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  1. Actually, you can still play OF. Vanilla players can play with and against OF players. The only difference is that vanilla players can't play as the British or the Panzer Elite.
  2. Lets try this again shall we. This weekend anyone? We haven't played 2vs2 for a long time and now when we got Opposing Fronts I can show of my new British might
  3. I prefer PC out of four reasons. 1) Cheap games. PC games are usually a lot cheaper than console games. While you can buy a completely new PC game for about $39.99, you have to pay about $59.99 for the same game on the consoles. 2) Lasting appeal. Mods. You can't mod console games. One of the best mods that I usually try to get is intro-removers. Game intros can be frustrating sometimes but you can usually find mods for PC games that removes them. Ex. Splinter Cell: Chaos Thory. It has like 4 or 5 unskipable intros but with one small adjustment they're gone! 3) No disc in the DVD-drive (if you're lucky). With games like COH and software like Steam you don't need a DVD/CD in the drive when you play. It's very comfortable for us lazy ###### 4) Mouse and keyboard. It speaks for itself.
  4. Portal, game of the year! So awesome. For those of you who haven't played or who have played it but haven't heard the credits-music can listend to it The game features great humor and a good story. Buy the box today!
  5. COH is great, with great dev-support too. I mean, 8 patches to be downloaded (the biggest is over 2 gig) plus several mini patches in the game. However, since quite a bit of people is playing COH here I'm surprised so few want to play in the GR.net 2vs2 mini turnament that isn't really a turnament but a very fun 2vs2 game-game
  6. But since it's the Americas campaign I'm playing then british muskets aren't that unrealistic since it's the late 15th, early 16th century. The Americas campaign doesn't really belong in Kingdoms since it's the renaissance, but I don't mind
  7. Well they were heavy compared to the indians And yes, for some reason they have muskets. But it's the late medieval so maybe it was possible.
  8. PC vs Console interview. Video Video HD
  9. EDIT: Never mind. Found the original topic. Close thread. [Merged with existing thread (please check before posting) in the correct forum]
  10. You could merge the Third Person Shooter forum with the FPS forum and just call it Action Shooters or something. You can also merge the RTS forum with the Turn Based forum, the Flight Sim forum with the Maritime forum, the Online Role Playing Game forum with the adventure forum. Otherwise I think you'll end up with a lot of empty forums.
  11. Oh yeah, I remember that one. "Don't make this personal Stick etc etc" Anyway, sorry for OT.
  12. Believe it or not but I've never liked EA. I remember when DICE where kings... then EA bought them... and the rest is history
  13. GJ Rocky Now I just need a better computer to play CoD 4 on because I don't want to get it for the 360.
  14. Yay, got my copy today. Encountered the same install problem as Rocky and Pave Low though but it's working now. We should really have a 2vs2 soon
  15. I think it's pretty good. I'm playing the America's campaign right now as Spain. My biggest enemy right now is England with their heavy infantry and guns.
  16. The place I ordered from had to delay the release with a week, so now I've ordered from another place where it's already released. Should be here on Wedenesday. [Post moved to the correct thread]
  17. Neat... a sub-forum. Good job adminstrators
  18. Okay, I'll just play the computer again at angoville. Can beat it on Normal, but the more difficult settings are a nightmare! Yeah I know. They have really been improved in the mega-patch. My first game with the new patch was on Loraine against two Hard cpus and one Normal with me. It was crazy! They just spammed Pumas against me and just crushed all my infantry so at one point I only had like one AT gun (airborne) and like two broken Riflemen squads. Luckily my foes focused on my ally while I'll managed to rebuild. I didn't really get one calm moment. It was victory, defeat, victory, defeat all the time around the map. Almost like playing against a real player
  19. I like one Not to forget one.
  20. Could you add some fancy color theme too? So far only the Armed Assault and Company of Heroes forums got nice non-ghost recon colors
  21. They're going in the right direction, but lets fix the bloody gun power!
  22. Halo 3 review from Zero Punctuation Video Also, here is a nice kill video... quite awesome, really. Video
  23. Crap, I didn't get the game today. Bloody post office I'll have to wait till monday.
  24. In the PC Gamer preview they say that the PC version will have better online support than the 360 version. I don't know if that means more maps or more features. They also mention that IW prefer the PC platform
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