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  1. I thought the demo was out only and not the full version??....Did I miss something? How did you get to play the full version?
  2. play.com just changed their date from 26th of June to 6th of July so apperently they know something that we don't! http://www.play.com/Product.aspx?title=325...ed+Warfighter+2
  3. mirrors: http://mirror2.computergames.ro/hdd/demo/G..._PC_MP_demo.zip http://downloads2.computergames.ro/hdd/dem..._PC_MP_demo.zip Getting 1.35 mb/s from these links myself
  4. Well I reserved it aswell and in my download manager it says availability Wed. June 20th 2007, and insist on checking only once every day. So whats the point of reserving the demo through Fileplanet if they can't even update their own download manager for release today. that is if they intent actually to release it today as they announced on their frontpage. This way it wont check again until tomorrow and the whole point of reserving it with their download manager is that it will check continuasly on release day but since it's set to 20th of June there it wont download it instant when released. Really silly if u ask me.
  5. Ahhh another one of the "I didn't get a GR1 with updated grafics" cry babies"!!! Honostly, get over it. Game is great as it is. Does it need improvements? yes it does. Will GRIN listen to what issues/improvements could be done?. I got no doubt they will. Honostly this is getting tireing to listen to all the kids coming in claiming cause THEY played Ghost Recon 1 they are the self proclaimed expert on how this one should look right out of the box. No game is perfect on release, GRIN did what they saw best in their eyes when they developed the game, but that doesn't mean they wont change how things are in the game if people as a general think it needs a change does it? How many patches did GR1 get? correct me if I'm wrong but even GR1 was not the game it is today when it was released. Just cause you remember GR1 in what way and you might have gotten a surtain set of tools out of the box with GR1 doesnt mean you wont get it with GR:AW in it's updates. GRIN has said updates/improvements will be made including Mod tools, so what else can you ask for? You could have gotten the game with no after support what so ever. Would that suit you better? I suggest you go out with a few friends and enjoy your youth insted of letting petty things bother you like it's the end of your world you didn't get "EXCACTLY" what you want out of the box? You can't really be that naive to think that would happend do you? Dawn
  6. I belive GRIN already said that editor/mod tools will not be included on the dvd on release, but that they will release them a few weeks after initial store release. Dawn
  7. I run the demo at 1900x1200 with everything as high as you can set it, plus all the file-tweaks - and i get a smooth, high fps. I'm starting to think that ATi has some serious performance gains over nVidia in G.R:A.W DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR AMD A64 FX55 ATi X1900XTX 2GB of OCZ'z ← ` Blah blah blah "I get smooth FPS". Then how come it runs like ###### on my SLIed 7800GTX 512MB and my FX60 ? Guess what ? 30 fps with dips to the low 20 IS NOT SMOOTH for a PC game. This game has a poor engine, and IMO, nothing can fix that. Just like FEAR's engine is uber trash. Still, I guess if they give us an option to kill HDR we might gain some perfomance and get rid of the jaggies. As of now, 1600x1200 looks like 800x600 cuz of the aliasing galore. ← Sounds more to me like you have a much more serious problem which unfortunatly GRIN wont be able to help you with!!. It's called "Badly configured computer" you can have all the most expensive hardware you want if you don't know how to configure the computer right it will still run like ###### and that goes for all game that is high demanding. Hence why you seem to think both GRAW and FEAR is ######ty engines. I have AMD64 4400 1 gig geil extreme NVIDIA 7800GS And I have everything in xml set to high and running at 1152x864, and I have NO mouse lag, NO stuttering, and no slowdowns. People are often first to knock the game, when in most cases Ive seen it often comes down to people not knowing how to do a prober setup computer. Ofcourse saying that will not get me anything but flaming from you now, since those users rarely also admit that would be the case. Same users oten see them self as computer experts above all others. I see it all the time when I need to configure computers work related. You would be amaized what ###### people put on their computers and unnecessary things running that does nothing but slow it down. Often also it ofcourse comes down to people simply not knowing what hardware is compateble with what hardware. Alot of people go out and buy cause they read a good review of it or whateverr reason not knowing how that part actually work together with another part in the computer. Anyway....I could talk all night about that...gotta cook!! Dawn
  8. I can 101% confirm there is no option to set AA, and it cannot be forced in the nVidia Control Panel. Running two 7800GTs in SLI and 84.43 Forceware. There is also a mention in the readme file, that forcing AA might cause corruption on textures. For a new game, the jaggies look terrible. If it wasn't for the HDR and Physics engine, I could easily mistake this for a game that came out years ago. ← Set AF to 16. Removed all jaggies I had Dawn
  9. With AF set to 16 ingame I have no noticable jaggies. At least not any I can spot. Dawn
  10. Best drivers and also latest drivers are these: English only: ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/84.43/8...p2k_english.exe International: ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/84.43/8...ternational.exe I have everything running at max setting by editing the xml myself and game runs smooth as silk on my 7800GS 256mb Dawn
  11. There is no option for AA in the xml, You playing the same game as us? There is an option for AF but not AA. I think your mixing the two together. Besides, you have a NVIDIA Card and only a handfew games uses the HDR programing that makes it possible to use HDR and AA at the same time for NVIDIA users. GR:AW ain't one of them. Thats why he is asking if any ATI users have tryed it and how it looks. Dawn
  12. Well no, I never claimed it would increase your game speed, but it WILL make it run smooth like you noticed yourself without stuttering or anything. Dawn
  13. Ahh thats actually good news, cause that makes it sound like it's a GRIN engine problem and hopefully GRIN can issue an update then. Cause normally ATI owners wouldn't experience this problem with HDR games. Dawn
  14. There is no differnce no matter if you set AA to 4 or off in control panel. It doesnt work with Nvidia. Dawn
  15. Ok guys, you will all think what does this have to do with me I don't have an AGEIA card. But it does!! Seems the AGEIA drivers supplied with the game is of an older date and they somehow conflict with the game engine if you dont have a AGEIA card so here is what you do. If you still have the little AGEIA icon in you lower right taskbar, double click on it and choose the tab "HELP" press check for update and it will take you to a page showing latest AGEIA drivers v2.4.2 Download and install them. Now you game runs much smoother. P.S If you closed the AGEIA icon in your taskbar just go to start menu and start and press the system tray icon and you have it again. Dawn
  16. Download "snapper". Has an extremely low footprint when running in the background of a game and takes exelent screenshots. download from here (it's freeware) Install it, and run it and set the path where you want your screenshots......Start GR:AW and play. When you want to take a screenshot press the "PrtScr" key Then upload your screens to imageshack and post link here thats it Dawn
  17. hehe, yes that would be the summerize of it BUT...I still havnt seen any of the ATI users come out saying AA works for them. I would still like to hear something from the ATI users on this issue Dawn
  18. Dawn ← Ah, good info thanks. So this earlier post you made is not so correct? Seems like Nvidia can't make there minds up! ← Yes earlier post IS correct. Nvidia only had HDR working if HDR was programed in a specific way. And that wasnt even possible until the 78 drivers they came out with. The problem is that most developers use the other way of programing HDR(maybe it's an easier way) so 90% of games that come out today with HDR is not nvidia AA friendly. I prefer nvidia cards to be honost, but in the HDR case ATI seems to have beat nvidia since they incorporated it into their cards already in the right way. Nvidia announced some time ago that they wont be using this way until the 8 series arrives. Which should be around the same time as Vista comes out. Dawn
  19. But I can, that's what I was saying so it is possible to have HDR and AA. ← If programmed the right way yeah like explained in above post. But most games today still use the not friendly Nvidia way which is proberbly why you dont see any change. Its not like you cant enable it in options, you AA just wont have any effect. Can any of the ATI users shed some light on if they get true AA when enabled in their display properties? If they do then that is the case, if not then something is fishy with the GRIN engine. Dawn
  20. I hope they do it soon (in the retail game), cause this game REALLY needs AA. ← Or they could reprogramme the HDR using the method explained above to make it work with nvidia cards. But I doubt that will happend since that would be a major upgrade of the engine. Dawn
  21. Here is a copy paste from a post on Nvidia card forums. Seems ther eis a way to get HDR working with HDR on Nvidia cards if the HDR is programed in a specific way. Here it is: Dawn
  22. It is you r mind playing with you. If you dont belive do a bit of searching on the net. It's been beat to death by many videocard sites about the no HDR and AA with Nvidia. I cannot be done and will not until the 8 series appear. Dawn ← Doesn't Tomb Raider Legends have HDR? I get FSAA on that. ← Tomb Raider only have HDR on if your playing with "Next Gen" enabled. Which I doubt since most ppl get 5 fps with that enabled. If you have Oblivion, then try starting the config tool in the start menu for that. That tool will even tell you if you have HDR enabled then AA is not possible with Nvidia cards. If you have an ATI card it wont. It sucks but it aint GRIN's fault, its Nvidias. Only thing GRIN can do about it is let us turn off HDR so we can enable AA with our Nvidia Cards. Dawn
  23. It is you r mind playing with you. If you dont belive do a bit of searching on the net. It's been beat to death by many videocard sites about the no HDR and AA with Nvidia. I cannot be done and will not until the 8 series appear. Dawn
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