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    I received one too, at 12.22 PM on the 27th of November.
  2. I just can't accept the future-theme in DoW. That's all I would probably enjoy it more if I had played it BEFORE CoH, but I didn't... BTW, I hope you understand that i deliberately exaggerated in my last post
  3. Company of Heroes: Dawn of War would be even cooler. Nah, that would be poor. So poor infact that the word poor would have to be renambed Company of Heroes: Dawn of War. Ex. I feel for those Company of Heroes: Dawn of War people who are so Company of Heroes: Dawn of War that they can't even afford a fresh pair of underwear, so they have to buy them secondhand. That's how I feel about your Company of Heroes: Dawn of War idea!
  4. Ah, that's embarrassing... "actors"
  5. I've always wanted a modern RTS with the same deep strategy like CoH. I sure hope they announce something soon. Relic is the #1 RTS developer. They kind of passed Creative Assembly with CoH since Medieval II Total War wans't very new and revolutionary.
  6. I'm not too surprised really. It would be stupid to make a strategy game solely for the consoles.
  7. Take a look at the pimped up Volvo the Grinners got. Link
  8. I would seriously like to go! Don't know what to play though
  9. I haven't played for a long time either. I put the game on the shelf since the puma was so overpowered... and it probably still is. I'm ready to game some day again though. Maybe this weekend?
  10. I just borrowed the game from a friend to my 360. It's quite good but a bit too intense for my taste. Also, you can't change your rate of fire... which sucks (or have I missed something?). The game is almost as linear as drag racing and the AI is predictable, but the intense action is rather neat... sometimes. The story is quite good too. Definately worth a rent for SP. MP is way to hectic for me though so I'm glad that I only borrowed it. I'm having problems finding any good game now. Crysis isn't really my thing (too hectic and demanding), I've never been interested in Mass Effect, Halo 3 is OK. Assassins Creed is probably the best game right now IMO, but it's far from excellent since the replay value is rather poor. Maybe I should focus on getting a driving licence.
  11. I remember that feeling... from a hardcore server in Americas Army. Don't fall for it Rocky!
  12. Never judge a game by it's score. Judge it by the actual text in the review. Speaking of reviews, I found this post at penny-arcade to be pretty interesting.
  13. I got the game today It's fun, yet quite repetitive and I still don't like the giant health-bar that only gets bigger when you gain ranks. Still, it's fun and very pretty, and the animations are fantastic. Solid 8/10.
  14. The God of War theme song... now with subtitles
  15. Yes, I think it has grown a little. Also, less than 100 post to go until the 500 000 post mark.
  16. Yay, it's working again I made a system recovery (start - help & support - system recovery). It's now as good as new... or at least 5 days younger None of my files disappeared, except an update or two (which was the problem anyway) so it's better than a complete reinstallation of the OS. Thanks for your support guys, I appreciate it.
  17. I have XP with SP2 and all updates. The only error message I get when I try to open videos in MP orPL classic is: AppName: wmplayer.exe AppVer: 11.0.5721.5145 ModName: unknown ModVer: Offset: 00000000 And when I open the technical info: Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000 Record: 0x0000000000000000 Adress: 0x0000000000000000 And system info...
  18. I can no longer play any videos on my computer even though I have the necessary codec. Videos I know worked before won't play in neither MP 10, MP classic or Winamp. Please help, I don't want to reinstall Windows.
  19. In some games I'm annoyed by not being able to change the visual settings after you've loaded a game. You have to quit your mission, then change the visual settings. You have to start a new mission for every change to find the optimal settings for your PC
  20. Gears of War does have some frame rate issues during cut-scenes (that's the word I was looking for), just like NHL 08. But during gameplay it's all smooth.. I think.
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