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  1. 3.2... I think I'll be quiet for a while now. See you!
  2. Yes, I did. First you need to download Nemon's bunde extractor. You can download it here Then you need to download this program called Python. And then you need to download this extractor by Firefly2442. To make it as easy as possible, put the extractor under quick.bundle\data\sound\music Start the extractor. It will ask you about a wave.bank file which you can find in any of the music folders (act01, act01_memo_music, menu_music etc.). After you've selected the wave.bank file it will ask you about the wave.xml which you can find in the same folder as the wave.bank file. After you've selected the wave.xml file you're done. You can put together the act music in Movie maker.
  3. That's why I think the who-killed-who notes should be but back in the chat box.
  4. He's the weapon guy, yes. Each diesel stores info on who exported it and from which source file. That reminds me... Anyone played Company of Heroes
  5. i second that! I can't as I haven't seen it myself. Only a few at the office has. I can't even play on high textures at the office. Can't you ask those few who have seen it to post some SS/give you some SS? Myabe a video or two I give you a thumbsup or a smiley face if you do that.
  6. You can use first level kits all the time. You click the bottom class icon on the left side during kit selection and you get the kits for that level. No one is forcing you to upgrade your arsenal, we're just suggesting. This way I'll miss that luvly GL. BTW add some nades, in GR we had 12 or 18, cant remember, and here only 2? Oh, and did they cancel MM1 or why is it removed from sequels? There is a reason why there is only 2 nades. If you played the beta you'll know what I mean.
  7. Yes please do, post the pick in the GRIN poster thread Hey Peace, you're back in Sweden now? Congrats on the reward And congrats to all you others too!
  8. I have to agree on point 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10. The support weapon is completely useless imo. I've laid flat on the ground shooting at someone 20 ft away but he managed to kill me anyway. I'm surprised he even saw me. I think GRIN made a pretty good job on the number of hits thingy. In real life you can take like dozens of bullets in your legs because they have no vital organs. You wouldn't be able to walk away of course but still... In some tactical shooters you can get killed by two shots in the leg, which is not very realistic IMO. However, it would probably be better and more realistic if GRIN decreased the number of times you have to shoot someone just a little bit. Right now it's leaning a bit to the unrealistic side. You could join squads in GRAW1 so I'm surprised that you can't do that in GRAW2. Hit effect. I'm very disappointed that this was not implemented after all the requests since the release of GRAW1. No hit effect makes the support weapon even more useless as there is no effect whatsoever when you're hit, like tilting camera. The worst thing that could happen is that I lose two straws in my healthbar.
  9. Because it's really heavy to play with without a AGEIA card. Cangaroo! Show me how it looks!
  10. Apparently the British have several types of Canadian artillary. - Counter battery fire, to counter enemy artillary - Overwatch, reconnaissance - Creeping barrage, can be used front of your own troops It's going to be really interesting to play as the British. You're a UK:er Rocky. You'll probably like em
  11. Then you haven't tried ArmA, GTA: SA or Dead Rising (X360). Those games have some serious bugs
  12. Here is a gameplay montage video from E3. Link Look at the crazy British Creeping Artillery Barrage at the end! Very neat
  13. 428, last accomplished on July 20th, 2007 4 days in a row. Neat!
  14. You can extract the music for you iPod or w/e thanks to Firefly2442's python-script. Download here. Original thread here.
  15. Well like Bo said. I think it's hard to have both "self thinking" AI and a "follow my every order exactly" AI. Imagine that you order one of your ghosts to take cover behind a car, then suddenly a rebel shows up behind him and opens fire. Your ghost now have to find new cover by himself so he walks around the car to take cover on the other side. However, another rebel shows up right behing the ghost in his new cover. Now you'll probably curse and smash the monitor. "What the hell is wrong with you you ######ing Ramirez ######er!" etc etc etc. That's what people complained about in GRAW1 so I think the new system (unrealistic or not) is better.
  16. And you wonder why they delete your posts Cang
  17. GRiN_Bumbi wrote this in this thread. So yes, I think you can change the camo for SP. EDIT: So, if I understand this correctly I should put one of these following lines under <xdefine name="xxx()"> Standard-ACU-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_02/camo_ACU_test_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="0.83 0.95 1.011"/> Multicam-camo (GRAW1 ghosts) <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_03/camo_multicam_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="1.32 1.15 0.85"/> Woodland-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_04/camo_woodland_camo_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="1.12656 0.97813 0.751563"/> Brown ACU-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_05/camo_brown_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="1.12 0.97 0.75"/> Green ACU camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_06/camo_green_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="0.8 0.8 0.6"/> Grey ACU-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_07/camo_grey_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="0.5 0.6 0.6"/> Coyote ACU-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_08/camo_coyote_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="0.820313 0.78125 0.625"/> I didn't get it to work in the demo though so maybe someone with the retail can confrim if this work or not
  18. Great, that should take less time than making a completely new map, right?
  19. Most members ever online in one day was 407, last accomplished on July 19th, 2007 You broke this record three times in three days people. I think it started at 395, 396 and now 407
  20. I remember a problem like this in ArmA. As soon as ANYONE got in the chopper it lift of and flew away. Leaving me or my teammates behind
  21. I have the same problem in the SP demo so I don't think it's because of the mod.
  22. I don't really see the problem here. Snipers should be lethal. I mean, they are snipers after all, you know with scopes and high caliber etc. To be honest I actually prefer the enemy AI from GRAW1 as they were more "human" IMO. People complained about how easy it was for the AI to spot you, but hey. If you can spot them then why should they be able to spot you? The enemy AI in GRAW2 is only better when it comes to the recon aspect of the game as it is easier to be stealthy than in GRAW1.
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