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  1. GRAW is hardware-wise among the most demanding games i know, but it's also (along with oblivion) the most beautiful game i've seen, surpassing HL2 and BF2 by miles.

    Surpassing HL2 and BF2 by miles. :rofl:

    Man, you better check yourself. The only "proof" that GRAW looks better than BF2 is when you look at the early screenshots released by UBI. NOONE has managed to produce that kind of screenshots. This game is still a complete mess and in June I will check out the patch. Hopefully it's a major patch. Just look at the MP part of the game. Jesus.

    GRIN really needs to step it up. Big time. :thumbsup:

  2. The rendering path in G.R.A.W is very different from most games in that it appears to make extensive use of multiple render targets (MRTs). (This is where one draw operation can write different values to different surfaces.)

    The DX9 spec doesn't allow multi-sample AA when using MRTs and our hardware requires that all of the destination surfaces either have AA or not. This means that in order to get AA in G.R.A.W. we'd need to have lots of AA surfaces and perform a ton of AA resolves. The end result would be slow and require much more texture memory. It's not 100% impossible, and I'm not giving up on the possibility, but there is no playable solution right now.

    From .com.

  3. Peolpe like you don't want a new game, basically you are just wanting an expansion pack for the origional game. I think GRAW is an exellent seqeul to GR 1.

    Bang on Mate!

    I've said before: original GR is unique. That IT feeling is something we may never get again from any game ever! Listening to some of the comments about how GR:AW isn't GR etc... is a bit sad because GR:AW is a great game in it's own right and for my money, is as tactical as the original GR. Sure, you can't switch to different team members to control their actions, but you can't do that in real life as far as I know either. I like this game a lot. And it will only get better if the Devs & community supports it the way the original was supported (and still is!).

    I like all forms of gameplay (SP, Coop & MP) and cannot think of a single game (shooter, at least) since original GR that I played for more than a few days. I think GR:AW will change that.

    Someone said this demo was linear but I feel the city maps in the original were more so. You want a good example of linear, go to Lockdown! Every building was one big corridor with 1 or 2 opening doors and stairwells that went where...? NOWHERE!!

    Bring on the full release!! :o=

    Hey. There is NO full release. Period. GRAW is as finished as Duke Nukem forever. Get it? :whistle:


  4. Mod GRAW? *sigh*

    We are talking 1 year of patching of GRAW and maybe, just maybe it's worth mod, mapping for. :blink: I doubt they'll fix this one, sorry guys. Those of you who say "the game is awesome, bla bla" haven't tried full retail. It's a complete mess! I know!

    They should be active ON this forum and working on the patch. Not chasing tight ass senoritaz! :o=


  5. Neither did I.  Most competitive gamers with half a brain leave it shut off when they play because it sucks up framerates like nothing else.  Sure you can crank it up when playing ancient games like [GR], but any new game that pushes hardware limits generally requires that you leave it off to maintain a decent framerate anyways.

    Ridiculous. Have you checked the benchmarks from modern video cards in the past 2 years? 2X AA is basically "free" with most cards these days, even midrange cards with modern titles - it certainly is on my 7600GT. I can often get better framerates with 1024*768 4XAA than I can with 1280*1024 no AA, and again that's with recent titles. It makes a huge difference in visual quality - even 2X AA.

    Here's the problem: The screenshots recently released before the demo had high-quality AA. Gee, why was that?

    Did you think that's one of the reasons people are a little upset now? It's simple: DON'T RELEASE DOCTORED SCREENSHOTS. People were wondering why the PC version doesn't look as good as the 360 version (which even at this point is debatable, even without AA I don't think GR PC looks bad, it has some advantages over the 360 version), then suddenly these "new" screenshots with lovely AA appear that look significantly better. "Phew!" cry the owners of $500 cards.

    Well, too bad for you - that was marketing. I expect by now we'll see some doctored screenshots for the older consoles, there were always 1280*1024 released shots of say, the new Jak and Daxter for the PS2 that everyone knew wouldn't look like the final. But this is quite new for PC gamers.

    It's simple: Don't lie. Don't put out bogus screenshots, and you'll at least be able to not lead people down a garden path. I understand that as developers, you may not have had any say in this and Ubisoft requested downsampled screenshots, but it's damn annoying nonetheless. When I see the description of screenshot, I expect to see an actual screenshot. Really, is that too much to ask?

    As for "PC hardware can't handle it": Funny, sounds like what the developers of Oblivion said. A scant what - 2 weeks later? The "Chuck Patch" appears for ATI cards. To be more accurate: "Our implementation of HDR does not support AA. Yes, we release ATI X1000 cards can do FP16 blending with AA and Valve figured out how to support it with all PS 2.0 cards, but we went a different route that shall remain a mystery".

    There ya go!

    Awesome post. Thank you!

  6. Hope you're enjoying your time there in Mexico.

    Any comments on the AA-issue?

    Ok, I'm not going to turn this into a Q&A thread, but I'll comment on this one thing, since so many are whining about it.

    AA and deferred lighting (which is used in GRAW) are not compatible. It's a limitation of PC hardware, not the game.

    desmond, "not compatible". That's not the answer I am looking for.


  7. Why they choose HDR over AA is beyond me. It lookes terrible without AA. Guess it was a UBI decision.

    Oh, and there's no difference between the demo and the full game.

    Check UBI released screenshots. AA is clearly activated on those or they have used Photoshop to make them look good. :angry:

    Give me AA! :o=


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