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  1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! If the game had been completed PRIOR to release, then this would be issues right now would they? I'm having problems understand the logic in rushing to the point of releasing an UNFINISHED peice of software. Why the sudden rush, we had already wait 3 years what would another 3 to 6 months have been? Thats a good point actually, why not wait another 3-6 months and get it right. I think GRAW had/has the potential to be a great game, but when it cant even trump the amount of players playing MP on 3yr old RVS (average 400-500 a night), then thats SAD. Now I know not everyone play's MP or buy's the game for MP, well for them it's not a bad game I guess. Either way I hope for the best... Load up the old UBI.COM game browser, There are more people playing Ghost Recon then GRAW! Like you said there is a TON of potential, but how long can it survive on "potential" alone. Its fizzeling out already.
  2. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! If the game had been completed PRIOR to release, then this would be issues right now would they? I'm having problems understand the logic in rushing to the point of releasing an UNFINISHED peice of software. Why the sudden rush, we had already wait 3 years what would another 3 to 6 months have been?
  3. P.S. Roco I know you would never flame me, nor would I flame you out of mutual respect.
  4. And as for giving it a chance, I have for the last 3 months! And Roco, Yes this is true, but you did have control over your server, as appose to this, where there are no admins, nothing you can doto run your server other then start and stop it. If the server was to fill with TKers all you can do is shut it down and hope they don't come back! THAT FREAK'N SUX!
  5. Anyone want to buy my GRAW disks? They've only been spun about 25 times. I suppose that the 1.20 patch was the "BIG JULY" patch and this will suffice for the "BIG AUGUST" patch. I know everyone is sick and tired of hearing about dedi files, stand alone files or what ever you want to call them, but frankly, some of us are getting tired of waiting. We are getting tired of waiting for the game we where promised! This isn't the sequal to Ghost Recon for pc, this is the sequal to what I did on the toilet last night after over indulging in mexicain food! If i had any IDEA that the game would been this terrible I WOUNDN'T HAVE BOUGHT IT! UBI AND GRIN, YOU RIPPED ME OFF
  6. Played in 3 different servers tonight. Lots of disconnects. The cd-key issue has been fixed, but now "altered game files" as well as just basic disconnects are common. Wasn't much a problem for me in 1.16. Only think I've changed in my xml file was my name (to add clan tag) and it didn't work so I changed it back. So no, I don't have hax. Someone mentioned reboot, and I'll try that. But I don't think I'm only one of a few who are having these problems. Not a complaint, just an observation. made exactly the same observations ! Yep, I also noticed an ocassion of a clean players that got incorrectly disconnected because of 'altered game files' when the map switched I caught that kick too, Peace! Man he was fuming. lol. I also noticed that buddy with the "altered ret files" DIDN'T get touched. I mean realy the rets are no big deal but that just the tip of the ice berg.
  7. Cam this is just a quick fix... save that argument for the end of july when the "july patch" has rolled out if there isn't a tdm or dedicated. I would rather download 1 then 50 small patches that you must apply in order.. wouldn't you? LOL, I know, I know. Thats just me being me Roco. You know what I'm like and I'm sure your feeling a little apprehensive as well, it just ain't right with out them! Heck, why do you think you' only seen Slayer, Blade, Kook and myself Playing from WDA? the rest hate it as it is now!
  8. Look I'm sorry for dumping on you guys I know your trying, but it gets frustrating to see a new patch come out and these two issues still haven't been addressed.
  9. OK, lets be honest here, this patch is just another bone to tide the dogs over and string them along! I haven't posted much here but I have done alot of reading here, and this is getting pathetic! Do you people at Ubi and GRIN not realize that each little rinky dink patch you release results in the loss of more consumers? There have been a few things asked for by the consumers that seem to me are being ignored! For one, SERVER DEDI FILES!!!! Quite frankly there is nothing worse the running a server you NO control over other than the ablity to start and stop it. Come on guys, get with it! No one wants to play a game with no admins to control whats going on! Secondly, where is the TDM? I know you say your working on it but the masses have been requesting TDM since BEFORE the release! Whats the hold up, it really can't be all that hard seeing as the GR community is already pumping out the maps left, right and center. I'm sorry to be such an jerk but these things are killing the game! And if you don't beleave me al you have to do is loggin to the old UBI.com game browser and see for youselfs! There are more gamers playing the original GR than there is playing GR:AW, and thas no joke! I understand the you can't come to the table with the [GR] dressed up with better graphics, I also understand that you have to persent something NEW and INOVATITIVE, but there are a few thing that have to be put in there and these two things are them, this are two main factors that made GR what it was and still is! Is pretty bad when a game that is over 4 years old is just as popular one thats 2 months old! So please stop stringing us along and release a meaningful patch next time!
  10. so the TDM mod is no longer required to run a TDM game style?
  11. OK I know most people now have this mod running, but I'm having one heck of a time getting it to go. I have renamed the original local folder to ORIGlocal and left it in the GRAW folder then pasted the TDM "local" folder there in its place. launch the game and away it goes, UNTILL its time to play. Then it crashes. Here is the crash log message, pls tell me what you make of it, cause it makes no sence to me. I'm a noob at this stuff! Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16 data\lib\managers\menunetworkmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_text in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\menunetworkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\mp01\mp01.dsf(0) can you post here or e-mail me @ cam@walkingdeadarmy.com TY Cam out!
  12. How you doing Papa, Finally getting to do your map I see. DLing it as i type. Stop by and visit us sometime bro!
  13. Nice work, but as a real orig GR fanatic, how about putting the crosshairs back and getting rid of the GD gun! Thats the mod I would like to see!
  14. Just a few here! 1. server control! We don't like just being a long for the ride in our own server with nothing we can do about trouble makers. In game and dedi tools would be nice! 2. More Maps! I don't know about the rest of the GR commumity, but I'v just about played out the 5 that came with the game! 3. More game modes! TDM, Solo, and maybe making kit restrictions available! 4. Bring back some of the old maps! It would be AWESOME play some if not all of the maps from the original GR, Just think about them being port into the new engine and textures! Vilenous or Polling with a new breath of fresh air pumped into them!
  15. All this "Global Points", "World Ranking"(RvS) tracking stuff is BS! Players end up spending more time trumping up there stats and the whole team work aspect of the game gets thrown aside! Think about it for a second on a hockey team who is real the more valuble player, the guy who get 50 goals, or the guy with over 100 assists? The guy with all the assists, but nobody notices him cause of the showboat with the 50 goals! With out the guy to assist him the showboat would never get the puck in the fist place!
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