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  1. A group of 5-6 of my coworkers enjoy playing GRAW on Xbox live, but we've pretty much exhausted any entertainment we can get out of the co-op games. The other night, we tried our first foray into PvP action and were somewhat disappointed with the group creation mechanics. There were five of us and we wanted to get 3 other people from Xbox Live so that we could have some 4-on-4 team elimination action. However, it took us a substantial amount of time to actually create the game. One of us would host the game, invite all of our friends, but by the time we could all join, a bunch of other people from Xbox Live would swarm the game and fill it up before all of us could join. Is there any way to create a match so that only our friends can join it, and only then open it up to the rest of the world?
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