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  1. It has bin known for atleast a month that the demo will only contain SP and co-op, but still ppl are whining
  2. I pass on everyting. Pentium IV 3.6 GHz 2048 Mbt RAM ATI Radeon X850XT 256 Mbt I'm only worried about my gfx card. Sure it will run the game, but I want high settings So maybe I will buy a X1900XT or XTX...
  3. Because its the same thing from our point of view.
  4. Amen. Every player should create an cd-key based account during instalation. After confirmed cheating case this account should be BANED PERMANENTLY. Every kido which has to ask parents for money to buy extra game copy will think twice before he decide to spoil someone else MP experience again. ← Nice, thats a very good idea. If everyone had a cd-key based acccount then everyone would be forced to by the game if they want to play MP. Less piracy and all the true gamers would be happy
  5. I think I remember Bo saying that they will not release a Demo without Co-Op... But I could be wrong
  6. Its probably fun to play with 27 players in co-op, but if you want to keep it real, I would probably say 9 players. No more no less. The ghosts are not an army, they are a spec-force of some sort. If I where the developer I would probably have 9 players in co-op and leave the 27-player-thing to the modders. 9 AI-soldiers in SP would be a bit difficult however, since you only play as one of them. So I can understand why the devs decided to only have 4 players in co-op, to match the SP, right?
  7. Its only 4 players in co-op because its only 4 players in SP. Its the same campaign you know
  8. I wonder how good it will run on a: Pentium IV 3.6 GHz 2048 mb RAM Radeon X850XT 256mb At least medium settings right? By the way, im new here, say HI!
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