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  1. I only play the game on 1024x768 with an 19' CRT monitor. Dont need to increase that personally.
  2. Glad to hear! One question, can you tell me if the air support in SP is always available? And not in just certain missions?
  3. Thanks for the link Ben Can you tell me the specs of your PC please? And also how much FPS are you getting?
  4. For those who are already playing GR:AW full version / demo on high settings and are getting decent fps 40+(?), can you reccommend any great videocards? I currently have Geforce 6600 with 256mb and Im looking to upgrade, Im able to spend £250 roughly. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  5. Is the Physx videocard as a whole $250 or do you have to have a videocard already that supports it? If so, which cards support it?
  6. Im up for co-op. Any servers that arent full available?
  7. Damnit! If that was the case I never would've cancelled the order at Amazon (where it was also alot cheaper!) Not cool ubi
  8. When you zoomed into the enemy that got killed, his eyes were still blinking lol!
  9. Get on hamachi. network: coopgraw pass: graw
  10. Anyone co-oping on hamachi?
  11. Awesome, downloading beta now. Thanks alot!
  12. Bro, I didn´t even start to download the demo yet (waiting for more servers). lol I just try to give you and everyone else a few tips how to improve performance, thats all. Once I have the demo myself, I´ll be able to help more.... hopefully. ← Agentkay!!! You the man I just tried the new Forceware beta drivers. They give a pretty decent boost! I'm now playing 1280x1024 smooth (everything on low though). I'm now gonna mess with the settings to get it optimal So for everyone, install the latest beta drivers from Nvidia!! ← Forceware 84.21? Released on 17march 2006? If so I didnt know that was beta.
  13. Are there any other links besides 3DG please?
  14. Damnit! I've waited 37min at 3Dgamers site and when it was ready for download, I get forbidden 404 ((
  15. Finally got in the line, 37min wait time Better than nothing I guess.
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