of sound effects that where r getting hit that radio static dont work well at all.
  19. No this game needs spec mode always had it.Any thing is better then looking at score board for 5-10 mins thats gets boring.Plus I like watching others play and how they play.It can always be turn off in matches. Who doesnt like watcing your team mate get owned by some noob (lol).I hope they add it the MP modes.
  20. So patch fixed bug when someone dies there butt sticks up in the air.
  21. Will this patch make it so when you die and respawn your dead body disapears?Cuz bodies build up fast and kill performce.
  22. 1. MP mini map,make it so squads are diff colors to stand out more so we stick together or meet up. 2. If your going to make us buy weapons can you add a save gun set up for quick buy. 3. Did you not have time to add more guns?Or is this all were getting we are ghosts arent we trained in every gun even ememy guns?This one reason why I love rainbow6 game the load of guns to use since we would never beable shoot any in real life.Its just fun to use diff gunz and learn all there weak points and recoils. 4. More maps go hand and hand with more guns mix it up small meduim and large maps would rock. 5. Make its so your teammates cant push you out of your cover. 6. A better server browser with more options like whos playn on server what maps are playing players pings if its decicated or not. 7.Can you move chat box to bottom left haven center top get in way of view exp when you have a big gun in your face. 8.Please add spec mode for non respawn servers alot more people would play dom if we didnt have to stare at a score screen for 5-10 mins when dead.(no head bob if you do add please)
  23. I'd be happy is someone made that bug into a spec mode option dont you think?Snice we dont have spec in DOM with no respawns lol.
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