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  1. Ok, the Puma is ridiculous. Two of them managed to kill an entire airborne squad before the squad had even landed. I'm not sure I can play as allies anymore until the Puma is fixed
  2. I've just orderd my copy and it should be here by friday. Anyone wanna game then on friday night?
  3. I might buy the game next week, but I've already bought 2 games this month (Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms & Halo 3).
  4. Yes, and they are not supposed to show up like regular command things. You must build an artillary piece like an howitzer to be able to use creeping barrage. You click on the howitzer and then click on the creeping barrage ability in the unit manager. You buy special abilities for your artillary Off-map reinforcements and Priests should appear in the HUD like regular command things, though. Do they show up or are they gone too?
  5. If you're playing as the Britsh then you must build some sort of artillary like an howitzer or a Priest to be able to use any new artillary attacks, like creeping barrage or overwatch which you buy with command points. It would be unbalanced otherwise, but when you get an artillary piece up you can use all these attacks for free, if i remember correctly.
  6. I bought the game on release day since it got awesome reviews. It was also quite cheap in one of the stores here in Sweden (Elgiganten is the ######). Only 399 kr, which is about $58, £28 or €42. I can't say I'm hooked since I don't really enjoy run'n'gun shooters which this definitely is, but it's quite fun. I'm afraid this game will end up on my shelf and collect dust in just a few days Hopefully I can enjoy some co-op until the end.
  7. The PC version is NHL 06.3 unfortunately. It got the same graphics fron 06 and the same player markers from last year. The only feature is the skill stick that's not as good or polished as in the 360 version. I'm very disappointed in EA for letting down the PC Gamers AGAIN. I can still get the 360 version though, but I'll wait.
  8. Hmm... maybe if you slip and click the campaign button when you intended to click the Play Now button or something. Then you would have to click back to the main menu and THEN start a quick MP game
  9. When you start the game you have to log in to your MP account to get to the main menu. That's why you got a Play Now button in the main menu, because you're already online The terror doctrine (I think) got King Tiger instead of Ace. You get to hear a nice victory jngle when you win. The rotate button is all messed up (it's no longer reverted, and that sucks).
  10. Ok, I've just tried the update and it's quite awesome. Great improvements to the AI. They finally use mines! But instead of spamming Stugs they spam Pumas. And I think they are a bit overpowered. They kill my infantry like ants and when I finally get a sticky bomb on them I ony have 2 guys left in my squad, you get the picture. I haven't looked at the Armored Car yet but I bet that's overpowered against infantry too. I noticed a little bug too (it's a bug IMO anyway). When you reinforce airborne paratroops they freeze until they've land on the ground.
  11. And here is another video that was released today. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/v...ctuation-Peggle
  12. Are you kidding me?! 1.78.gig?! For a patch?! Geez
  13. I DID tell you about him... in the humor forum. The topic seem to have disappeard though It was called Zero Punctuation. Now I can't even find it in my own post-list. Btw, another video should be released tomorrow.
  14. Ok, now I need some serious help about another problem. I must have some annoying setting enabled becasue the tools doesn't work anymore. Ex. When I have the Move Tool enabled then I should be able to move things around by draging the arrows. However, it doesn't work. All I get whenever i hold down any of the mouse keys is a selection-line-thingy that selects everything it get in contact with. This mean I can't do anything. Please help, it's really important. EDIT: Nevermind...
  15. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/v...zeropunctuation Here is some more.
  16. Yeah, thanks for the reminder Recon beat me... quite badly. He sure know how to move his infantry around. I'd like to fight him again some time, but this time with the United States of America!
  17. How many got time this weekend? Another 2vs2 would be neat. We've only played one so far, right?
  18. So, I'm working on a room in Cinema 4D (Release 9) at school and I'd like to model a basic coat hanger. This is what I have in mind: I guess I only need to model one leg and then dublicate it. Problem is, I can only make straight legs (with cylinders). I guess splines whould be a good tool for this but it didn't work out to well for me. Any help would be appreciated Thx
  19. I liked the first presentation at Microsoft a year a go or so. Back then they didn't have that ugly, annoying tag-glow-thingy on enemies. Yes, I know it's supposed to show who you are aiming at but why cant it be descreet?
  20. Well, this was a neat little 90% run n gun. It's not better than BF2 imo.
  21. http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/070912/20070912005473.html?.v=1
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