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  1. Like most of you, I've spent a great deal of money building a top-of-the-line gaming rig. Under no circumstances will I purchase another game which does not fully support wide screen gaming. Glad to see this issue is being addressed.
  2. LoL, I didnt know that thats some Yep, we are having the same problem too from time to time. One dude with a social disorder can bring down an entire server in minutes and make everybody leave the server and some leave the game for good. Simply tweak your server settings XML to limit the number of TKs a player can commit befor e they are kicked.
  3. Funny, I have that same thought every time I visit these forums!
  4. FYI, the "correct" way to update video drivers: 1. Uninstall in windows via control panel 2. Reboot into Safe Mode 3. Use a driver cleaner program 4. Reboot into Normal Mode 5. Install new drivers.
  5. Thanks viiiper, I'm still on the 84.56's, will try the .66's this weekend
  6. Yes, these are BETA drivers...you can see them all at http://www.guru3d.com. Specifically: 87.25 / 87.08
  7. Has anyone with a dual core setup tried the new beta 87.08 or 87.25 ForceWare Drivers? Supposedly, people are seeing a nice little FPS bump with GR:AW...
  8. I wouldn't count on it...it seems to me that this would be a very involved process.
  9. Yes it will work (~50-60% improvement I'd say), yes you need the exact same card (for now). You just need to setup a custom profile for GRAW under the nvidia settings.
  10. That's good news, somebody else will get to enjoy the game at a significant discount.
  11. We have one of our guys experiencing the same issue.
  12. Review is fair, game definitely needs some touch-ups...but man what a start! I'm in the camp that is happier they released an unfinished game then wait another month for a more polished version. I'm having a blast with the MP and COOP.
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