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  1. I'm happy for you guys who got it working to your satisfaction. I did not! Actually, about AA. It was pretty stupid leaving out the option to turn it on and HDR off. And yes, it sure has potential! It's all about the retail now because I've given up on that poor demo. daztrek You're right!
  2. Are you ALL on crack? Check this forum and over @ .com. What demo are you talking about? GRAW gets 7-8/10. That's hilarious. 2-3/10 maximum. * no coop / internet * no antialiasing * really bad fps * changing weapon is pathetic * jaggy graphics due to AA bug * graphics looks flat and grey * prone bug / really annoying * sound issues * texture setting high only with 512MB * you have to tweak .xml for some users to get it to work * several have bluescreen etc... etc... PATCH THE DEMO ALREADY! PS. Don't blame GRIN, we (community) made them release the demo before it was finished!
  3. So, The FPS is choppy and slow already, 15-40FPS and when GRIN gives us AA option it'll increase??? I don't think so... Is it HDR that makes the FPS choppy even with new gfx-cards?
  4. I'm with Wakkaman on some of the things he says: It FEELS flat all over actually. Wierd. PATCH IT QUICK! And again, "switching weapon" control is so damn slow. Why why why?
  5. Anyone confirmed this? Sounds great Dawn if it works.
  6. Been there, done that. Didn't work with 7800GTX.
  7. CPU: Pentium D920 (Dual Core 2.80GHz, 800FSB, 2x2MB Cache Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX, 256MB, not O/C, Driver: Nvidia ForceWare Release 84.21 (single card) RAM: 2048MB Dual Channel DDR2 533Mhz (4x512) HD: 250GB SATA boot, 2x320 SATA-USB (no raid) Soundcard: Audigy 2 ZS Monitor: Samsung @ 1024x768 (auto detect settings, NO AA) Windows: XP Pro SP2 I've played a couple of hours, tried lots of settings and can't get more than 30-50 FPS. It drops sometimes down to 20FPS, jaggy graphics due to NO ANTIALIASING. Not even when I try to override using Nvidia utility I get AA. Graphics look "old". I have to say I'm not too impressed with the demo. Most because of the graphics. The GR1 feeling IS there, I was too busy changing my settings to notice earlier. Hopefully this problem with AA won't occure with retail version. The most annoying thing is when on the ground and you try to fire a shot under a car. You can't aim low enough... this MUST be a giant bug!? AI awesome, sound is great. I prefer without music. It's too "arcade" with music in the background. My expectations? I can't really say this early. Annoying: * FPS, what's up with the 15-45FPS no matter what rez?! Not even without any AA?! * Jaggy graphics, stuttering fps, really bad graphics, why why why? * Prone bug * Switching weapons, way too slow * Strafe and throw nade, switch to running. All too "slow" * The movement feels way too slow. Hopefully a real soldier is more "versatile" * I do NOT like the peek left/right around corners feeling I do NOT like the fact (lol) that I can't get any ANTIALIASING on my brand new computer! GRAW ownz! (soon) Did I mention AA?
  8. You can't get AA with newest Nvidia drivers. I'm at work so you guys could test some of the tweaked once @ guru3d.com and when you finished the testing just let me know! Good luck! Could anyone from GRIN please pretty please tell us what's up with the AA on Nvidias?
  9. Well, going to work now so Rocky, when I got back home you've solved this problem for me Many kisses, Korven PS. The game IS awesome!
  10. Me and 2 friends get no antialiasing and the demo looks really bad! Anyone solved this?
  11. I got 7800GTX and it runs as an elefants ass! Without antialiasing pffff.
  12. I've tried that. It's NOT possible on my 7800GTX. The game looks like s*** on Nvidia cards without antialiasing. Jesus.
  13. I can't get antialiasing to work either and graphic lags with 7800 GTX @ 1024x768.
  14. I've played for one hour. Negative: * No, it does NOT feel like GR1, more like BF2. * The way you crouch and back is so damn slow. Annoying. * Switching weapons, grenade a pain in the ass. * Menus and "GUI" not good. Why not stick to GR1's. Still unbelievable good. * I WANT TO TRY THIS GAME OVER THE INTERNET. LAN?!?!?! Positive: * Maps looks alright. * It's Ghost Recon. * It's a demo so full game will rock?
  15. It's the demo alright! GRAW_PC_demo - ZIP archive, unpacked size 540Â 569Â 496 bytes Wahooooooooooooooooo!
  16. SO, that means no demo for us this week. ###### the world!
  17. I'd be happy to help you out with the site Dawn! Graphics, coding, anything... My MBC remake for Source engine OMG OMG OMG, I want to mod, map, texture... OMG OMG OMG.
  18. I doubt the dev team need all personel for fixing a bug. I think the coder will do that and the rest of the team, hopefully works on the expansion.
  19. Details about GRAW demo: Bo Andersson In english: When we release a singleplayerdemo it will also be a co-opdemo... Information from GRAW FZ preview @ GRIN
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