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  1. Surpassing HL2 and BF2 by miles. Man, you better check yourself. The only "proof" that GRAW looks better than BF2 is when you look at the early screenshots released by UBI. NOONE has managed to produce that kind of screenshots. This game is still a complete mess and in June I will check out the patch. Hopefully it's a major patch. Just look at the MP part of the game. Jesus. GRIN really needs to step it up. Big time.
  2. And BO said something about giving us some tools before anyone finished the game?
  3. This is interesting Anyone with retail who can try changing the values?
  4. Bang on Mate! I've said before: original GR is unique. That IT feeling is something we may never get again from any game ever! Listening to some of the comments about how GR:AW isn't GR etc... is a bit sad because GR:AW is a great game in it's own right and for my money, is as tactical as the original GR. Sure, you can't switch to different team members to control their actions, but you can't do that in real life as far as I know either. I like this game a lot. And it will only get better if the Devs & community supports it the way the original was supported (and still is!). I like a
  5. Mod GRAW? *sigh* We are talking 1 year of patching of GRAW and maybe, just maybe it's worth mod, mapping for. I doubt they'll fix this one, sorry guys. Those of you who say "the game is awesome, bla bla" haven't tried full retail. It's a complete mess! I know! They should be active ON this forum and working on the patch. Not chasing tight ass senoritaz!
  6. This isn't good! It feels like you want to puke all over the keyboard when playing Domination. Something is really wrong with the view. OMG OMG OMG. I WANT TO "ZOOM OUT" A BIT. HELP ME GRIN! HELP ME!
  7. Stop smoking. The full game is exactly as "ugly" as the demo. NO AA! WAKE UP!
  8. Ridiculous. Have you checked the benchmarks from modern video cards in the past 2 years? 2X AA is basically "free" with most cards these days, even midrange cards with modern titles - it certainly is on my 7600GT. I can often get better framerates with 1024*768 4XAA than I can with 1280*1024 no AA, and again that's with recent titles. It makes a huge difference in visual quality - even 2X AA. Here's the problem: The screenshots recently released before the demo had high-quality AA. Gee, why was that? Did you think that's one of the reasons people are a little upset now? It's sim
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